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How to Fight Hair Loss In Men


Do you know why more and more men are considering hair growth treatment? Because, approximately 85% of the men aged 50 years or more are due to face hair thinning issue. Then, we can see the increase in number of men losing hairs before turning 21.

Normally, people associate hair loss to the following things:

  • Wearing a baseball cap (or any kind of scalp protection) quite often
  • Running fingers through the hair
  • Styling, brushing or combing hair frequently

Is there any connection of hair loss with these things? Certainly not, if you’re being gentle with them.

Keep in mind that hair loss is not the sign of bad health (except for certain health issues). Alopecia is not harmful, but if you love your hair, you’d definitely be worried.

Causes of Hair Loss

One of the leading cause of hair fall has been male-pattern baldness, which you inherit from your parents. The good thing is, if you don’t have hair-pattern baldness, the hair loss often reverses itself. So, if the hair loss was due to any of the following, it can be reversed:

  • Use of certain medications
  • Protein deficiency
  • Increase in vitamin A
  • Illness or stress

So, visit your dermatologist if you experience heavy shedding or hair thinning. It would be much easier for you to keep what you have, rather than wait to replace the hair. There’s always a risk in using hair treatments without prescription. Only your dermatologist can prescribe a particular,hair loss treatment according to your scalp.

Male Pattern Baldness

Have you observed your hairline? Does it look M-shaped? Because, that’s the prominent sign of male pattern baldness. Then, the locks on the scalp begin to thin and leave a bald spot. Then the horseshoe pattern will show up around the sides.

This happens due to DHT – a hormone that shrinks hair follicles. After sometimes, the follicles get so small that hair cannot grow in them.

Hair Loss Treatment

As said, male pattern baldness is unstoppable, but you can always take your chances against it:

1. Early Detection– Recognizing the early signs of hair loss and determining the right kind of hair loss treatment can make all the difference in sustaining a full head of hair- the sooner treatment begins, the higher the chances of stopping the hair follicles from shrinking

2. DHT-Blockers– The leading cause for hair loss in men is DHT. The hair loss treatment and products used to reverse this should target to protect the hair follicles and restore their thick, hair growth capabilities