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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Ingredient Patent 5

    Patent 5 Complex

    The Patent 5 Complex is a special blend of 5 natural, botanical ingredients – Honey Locust, Chinese Cucumber, Marsh Parsley, Angelica Dahurica Root Extract and Adzuki Bean. Formulated in carefully researched concentrations, these ingredients work in perfect synergy to improve scalp health and as a result, normalise natural hair growth cycles. This complex can be found in all PHS HAIRSCIENCE® scalp care range from shampoos, conditioners to tonics.

    SigGrow™ & SigGrow™-Mela

    The proprietary SigGrow™ & SigGrow™-Mela technology wakes dormant cells and enables biological stem-cells to regenerate. The result is a clinical-grade bio-cosmetic product that resolves scalp disorders, hair loss and hair thinning for men and women.
    This patented technology is the basis of our MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION and our FEM and HOM Thickening hair growth Activators and Ampoules.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Ingredient Siggrow
    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Ingredient Free of Harmful Chemicals

    Free of Harmful Chemicals

    Made with the purest botanical essences, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products do not contain harmful additives like parabens, mineral oil or benzophenone. Unlike many products on the market, our superior formulations are highly concentrated and not watered down, ensuring effectiveness and faster results.

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