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    man picking up hair on the brush

    10 Causes of Hair Loss for Men

    Hair loss today has become a common condition for both genders. It is generally of two types, that is, hair loss from broken hair shaft, and hair loss from decreased hair growth. It can be age-induced, or could have been triggered by certain medications or damaging lifestyle habits. If you have started to develop flakes on your scalp, or suffer from excessive oil production on the scalp, seek professional treatments early to avoid leading on to bigger problems. Here are the top 10 causes of hair loss in men.


    Emotional or physical stress

    Even flu can cause temporary hair loss, when it is accompanied by trauma. Called Telogen Effluvium, this shocks the hair cycle, shedding more and growing less hair. Likewise, emotional stress, too, can affect hair growth. Care for your hair by visiting a hair spa for maintenance therapies because prevention is always better than cure.


    Protein deficiency

    Protein is significant for hair growth, since hair is made of keratin. If you are into junk foods, you are more likely to suffer hair loss. To reverse this, start consuming protein-based foods like fish, eggs, meat, and soy.


    Male pattern baldness

    Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male pattern baldness, is an often-overlooked but common cause behind rapid hair loss. Most men above the age of 50 are most likely to suffer from it and according to an International Journal of Trichology, while it is likely that the onset of this condition is hereditary, psychological health is important in helping one cope with AGA.



    With flaky skin and dandruff, the constant scratching to relieve the itch damages and weakens your hair roots, causing your hair to fall out. This is why many associate dandruff with hair loss. Fix the problems from the roots by curing your dandruff. Massage your hair frequently and wash often. Ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, almond oil are great for treating dandruff. The PHS HAIRSCIENCE Purifying Range is also specially formulated to tackle dandruff problems too!


    Alopecia areata

    According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, Alopecia Areata is a hyperactive immune system disorder, where the immune system mistakenly identifies the hair cells as foreign body and proceeds to attack them, causing hair loss on any part of the body. There is no cure for this disorder and those with this condition usually experience irregular hair loss and bald patches – however, it is important to know that the hair follicle is not totally destroyed, which means your hair can still regrow with the right treatments and products.


    man suffering alopecia areata


    Excessive styling

    Frequent hair styling, dyeing and application of hair gels can trigger hair loss. Your hair follicles may be clogged by these products that were not thoroughly cleansed when shampooing. We always recommend to reduce frequency of styling products usage, and always go for a scalp detox session every now and then to get rid of product buildup.



    An under-active thyroid gland can also cause hair loss. The thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism too. Contact a doctor to resume with normal hair growth.



    If you have family members experiencing hair loss, chances are high that you might get it too. Hereditary hair loss can start affect men even at a tender age. The biggest symptom is a fast receding hairline. You can prevent it by living an active life.


    Overtly sensitive scalp

    The symptoms of hair loss caused by a sensitive scalp, are redness, itching and irritation. This is accompanied by collagen loss. To get rid of it and preventing bigger problems such as hair loss, use a calming agent like the ADV Soothing Cleanser and/or consider our Inflamed Scalp Treatment.


    Lack of rest

    If you are used to working late nights, or do not sleep well, hair loss is imminent. One symptom is that the hairline starts to recede. It is essential to eat well and have a regular schedule of 8 hour sleep so that your body does not face increased levels of stress from the lack of restful sleep.


    Treating Hair Loss

    Hair loss is a condition that affects our self-esteem too. Treat hair loss with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s signature DSR treatment programme that aids in reducing hair fall and boost hair regrowth. To follow-up with the treatments or prevent hair loss, we recommend the HOM Range which contains botanical ingredients that accelerate hair regeneration.


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