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    6 Common Types of Scalp Problems and How You Can Treat Them Right Away

    A woman is massaging her scalp

    No more dandruff, greasy scalp, itching, acne or other scalp discomforts.

    Most scalp disorders lead to infection or hair loss. That’s why it’s so important to treat scalp problems once they manifest – once the scalp deteriorates, it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to restore scalp health.

    These are the most common scalp problems in Singapore and if you are suffering through any of them, it’s time to get it under control once and for all.

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    Dandruff & Oily Scalp

    Dandruff is typically found in an oily scalp environment because the dandruff-causing fungus Malassezia feeds off the excess sebum. The presence of Malassezia triggers the over-production of skin cells in some people, and this abundance of skin cells clump together, falling off in sticky and white or yellow flakes. You’ll also notice hair roots that are easily greasy, flat and limp. To treat, your goal should be to regulate sebum production, in order to rebalance the scalp. You can improve the condition with an anti-dandruff shampoo, but be careful to choose one that doesn’t strip natural oils off of your scalp and cause more problems!

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Oily Dandruff

    Product Recommendation: ADV Purify Shampoo, ADV Purify Tonic

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    Dry Scalp & Dandruff

    Dry dandruff typically manifests as tiny, powdery flakes that dust the shoulders. It is a result of irritation caused by scalp dryness. In fact, those who are troubled by dry dandruff often also have dry skin on other parts of the body. When it comes to treating dry dandruff, the main objective is to moisturise the scalp and repair its protective barrier function so that it can naturally retain optimal hydration. Products or treatments used should also calm symptoms of irritation such as itchiness, redness and tenderness, and protect the scalp from further inflammation and future flare-ups.

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Dry Dandruff

    Product Recommendation: ADV Soothe Shampoo, ADV Soothe Tonic, ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask, ADV Soothe Calming Gel

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    Scalp Acne

    Just like the skin on the face or body, the skin on our scalp can get congested and result in pimples or acne. The pores get clogged with dead skin cells, sebum or product build-up, following which bacteria or yeast enter the pores and cause irritation and other problems. The best thing you can do for scalp acne is to ramp up personal hygiene. Daily shampooing is a must – we recommend our double cleanse for maximum cleanliness and refreshment – as well as weekly scalp exfoliation. Don’t wait too long after a sweaty workout to wash your hair, and avoid always perspiring into a head covering like a cap or bandanna. Regular scalp treatments can also help to rebalance the scalp, regulate sebum production and optimise cell turnover rate to slow down the cumulation of dead skin cells.

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Scalp Acne

    Product Recommendation: ADV Elixir, ADV Nutrition Shampoo, ADV Purify Shampoo, ADV Purify Tonic

    Sensitive Scalp

    Are you literally scratching your hair out, trying to get some relief from your itchy scalp? Or is your scalp feeling red, tender, tight and really uncomfortable? These are classic symptoms of a sensitised scalp. While some people are naturally prone to sensitive scalp due to genetic factors, normal scalps can also be sensitised over time by harsh product formulations or regular hair chemical treatments. And just like how your skin becomes dry and tight or even start to peel when it lacks moisture and oils, the same can happen to your scalp. To prevent scalp sensitivity, stick to reputable brands and salons for products and hair chemical processes. When washing your hair, spend at least twice the time you used to apply shampoo on rinsing out any product residue thoroughly. Last but not least, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – try a weekly scalp mask that’s highly moisturising and nourishing.

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Sensitive Scalp

    Product Recommendation: ADV Soothe Shampoo/ADV Soothe Plus Shampoo, ADV Soothe Tonic, ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask, ADV Soothe Calming Gel

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    pH Imbalance

    Our bodies have a natural, optimal pH balance that helps to keep us strong and healthy. The same goes for our hair and scalp – at optimal pH balance, our hair and scalp are protected from the build-up of problem-causing fungi and bacteria that result in problems like infection, inflammation and even hair loss. In general, our hair follicles have a pH of 4.5-5.5 at their best. When this pH balance is optimised, our hair is protected from drying out or becoming frizzy and brittle. Unfortunately, this delicate balance is easily tipped. Overly harsh haircare products can strip the hair mantle layer, causing dryness, brittleness and breakage. These damaging products can also strip more than dirt and grime away from the scalp, removing as well beneficial microflora that the scalp needs.

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for pH Imbalance

    Product Recommendation: ADV Elixir, ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask

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    Ageing Scalp

    Wrinkles, sagging, lost firmness. Our skin ages, and so does our scalp. Covered by our hair, we don’t see the effects of ageing on our scalp until it’s too late, and hair loss and thinning have already occurred. But the truth is, our scalp actually ages the fastest compared to the skin on other parts of our body – 12 times faster than body skin and six times faster than facial skin! When the scalp ages, the skin thins and the number of blood vessels on it starts to decline. The rate of hair growth also drops significantly from 1.25cm/month to just 0.25cm/month. Plus, scalp skin becomes dryer and this causes the protective barrier of the skin to weaken and allow more harmful bacteria and substances into the skin. The scalp becomes regularly inflamed, hair loss occurs while the hair that remains gets thinner and sparser. You can’t stop the natural ageing process but you can definitely ease its onset and still look and feel like a million bucks.

    Treatment Recommendation: H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Ageing Scalp

    Product Recommendation: ADV Elixir, AGE Defy Shampoo, AGE Defy Conditioner, AGE Defy Grey Reverse Activator, AGE Defy Serum, AGE Defy Hair Essence

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