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    ADV Soothe Shampoo 200ml


    (88 customer reviews)

    🌟UPGRADED FORMULA powered by ProLac P3® which supports cell’s innate power for cellular renewal

    A gentle shampoo that calms inflammation and relieves itching and irritation while boosting hydration to dry and sensitive scalp. 



    Suitable For:

    Dry & Sensitive Scalp

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    🌟UPGRADED FORMULA powered by ProLac P3® which supports cell’s innate power for cellular renewal

    Designed for sensitive scalp, this gentle shampoo is formulated to calm inflammation and relieve itching and irritation while boosting hydration to dry and sensitive scalp.

    • Calms inflammation
    • Relieves itching and discomfort
    • Balances scalp microflora to promote overall scalp health

    Pair this our ADV Nutrition Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse as part of your daily 3-step hair regime. Follow up with the ADV Nutrition Conditioner to moisturise the hair. Lastly, finish off the regime with the ADV Soothe Tonic – a treatment that improves scalp resistance and balance.

    Prefer to get professional advice and treatment from our experienced consultants? Visit us at any of our outlets here.

    Phyto Stem Cell -Solanum Lycopersicum Stem Cell

    • Promotes Healing
    • Restores Scalp Health
    • Soothes and relieves inflammation

    CICA Extract 

    • Promotes scalp healing and soothes irritation
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce scalp redness 

    Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

    • Reduce itch and redness
    • Enhance blood circulation for nutrient delivery and absorption
    • Maintain healthy hair follicles


    • Improve scalp function and sustain a healthy growth cycle.
    • Hydrates and moisturises scalp

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.

    Total 88 reviews for ADV Soothe Shampoo 200ml

    1. Wenny Woo

      Really love their products but better if the price is lower.

    2. Joy Pua

      Fast delivery! My hair had been having itchy scalp recently. After using this in a wash, the itch subsides. Shocked about how fast the results shows to me. As im typing this, it does not itch at all too Nice!

    3. Samten @SAMPLESTORE

      Smell is nice but the price a little too high. Will consider if only have discount.


      After trying out the product, it was good. As it clean the scalp well.

    5. Evan Mok @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying this product, my scalp feels clean and refresh. Will buy to replace my current brand used.

    6. Angelique @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome. After trying this product, it really helps to soothe and calms irritation to the head. The smell is okay.

    7. Song Li Siang @SAMPLESTORE

      I like the nice smell and cool effect .The Shampoo and tonic really calm and soothes itching and iritation of my scalp. I love the product as it improves blood circulation to boost scalp health and strengthen hair roots. Can feel that my hair fall is lesser too and with this hair thinning problem will be solved.


      That offers immediate relief to scalp itching, redness or swelling. It restores balance to sensitised and enhances scalp.

    9. Cyzheng @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying the product, it is pretty good. however, it is rather expensive


      Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Relief to scalp itching, redness or swelling.

    11. Queenie Foo @SAMPLESTORE

      This product soothes and calms irritated scalp and offers relieves. It gently cleanses and helps improve blood circulation to scalp. Great for my sensitive scalp.

    12. poppypeppery @SAMPLESTORE

      Im a convert!
      After trying this product, I really like the cooling effect its giving off to my hair during shampoo. The conditioner is my favorite, it smells good and helps to detangle my hair! I also bought leave on products! I love PHS HAIRSCIENCE product now.

    13. owen

      I love how this shampoo gently strips oil, leaving our hair soft and hydrated. You’ll still be able to smell their heavenly scents long after your shower is over!


      After trying this product, heals and restores balance to irritated and sensitive scalp, improves blood circulation to hair roots.

    15. Alexis @SAMPLESTORE

      I like the shampoo. It helps to sooth and calm irritation.

    16. Sabaria @SAMPLESTORE

      Soothes and calms my scalp irritations. Does not dries the hair.

    17. Abigail Chang @SAMPLESTORE

      Loved the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Soothe Range that is light and perfect for dry and sensitive scalp! It has an awesome floral fragrance, and is nothing like any other shampoos or tonics that I’ve used before. The minty feeling after using the shampoo is pretty relaxing and amazing as well. Especially the tonic, I was expecting it to smell really medical and horrible but it was far from that and also effective! My scalp doesn’t feel itchy anymore!

    18. ZH Wang @SAMPLESTORE

      This shampoo is able to strengthen the scalps natural defence against inflammation, calm and to relieves irritation.

    19. Han @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying out this product, it was good and nice. It have calms irritation and soothes redness, swell, itchiness.

    20. Alex Ng @SAMPLESTORE

      Fantastic products to be hunted down by relatives and friends!

    21. Regina @SAMPLESTORE

      Love this product! First use and my hair is smooth and shiny! Recommend! No dandruff!

    22. Terence h @SAMPLESTORE

      barrier intact and strengthens the scalp’s natural defence against inflammation. Calms and relieves irritation.

    23. Michael Low @SAMPLESTORE

      I like the gentle cleanse of PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV SOOTHE RANGE as it soothes my scalp.

    24. Kai Sing @SAMPLESTORE

      I like this product. It gentle cleanses hair, soothes and calms irritation.

    25. Irah Kamal @SAMPLESTORE

      With the product I tried, I felt cooling on my scalp. It helps me more as it doesn’t cause itchiness from the hot weather.

    26. Wilfred Liang @SAMPLESTORE

      It really works, but is quite expensive. The product really stays true to its claims and scalp feels clean and refreshed. However it is on the pricier side

    27. Stephany Lim Sze Ling @SAMPLESTORE

      Hair fall lessen and scalp feels healthier. Scalp feels clean after use.. the green tea extract helps especially when my scalp feels itchy.. relives the itch The tonic strengths the follicles, lessen hair fall which can be seen in days application continuous use.

    28. Jasper @SAMPLESTORE

      PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV SOOTHE RANGE is a gentle hair scalp shampoo that soothes and calms irritation and soothes redness, swell and itchiness.


      Shampoo is gentle enough for my sensitive scalp and it doesn’t irritate it. Scalp felt clean after use. Couldn’t feel or see much effect from the tonic.

    30. May @SAMPLESTORE

      Very good. You can feel the coolness, minty fresh feeling when u apply to your scalp. Hair is definitely thicker now.

    31. Phang @SAMPLESTORE

      Great hair products. The shampoo and the tonic improves blood circulation.

    32. Ric Ong @SAMPLESTORE

      After try this product, have the gently without stripping off scalp natural and soothes.

    33. Shuhui @SAMPLESTORE

      It is a very gentle shampoo. My head feels cooling and refreshed after use. Pleasant smell too.

    34. Joannasoh @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome products from PHS Hairscience
      Found my holy grail for my hair scalp! Tried using the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Soothe Range and I m immediately sold! It helps to soothe combat my scalp irritation problem almost instantly after one use. This range also helps to nourish scalp back to its healthy rejuvenated self. The range includes ADV Soothe Shampoo, ADV Nutrition Conditioner ADV Soothe Tonic.

    35. jenny @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying this product. I really like it and purchased retail sized product.

    36. Bee Kuan @SAMPLESTORE

      A gentle scalp cleanser that keeps the scalp’s natural protective barrier intact and strengthens the scalp’s natural defence against inflammation. Calms and relieves irritation.

    37. Edmund Chuang @SAMPLESTORE

      Great product. After trying product, feels fresh and minty. Smells good too. Organic smell

    38. Victor Lim @SAMPLESTORE

      Cleanses my hair alright. Dont have oily feeling.

    39. erin @SAMPLESTORE

      The head felt cooling and minty after use. I am amazed. It is gentle and does not irritate the scalp. The tonic has alcohol smell which I dont like.

    40. Safia @SAMPLESTORE

      Does not dry my scalp, the fragrance is the same as the range.

    41. Pang @SAMPLESTORE

      It smooths and calms the scalp irritation while cleaning it.


      After trying thjs product , really likes it as can feel scalp are fresh and clean. product are very natural and hair healthy after used.

    43. Yiling @SAMPLESTORE

      Feeling clean. Tried and got an bottle from cousin. She is also trying on the products.

    44. Jonathan @SAMPLESTORE

      Really nice smelling, and my hair feels smooth indeed after using just once! Recommend!

    45. Shweta @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product. I have been getting a dry and scaly scalp due to my medication for a chronic condition. This product felt good in the scalp and did not cause any further dryness.

    46. Joanna Huang @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome products, can’t wait to try it. It’s effective. After using, the hair feels much softer and smooth. Will buy the full size.

    47. Jasper Koh Teck Leong @SAMPLESTORE

      Very good scalp shampoo that clean the hair scalp very throughly and soothes redness, swell and itchiness on the head.

    48. Serena Goh Liew Choo @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome product. Great for the hair. My hair scalp felt less oily and healthier.


      After trying, scalp feel fresh and cooler. hair feel soft and smooth. Very good product and will recommend to friends and family.

    50. Wennie @SAMPLESTORE

      Good. Nice

    51. Hazidah Kasmani @SAMPLESTORE

      Good for oily hair. After tried it for few times scalp is getting soothing and no more itchiness. Might consider to switch to this one.

    52. Ong Chin Han @SAMPLESTORE

      This is a gentle scalp cleanser that keeps the scalp natural protective barrier intact.

    53. Julie @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying out the product, it was good as it clean the scalp well.

    54. Desmond Chong

      Very good! I have itchy and sensitive scalp. Using this shampoo really helps to lessen the itchiness. It has a soothing and calming effect.

    55. Francis @SAMPLESTORE

      I tried and I have less itch on my scalp. I also helps to me to have less dandruff as well.


      Improves blood circulation to enhance nutrient delivery to strengthen hair roots, also have natural protective barrier.

    57. Peter @SAMPLESTORE

      This shampoo really clean my scalp and also I like the toner minty feeling.

    58. Kislay Singh @SAMPLESTORE

      I liked this. This makes the scalp clean and smooth hair.

    59. choi jung woo @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying it. I really like it and purchase retail sized at store.

    60. alice Wee @SAMPLESTORE

      Highly recommended for people with scalp problem like redness and itching. Not only cleanse the hair but it is soothing and comforting after a wash.

    61. nurina@SAMPLESTORE

      It makes my hair stronger hence less hair fall. Tq.

    62. Angeliae Lye @SAMPLESTORE

      It’s soothe, calm irritation and my scalp don’t that itch.

    63. Paul Choo @SAMPLESTORE

      Effective product for the frizzies. I really feel my hair feeling stronger after using the product for a while. Try it to know!

    64. Cheung Alice @SAMPLESTORE

      Instantly soothes my itchy dry scalp and cleanse it at the same time. Jus love it.

    65. carol @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product. This is a good product and I will recommend to my friends

    66. Macy Tanasappaisarn @SAMPLESTORE

      Nice smell, gently cleanses without stripping off scalps, I love it

    67. Lydia Lee @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product! Highly recommended for people who have itchy scalp like me. XD

    68. Kubo @SAMPLESTORE

      Lovely product. The shampoo makes my hair smells good and it helps soothes the scalp. My hair feels healthy and fresh.

    69. Estherbella @SAMPLESTORE

      Smoothen skin and moisturise. Will recommend. Soothe and calm irritation.

    70. cklow @SAMPLESTORE

      After using, scalp don’t itch that much. Easy to use and rinse off too.

    71. Basudev Panigraphi @SAMPLESTORE

      PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV SOOTHE RANGE makes my scalp less irritating and less itchy.

    72. Yiru

      ADV soothing shampoo is light and good for people with sensitive scalp like me. It is gentle enough and it doesn’t irritate my scalp. After using the shampoo, I would apply ADV calming gel on the scalp. It’s doesn’t irritate my scalp at all, and it leaves a cooling feeling on my scalp, which is very refreshing. I always like products that are gentle and mild, and this suits me just well.

    73. cancan

      Super excited to try this. Come with a Large huge color box. I’m super excited once again. After I open (thou is a little dusty and cause me to sneeze) but the size of the shampoo and hair gel was generous! I have just try it once and in love with the smell and whole day the smell stay on my hair and my scalp was light , clean with mild oil which I feel happy about it. I requested for this is becos it was at a high price range and I always wanted to try. Which now I know why it cost slightly high…

    74. Ohmyadey

      Gentle, cooling and calming to the scalp, the Soothing shampoo helps to keep the scalp free from irritation during humid weather’s. Definitely enjoyed the cooling after effect on the scalp

    75. judyylim

      This shampoo was send to me recently and I haven’t used anything else since. It gently cleans my hair without making it super dry. As for my conditioner a tiny bit does its job to keep it hydrated.

    76. Yina

      I really like the fragrance and the cooling sensation felt on the scalp. After which, my hair is very soft without the use of conditioner.

    77. Polishedvictoria

      Was pleasantly surprised when I received the soothing shampoo and gel as it came in a vibrant pretty box with sweet scented dried flowers. The shampoo was a great tool as a ‘wake me up’ due to its zesty scent and left a fun minty sensation upon contact with my scalp. It definitely left my scalp feeling great with reduced sensitivity! As for the soothing gel, it absorbed quickly and has helped to soothe my scalp as the name suggested. Great products!

    78. eagle

      Overall happy with the shampoo, that helps sooth my very sensitive scalp, from 1st use. My concern is about the packaging that doesn’t make the bottle easy to carry around as you need to press the pump to close it, hence loose some shampoo. Also, the paper gets wet in the shower and doesn’t look nice anymore after 1st use. Last, I prefer to use shampoos without sulfates and unfortunately this one has sulfates. But overall a good experience, pleasant scent and product efficiency is truly to its promise.

    79. Felly

      Not a fan of the scent in the shampoo and it lingers throughout the day.. however love the cooling effect. The soothing gel doesn’t have much effect I have a very sensitive scalp which causes it to be itchy at times. Combination of the shampoo and gel helps sooth the scalp a little but the effect is only temporary. After I dry my hair, the effect doesn’t stay on. Probably like 30 mins after applying the gel.

    80. Ping

      Really fall in love with the shampoo after apply it. Feel fresh after used it. Never feel itchy on the scalp after wash with the shampoo. The leave in scalp treatment also make my scalp feel fresh.

    81. Doshshirl

      After using, I find that my scalp started itching at night. Perhaps it didn’t suit me. But I love the scent and how well it lathers.

    82. Cyllow

      The shampoo leaves my scalp feeling refreshed as it has a “minty” afteruse effect. Hair stays clean d soft throughout the whole day! The tonic is light and non-greasy. Great for my sensitive scalp because it’s not harsh. Smell of shampoo is abit on the flora side, so it’s quite pleasant. I would prefer the shampoo to be in a clear or lighter tone. It’s dark brown in color, therefore I don’t find it eye pleasing for my first impression. Pricing well, I will say it’s reasonable. Love the packaging look as it doesn’t have those typical off the rack kind of boring design and colors.

    83. Clo_ver

      I recieved samples for the PHS sensitive scalp range- the shampoo and the calming gel. However I do not have scalp irritation issues at the moment, therefore I wouldn’t be a good reviewer for this product. The scent is very botanical. I passed the product to my sister who has sensitive scalp, and at the moment is experiencing itchiness and related issues with dandruff. She is pleased that the product is able to help to relief the itchiness. However, this is only a one week mark, we will need more time in order to give a thorough review. Good first impression.

    84. kkmichealvictor

      I like the pleasant smell very much! Cooling & refreshing after washing my hair with the shampoo. For the calming gel wise, doesn’t feel any difference with hair lotion that I was using, but good smell indeed.

    85. WendyT

      Love the fragrance. Usually hesitant to try new hair products due to the fear of making my scalp oily but luckily these doesn’t.

    86. dreamworks84

      Feels refreshing after my first wash and application.

    87. Lee Pei San

      Eased the itch that I normally experience after coloring.

    88. Qinxin

      Good for my sensitive scalp.

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