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    ADV Purify Shampoo


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    A powerful sebum and dirt remover shampoo that deep-cleanses the scalp to unclog hair follicles on a daily basis.



    Suitable For:

    Oily Scalp & Dandruff

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    This gentle shampoo for dandruff-prone and oily scalp purifies the scalp by eliminating dandruff flakes and removing excess sebum, thoroughly refreshing and reinvigorating the scalp while leaving the hair squeaky clean. Salicylic acid in this scalp shampoo gently dislodges unhealthy build-up to prevent dandruff and resulting problems such as hair loss.

    The calming formula also soothes itching and irritation that result from dandruff. Comes in 200ml.

    • Gentle, purifying shampoo for oily scalp control
    • Removes dandruff and sebum clogs
    • Rebalances and refreshes scalp and hair

    Pair this our ADV Nutrition Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse as part of your daily 3-step hair regime. Follow up with the ADV Nutrition Conditioner to moisturise the hair. Lastly, finish off the regime with the ADV Purify Tonic for a healthy and regulated scalp care treatment.

    Prefer to get professional advice and treatment from our experienced consultants? Visit us at any of our outlets here.

    Key Ingredients:

    Ribwort Plantain Extract

    • Anti-inflammatory that calms itchiness
    • Combines powerful antioxidants

    Rice Stem Cells

    • Excellent natural cleanser
    • Promotes scalp circulation

    Salicylic Acid

    • Removes sebum clogs and dandruff flakes
    • Prevents scalp irritation

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.

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    Total 193 reviews for ADV Purify Shampoo

    1. Kim @Clozette

      Super menthol-ly and refreshing!

    2. Charme Yan @Clozette

      The scent was refreshing and it was not drying on my scalp and hair!

    3. Claire @Clozette

      Shampoo is refreshing and leave a cleansed feeling

    4. Stella @Clozette

      Very similar to the Nutrition shampoo, it feels refreshing and able to keep my oily scalp at bay.

    5. Aimee @Clozette

      Natural scent . Scalp feels clean and purified .

    6. Sin @Clozette

      Minty and refreshing. Pores unclogged and scalp feels squeaky clean after use

    7. Qifang @Clozette

      It has a woody herby smell and is very good at clarifying and removing the oil from my scalp!

    8. Huixian @Clozette

      The hair and feels smoother and the scalp feels clean after use

    9. KylieRicheFTW @Clozette

      It feels comfortable. The herbal smell soothes my scalp

    10. Angel @Clozette

      Scent is natural . Feels botanical. Comfortable feeling. Scalp feels very cleansed and clean yet not drying.

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