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    [Website Exclusive] FEM Fortify Starter Routine Bundle


    Kickstart your journey to combat hair fall with our bestselling FEM Fortify Shampoo. Experience a refreshing double cleanse and regain control over hair loss, perfect for beginners on their path to healthier, stronger hair.


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    All Scalp/Hair Types

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    Our Website Exclusive FEM Starter Routine Bundle comprises:

    • 1 x FEM Fortify Shampoo 200ml
    • 1 x EM Fortify Conditioner 200ml
    • 1 x ADV Nutrition Shampoo 50ml
    • 1 x FEM Fortify Tonic 15ml

    1. FEM Fortify Shampoo 200ml:

    Specially formulated for women with mild hair loss and hair thinning concerns, and for those who want to prevent premature hair loss. This hair and scalp cleanser is a preventive shampoo containing active ingredients that provide the scalp around the hair follicles with essential nutrients and optimal health to prevent and control hair thinning, resulting in strengthened, healthy hair growth. 

    • Gently cleanses without stripping off natural moisture
    • Strengthens and nourishes hair roots to prevent excessive hair fall and hair thinning
    • Energises and rehabilitates hair and scalp to control hair fall and thinning
    • Increases visible hair density and counters the appearance of thinning hair
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for scalp protection

    2. FEM Fortify Conditioner 200ml:

    Specially formulated for women with mild hair loss and hair thinning concerns, and for those who want to prevent premature hair loss. 

    Rich, daily hair moisturiser and conditioner that helps to reduce hair fall by strengthening hair fibres and preventing breakage.

    • Hydrates and softens hair
    • Restores shine and vitality
    • Prevents hair breakage

    3. ADV Nutrition Shampoo 50ml:

    An essential daily shampoo and scalp cleanser that removes unhealthy build-up from sweat, dirt and excess sebum in the hair follicles, while strengthening the scalp’s natural protective barrier.

    • Removes unhealthy build-up to unclog hair follicles
    • Restores scalp moisture balance and improves barrier functions
    • Anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants
    • A general scalp maintenance shampoo that is suitable for all hair/scalp types

    4. FEM Fortify Tonic 15ml:

    Specially formulated for women with mild to moderate hair loss and thinning hair concerns, and for those who want to prevent premature hair loss. This powerful treatment tonic delivers vital nutrients to nourish and strengthen hair roots, thus reducing hair fall significantly. Hair follicles are reinvigorated to support healthy scalp and natural hair growth, helping to keep hair full-looking for longer. Comes in 100ml.

    • Repairs and restores damaged hair follicles for healthier hair
    • Reinvigorates hair follicles to lengthen hair life span and reduce hair loss
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for improved scalp health

    1. ADV Nutrition Shampoo:

    Essential first-step shampoo – Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly, continue with the correcting shampoo of choice.

    2. FEM Fortify Shampoo:

    Correcting shampoo for female hair loss & thinning concerns – Wet hair and apply a suitable amount. Work into a lather and gently massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

    3. FEM Fortify Conditioner:

    Apply on to damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    4. FEM Fortify Tonic:

    Shake well before use. Section hair and spray tonic onto towel-dried scalp. Massage scalp with fingertips using circular motions. Leave on. Recommend to use daily.


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