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    What No One Tells You About Hair Loss in Women

    Regardless of your age, hair loss is always a red flag and a big concern. With serious hair loss, it will require time and intensive inflamed scalp treatments to regenerate hair growth. At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, we always believe that prevention is better than cure thus we should not neglect occasional scalp maintenance.

    To get to the root of the problem, we uncover the major and common causes of hair loss in women and how you can fix it.

    Mental Stress

    Stress is said to be a major contributor. Experts say that any kind of physical trauma, tensions and surgeries are common reasons for hair fall. When women are stressed out, more hair follicles enter into the shedding phase. It happens because the hair cycle is disturbed.

    Initially, it may not be all that easy to figure out stress as the cause of hair fall. Hair experts suggest it can take around 3 to six months for symptoms to become noticeable.

    Possible Cure:

    One way to deal with the problem is making a constant effort to unwind. Exercising is a good form for destress. Or you can try a pampering Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy at PHS HAIRSCIENCE that not only acts as a treatment for your scalp and hair, but a great way to relax your mind with the soothing essential oils and massage too.


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    Vitamin A Supplements

    Excessive intake of Vitamin A supplements is also known to be a cause of hair loss in women. Experts say that average value for Vitamin A should be around 5000 IU per day. Supplements and vitamin A medications can contain up to 10,000 IU which can cause hair to fall off.


    Here’s a big relief: This problem is reversible and once you stop taking in excessive vitamin A, your hair fall should gradually get back to normal with time.

    Inherited Hair Fall

    Androgenic is a female hair loss pattern and it closely resembles male pattern baldness. It is a genetic problem so if your parents have hair fall problems, chances are you will face it too. One of the symptoms for this problem is thinning hair.


    Since it is a hereditary problem, there are chances it will be a recurring one. Rogaine is said to be an effective cure for the issue and is available in most of the pharmacies. For hereditary causes, we recommend going into frequent hair fall control maintenance sessions to keep the problem at bay.

    Hormones and Pregnancy

    Hormone changes, birth control pills and pregnancy itself are one of the most common hair fall causes for women. Menopause also contributes as your scalp becomes more sensitive to excessive hormones and reacts in the form of losing hair.

    The natural cure for these causes is to wait for this period to end your hair loss problems and your hormones to be regulated again. But it doesn’t have to be a long and dreadful wait — Speak to our specialists at PHS HAIRSCIENCE to understand how we can help.


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    Too Much Styling

    If you are always changing up your hair styles with styling products and chemical treatments, this might be the cause of your hair loss. Sometimes, the scalp follicles are clogged with all these particles.

    To prevent hair fall due to styling, you should reduce the frequency of sporting different hairdos and especially the usage of different styling products.

    Some More Causes

    Therapies such as Chemotherapy, lack of vitamins and iron deficiency, fertility problems are also some other common causes of hair fall in women. Don’t think you belong to any of these categories? Read on to Part 2 of common hair loss causes here.


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