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    [Website Exclusive] ADV Hydrate & Revive Bundle


    Introducing a bundle tailored for dry and damaged hair, featuring a shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil crafted from the purest argan oil. Experience irresistibly silky, soft hair with every use.


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    Our Website Exclusive ADV Hydrate & Revive Bundle comprises:

    • 1 x ADV Argan Shampoo 200ml
    • 1 x ADV Nutrition Conditioner 200ml
    • 1x ADV Argan Oil Treatment 100ml
    • 1 x Volumising Brush

    1. ADV Argan Oil Shampoo 200ml:

    This deeply hydrating formula gently cleanses while nourishing dry, brittle hair with the powerful moisturising properties of the purest argan oil. It delivers long-lasting hydration to the scalp and locks in moisture for hair strands, leaving your tresses tangle-free and super soft and silky. Comes in 200ml.

    • Powerful moisturising properties of the purest argan oil
    • Long-lasting hydration to scalp
    • Locks in moisture to keep hair strands nourished
    • Results in tangle-free, soft and silky hair

    2. ADV Nutrition Conditioner 200ml:

    Suitable for all hair types, ADV Nutrition Conditioner is an effective daily conditioner that leaves hair luxuriously silky, soft, vibrant, shiny and healthy. Botanical stem cells help to reconstruct ruffled hair cuticles, leaving hair smooth and tangle-free. Comes in 200ml.

    • Instant and intense hydration to improve hair texture
    • Repairs dull and dry hair back to a healthy state
    • Leaves hair luxuriously silky and soft, restoring its vibrant shine and vitality

    3. ADV Argan Oil Treatment 100ml:

    Ultra-nourishing hair oil infused with enriched nutrients and intense moisturization to strengthen and revive dry, damaged hair.

    • Powerful moisturising properties of the purest argan oil
    • Strengthens and revives dry, damaged hair
    • Reconstructs hair fibres for smoother, shinier hair
    • Protects against moisture loss and environmental damage
    • Results in tangle-free, soft and silky hair

    5. Volumising Brush:

    Thoughtfully designed with well-spaced S-pattern bristles to create air vents, the Volumising Brush detangles and smooths hair, while creating volume naturally at the same time.

    • Detangles and adds instant volume
    • Scalp-friendly round-tipped bristles
    • Mirror at the back of the brush for convenience
    • Suitable for all hair types and styles

    1. ADV Argan Oil Shampoo:

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly, continue with the correcting shampoo of choice.

    2. ADV Nutrition Conditioner:

    Apply on to damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    3. ADV Argan Oil Treatment 100ml:

    Apply oil on towel-dried hair. Massage into hair from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on and style as desired. Can be used to texturize and treat hair before and after blow-drying. Use at least once a week.

    4. Volumising Brush:

    Comb through the hair gently.


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