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    Young woman observing her hair for breakage and split ends

    What Causes Hair Breakage and Split Ends

    Losing between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day on average is normal, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists. Not a cause for concern? Well, wait, because any more than that can lead to balding. Add that to the twin menaces of hair breakage and split ends, and you’ve literally got a problem on your hands.

    In a fast-paced world and polluted environment, poor hair condition becomes a norm. Stress and bad lifestyle habits are also culprits for hair loss and split ends. Thankfully, there are inflamed scalp treatments to counter the problem. Let us first take a look at the common causes of hair breakage and split ends.

    Too Little Moisture

    Force-combing your hair when it is thirsty can lead to split-ends more than anything else. Hair may also snap, leading to mass breakage. We recommend to only use your fingers when untangling your hair.

    In addition, shampooing daily can contribute to hair damage as creamy shampoos may act like detergents and rob your hair of moisture, leading to brittle hair and split ends.


    Pulling on your hair often? That could be causing your hair breakage too!

    Tugging on your hair creates stress on your hair roots, even if it’s just a bad habit of twirling your hair around your fingers. Tying your hair too tightly creates the same effect too. So always, always be gentle.

    Too Much Heat

    Ever since the invention of the blow dryer, many of us expose our hair with hot air from blow dryers. This can be rough on our hair. With all the chemicals we use for styling, heat comes as an even worse agent of breakage and deterioration – likewise for flat or curling irons. We recommend investing in high quality styling equipment or avoid using heated equipment altogether.

    Bad Lifestyle and Diet

    Constant exposure to pollution and a poor work-life balance, too, can cause hair deterioration. You might think that insufficient sleep only affects you mentally, however, we forget that sleep deprivation often causes stress that could in turn lead to hair loss. As such, proper sleep and nutrition is important to cultivate natural hair growth. 

    For the ladies with long hair, your hair may be pressed/tangled with certain sleeping positions throughout the night, leading to hair breakage. You can control this by investing in silk pillowcases, because silk helps retain moisture and lessen friction between the pillow and your hair.

    P.S. Junk food, too much caffeine, and irregular eating times can wreak havoc on the hair too.

    Not Going for Regular Hair Maintenance

    Without regular hair maintenance, you are denying your hair the necessary nourishment for healthy roots and hair ends. Regular treatments help restore vital oils and moisture in your hair. In an active life, it is not possible to have protein-rich foods for nutrients every day.

    Book an appointment at our PHS HAIRSCIENCE Labs for scalp and hair maintenance, as well as, repair therapies that can give your hair the extra boost it requires. 

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