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    Reverse Greying Hair — On A Cellular Levelman checking for premature grey hair

    The colour of our hair comes from melanin, which are made by pigment cells in the hair follicle. With age, less melanin is produced as the pigment cells die, resulting in grey and white hair. Reverse that process with patented cell signalling technology.

    Genetics is the main factor that determines how early or late in life your hair starts to go grey. Other factors include diet and nutritional deficiencies (particularly in vitamin B12), unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and medical conditions like thyroid dysfunctions. And while stress is not a direct cause of greying, extreme and chronic stress can have a negative impact on the body and accelerate the condition.

    Once a hair follicle has lost its melanin-making capabilities, new hair growth will always be grey or white. To boost melanin production requires intervention at a cellular level, which is what our products and treatments focus on in order to reverse greying. By kickstarting the pigment factory and boosting melanin production, hair gradually regains its natural colour and greying is delayed.

    miracle stem cell solution treatment on female hair

    MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION does just that, using patented cell signalling SigGrow™-Mela technology, which regenerates, repairs and restores dormant or inactive hair follicle stem cells.  The 45-minute MSCS Grey Reverse Regenerator treatment activates the production of melanin pigment cells to naturally and progressively reverse the greying of hair. Plus, the treatment delivers essential nutrients to the scalp to support healthy cell regeneration, as well as delay and Prevent Premature Greying.

    Book your complimentary hair & scalp analysis today to find out how MSCS will work for you, and kickstart your journey to healthy, youthful hair.

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