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    young lady looking depressed about her greying hair

    All You Should Know About Grey Hair

    Grey hair is a common hair problem these days. Are you showing signs of hair and scalp ageing? While some people actually like a tinge of silver on their head, majority of us avoid such color.

    Premature scalp ageing can cause greying hair at an early age too. We explore the causes, symptoms and common solutions to fight gray hair.

    Some Causes


    One of the most common and inevitable reasons for grey hair is aging. Scientifically, it’s a proven fact that your hair changes its texture with time. Since naturally, the strength of a person is likely to reduce with age, your hair similarly loses its nourishment and as a result, they tend to whiten.


    Stress and depression are two major factors contributing to grey hair, although according to Dr Robert Shmerling in a Harvard Health Publishing article, they are not necessarily direct causes. 

    In actual fact, stress causes hair to fall out and regenerate more frequently, which in turn causes the hair to grow back in grey instead of its original color.

    Hair Colors

    Applying hair color and frequent dyeing is also a common cause for grey hair. After the dye color has faded away, it can also strip away the natural color from your hair. It is probably one reason why one has to continuously dye their hair to hide greys.

    Remedies to Grey Hair

    Grey hair is an indication that your hair and scalp lacks certain nutrients. Thus getting rid of it is one that takes time. Hair loss treatment methods are efficient for dealing with grey hair and tackling the problem from the roots. Starting from your diet, here are some simple home remedies to fight gray hair.

    Food To Avoid

    While you might be trying everything on your scalp, your diet plays a crucial role in the process. Here are some foods you should avoid as much as possible:

    – Soft drinks
    – Sugar
    – Spicy food
    – Oily food
    – Refined flour

    Cow’s Milk

    Butter made from cow’s milk is a useful home remedy for grey hair. Massage your scalp twice a week and you will be able to reduce some grey hair from your scalp.

    Curry Leaves and Seafood

    Curry leaves are considered as an effective remedy as they have tend to boost up melanin production in the body. Also, you should try seafood as they have high content of minerals such as copper and zinc that are valuable nutrients for hair health.


    Now that you know more about grey hair and home remedies, there are also several other effective methods to identify and solve gray hair problems through treatments and hair products, such as this 3-step daily regime. Feel free to speak to our hair and scalp experts, we’re always happy to help!

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