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    Troubled woman due to her hair and scalp problems

    Home Treatments Suitable for Sensitive Scalp

    Those who have sensitive scalp know the discomfort it can bring, from stinging pain to itching. Sensitive scalp can happen for many reasons: seasonal alterations, medical conditions or using chemical-infused hair products. When it comes to hair care selection, do exercise caution into the products you’re applying on your hair or scalp as this may easily aggravate your condition. For natural ways to revitalize dull hair, here are some solutions that is suitable even for those with sensitive scalp.

    1. Banana Avocado Mask

    The first hair mask is the banana avocado mask and these items should be easily found in your kitchen or refrigerator. These are fruits ideal to be included in your diet too bananas have potassium and avocados contain protein, and these two are essential for stunning locks.

    To make the mask, you need a blender. Get half of an avocado and one ripe banana. Mix them together in the machine. Put the mixture into hair and leave for twenty to thirty minutes. Keep your hair in a towel. Wash off with a sensitive scalp shampoo such as the ADV Soothe Shampoo

    woman combing hair mask through hair

    2. Yogurt, Mayonnaise Egg White Mask

    Gather the three ingredients. When you use products to style your hair they can have toxins which take away the moisture from your hair and scalp. The fat present in the mayonnaise and yogurt will moisturize hair and scalp. The lactic acid that is found in the yogurt will get rid of the residue and dirt.

    To make this, mix the mayonnaise and yogurt together. Whisk the egg white till it becomes frothy. Slowly combine it with the yogurt and mayonnaise mixture. Massage the mixture onto hair and scalp and let it sit for thirty minutes. Wear a shower cap and be careful about not using warm water as it will cook egg whites.

    lady applying olive oil on her long hair

    3. Olive Oil and Raw Honey Mask

    The third hair mask is the perfect one for the sensitive scalp as it will nourish the skin. Olive oil is famous for moisturizing the skin. Particularly in the winter when your scalp is having problems, olive oil is going to help by adding weight. It is a quick solution and it contains Vitamins A, E, and antioxidants. Honey is another moisture magnet. Thus, here the two ingredients are mixed together.

    Combine a half cup of raw honey with one-fourth cup of olive oil. Slightly heat the mixture so that you can massage it properly through the hair. Apply to scalp and let it sit for twenty minutes. Wash it off with your regular shampoo.

    raw honey to be used in a soothing hair mask

    4. Just honey hair mask

    You will need one-fourth cup of organic raw honey and fresh water. Combine both the ingredients with clean water and apply onto scalp. Go with raw organic honey rather than the ultra-pasteurized one because the organic one is more beneficial for the scalp. You can also add honey to the shampoo you use to get best results.

    Sensitive scalp requires attentive care, may it be soothing the scalp or targeting dry ends. If these DIY treatments sounds too taxing, PHS HAIRSCIENCE also offers home care treatments, for various hair concerns, made from patented botanical ingredients. The ADV Soothe range is formulated for sensitive scalp, effectively relieving discomfort. For dry hair ends, check out the ADV Argan range that covers from hair mask to deep conditioners!

    Keep your hair and scalp happy and healthy!

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