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Five tips for dealing with a very sensitive scalp


sensitive scalp

Anyone that has a problem with a sensitive scalp will know exactly how annoying and irritating it is. A sensitive scalp can be really uncomfortable and very unpleasant. Below are few tips you can try in order to deal with this problem.

Pick hair products very carefully

For sensitive scalp, you will need to ensure that you pick gentle and mild shampoos. Most supermarkets may sell shampoos that contain aggressive components that can damage the scalp by making it dry. A common product ingredient that contributes to an itchy scalp is known as sodium laureth sulphate. People with a sensitive scalp are then advised to check the ingredients used in the shampoo before they buy any products. Taking such a precautionary measure can be the difference between having a healthy scalp or an itchy one. You should then try using products that are able to reduce irritation and prevents inflammation. An example will be ADV Calming Gel from PHS HAIRSCIENCE, a gentle treatment made with botanicals that are free from harmful additives.

Consider drying hair the natural way

While this is not fool proof method for those with very thick hair, drying your hair without the aid of a hair dryer may help with scalp sensitivity. Heat that comes from blow dryers may dry out your scalp, leaving it damaged and feeling sore. One can try to dry their hair naturally at least twice a week to give their scalp a breather from the heat produced from blow dryers especially if it is sensitive.

Moisturise your scalp

When you notice that your face, or body is dry, you will likely reach for your moisturiser. The same concept should be applied when it comes to the scalp. By moisturising the scalp, you will keep it healthy.

Make changes to your styling routine

If you have a high maintenance regime when it comes to styling your hair or changing up hair colour very often, there may be a high chance that your scalp may get sensitive over time. You should certainly consider giving your hair a break and looking for a gentler approach. When you give your hair time to recover from all the bleach from dyeing your hair and the heat from your hot styling tools, your scalp can become less irritated and sensitive. When your scalp becomes less sensitive, you may be tempted to quickly return to your normal routine of dyeing hair oftently or curling it everyday. However, doing so may result in your scalp becoming sensitive again. Instead, you should always look for a gentler alternative like using low heat or dyeing your hair less often or to colours that do not require bleaching.

Find time to chill out

Do take time to relax instead of feeling stressed out all the time as stress, depression and anxiety may worsen your scalp sensitivity issue. When your muscles tense, a tension headache may develop, leading to scalp sensitivity. Go on a short holiday, or take up a meditation class – the most important thing is that you have to reduce your stress levels. At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, the treatments are targeted to your individual hair and scalp condition, with hair spa-like environment that’s just like a sanctuary away from home!