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    FEM Fortify Conditioner 200ml


    (103 customer reviews)

    Rich, daily hair moisturiser and conditioner that helps to reduce hair fall by strengthening hair fibres and preventing breakage.



    Suitable For:

    Female Seasonal/Temporary Hair Loss and Thinning

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    Specially formulated for women with mild hair loss and thinning concerns. This rich daily hydrator helps to reduce hair fall by strengthening hair fibres and preventing breakage. Smooths hair cuticles for brilliant shine and lasting softness. Comes in 200ml.

    • Hydrates and softens hair
    • Restores shine and vitality
    • Prevents hair breakage

    Pair this with our ADV Nutrition Shampoo and our FEM Fortify Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse as the first step to your daily 3-step hair regime. Follow up with the FEM Fortify Conditioner to moisturise the hair and finish off the regime with the FEM Fortify Tonic for nourished and strengthened hair roots that would reduce hair fall.

    Prefer to get professional advice and treatment from our experienced consultants? Visit us at any of our outlets here.

    Key Ingredients:

    Botanical 14 Complex

    • Promote healthy scalp

    Tomato Stem Cell

    • Improves hair resilience
    • Rich moisturising properties

    Milk Protein Extract

    • Leaves hair strong and supple
    • Increases hair elasticity

    Sweet Almond Extract

    • Reduces hair breakage
    • Improves hair resilience

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Apply conditioner onto damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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    Total 103 reviews for FEM Fortify Conditioner 200ml

    1. mabelli

      Got a sample pack from my ladies card goodie bag from MAH. Tried it and I immediately love the herbal smell and the minty feeling on my scalp. I would pump a little and apply at my hair end, leave for a few mins, wash it off. And tadah! Smooth hair! I feel my hair and scalp are cleaner. I keep coming back whenever there are sales! Love it!

    2. Sophie Rosbill

      the smell is great and loving it

    3. Ivy @Clozette

      Feel soft but not over soft and the smell is acceptable

    4. Veron @Clozette

      Conditioner smells great and I feel it is just right, not overwhelming at all!

    5. Elaine @Clozette

      I like the cooling feel and the minty smell .

    6. Missielala @Clozette

      I like that the conditioner is easy to work into the hair

    7. ShirleyOng @Clozette

      Love the texture of the conditioner which is thick

    8. yennyt @Clozette

      The conditioner makes my hair feel smooth

    9. HappyPig @Clozette

      feels quite nourishing

    10. Patlincraft @Clozette

      My hair is immediately transformed to a smooth texture. It’s easier to comb through.

    11. JC @Clozette

      Surprisingly it smell very nice!

    12. N. N. @Clozette

      Nice smell, smoother hair after hair dried

    13. Aries @Clozette

      I love the smell and how soft my hair feels after rinsing.

    14. Hann @Clozette

      It helps to strengthen and makes hair texture smoother, helping it to detangle.

    15. daphnegal @Clozette

      The conditioner smell nice

    16. Mary L @Clozette

      There is a lasting smooth texture on hair after use. For other conditioners, after washing off, I don’t feel hair smoothen.

    17. Shayne @Clozette

      I really like the texture and how smooth it makes my hair feel.

    18. TL @Clozette

      Love the smell and leaves my hair tangle free thereafter!

    19. MEL @Clozette


    20. DY @Clozette

      Smoothens and untangles the hair

    21. Nettiawonderland @Clozette

      Seems like more of a light floral fragrance, hair felt smoother and easier to comb through as I dry my hair compared to before using this conditioner. It would appeal more to me if it could come in lavender fragrance that gives a more relaxing fragrance. Overall it feels good to have ya for free hair after shower.

    22. ChooAsh @Clozette

      Soften hair as well as giving it more shine and strength

    23. TLW @Clozette

      Smells nice and makes my hair feels smooth.

    24. Momiji @Clozette

      My hair feels really soft after using the conditioner. No tangles at all.

    25. Lynn Yap @Clozette

      Conditioner smells good, easy to apply and wash off

    26. Jo Ng @Clozette

      Smells great, doesn’t leave any residue and easy to wash off

    27. Jess @Clozette

      My hair feels smooth, easily detangle and not that oily feel

    28. Chiara @Clozette

      Smooth to touch, doesn’t clump and absorbs easily

    29. Laimrslai @Clozette


    30. Beauty @Clozette

      Love the smell. Only a small portion was needed. It leaves my hair feel smooth even after drying

    31. Fala @Clozette

      I left it on for 30 seconds and was able to wash it off easily.

    32. Hjdelico12 @Clozette

      It smell very refreshing and pleasant on the scalp.

    33. jm @Clozette

      Clean, not too oily

    34. R. Tan @Clozette

      Quite neutral to the conditioner. As the shampoo really makes my hair feel astringent after use, this conditioner is essential to make my hair feel smooth again.

    35. Jo @Clozette

      It smells amazing and my hair felt soft after using it!

    36. LL @Clozette

      My hair feel soft and shiny after the wash

    37. Isabel @Clozette

      I love the smell.

    38. C @Clozette

      The conditioner is easy to rinse and not oily compared to other conditioners. It leaves my hair smoother and feel lighter.

    39. Rosalind @Clozette

      I rarely use conditioner, but after trying the conditioner, I feel in love with it as it makes my hair smooth and easier to comb.

    40. aw @Clozette

      conditioner was on the thinner side, with a floral and pleasant scent

    41. Melng @Clozette

      Smell lingers even after workout

    42. iuhnewt @Clozette

      Makes my hair smoother after use

    43. Geliney @Clozette

      The conditioner does its job well but I still feel the need to use a serum afterwards

    44. Jasmine @Clozette

      Feels moisturising, the next day my hair was smooth and easy to manage

    45. t.han @Clozette

      Shampoo felt smooth on the hair.

    46. Angela lau @Clozette

      Helps to soften and smoothen my hair. Hair is less fizzy.

    47. PS Leng @Clozette

      Nice smelling and makes my hair smooth.

    48. Pamela @Clozette

      The conditioner has a nice creamy texture and coats my hair well. It smelled great, too!

    49. No @Clozette

      I can feel that it strengthened and softened my hair

    50. Joyce @Clozette

      Soft and moisturising

    51. samanwong @Clozette

      My hair is smoother and it smell really good!

    52. Lynn @Clozette

      The conditioner was easily absorbed and smell was very pleasant and relaxing.

    53. GERALDINE ANG @Clozette

      Good, not sticky

    54. Ivy.T @Clozette

      Hair doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

    55. Jocelyn @Clozette

      Makes my hair silky

    56. JM @Clozette

      Hair feels smoother after using.

    57. Bridget @Clozette

      Smells and feels refreshing; hair feels smoother

    58. Anna @Clozette

      The conditioner has a strong but pleasant scent. It makes my hair feels smooth and manageable post-shower.

    59. RE @Clozette

      Light smooth texture

    60. Ally @Clozette

      I prefer the smell of the condition which is stronger and leave the hair soft.

    61. SheRene @Clozette

      Smooth, smells ok

    62. Angie @Clozette

      i love the smell of the conditioner, has a smell of professional products used in salons.

    63. Joyce @Clozette

      Not overly oily as my hair still maintains volume at the end of the day

    64. Laney @Clozette

      Loved the smell and the way it coats softly onto the strains of my hair.

    65. Racier @Clozette

      Smells great like the shampoo and it’s not too thick. Just nice texture

    66. BT @Clozette

      Nice smelling

    67. Pearl Teo @Clozette

      Definitely it nourishes the hair after the cleansing the hair with PHS shampoo.

    68. Dipmecocoa @Clozette

      managed to tune out the knots from my hair.

    69. MissyTangTang @Clozette

      My hair is silky soft with shine and a lingering of faint smell on my hair.

    70. thelittlelove @Clozette

      It makes my hair very smooth and soft and leave a good scent for the whole day.

    71. Yanah Roh @Clozette

      Smell great, easy to rinse and effective

    72. Lynn @Clozette

      Smells nice

    73. regina @Clozette

      makes me smell nice, great

    74. delirioushome @Clozette

      My hair feels thoroughly smoothen, the conditioner went into the follicles instead of remaining just on the surface.

    75. Pz @Clozette

      Feels clean, smells nice, love how it helps to soften

    76. Estingen @Clozette

      It’s feels moisturising, smells mildly and good and not too heavy on scalp

    77. xx87 @Clozette

      Nice comforting smell not too strong and quite refreshing

    78. Jan @Clozette

      The conditioner made my hair smooth and a lot easier to comb through my hair.

    79. Cheryl Tang

      Bought this in full size after trying out via the bundle set. It’s nice how a shampoo that works so well can smell so good!

    80. shardsofruby

      Love the citrusy scent and the minty feel. It leaves the scalp clean and doesn’t feel oily even after exercising or perspiring under the sun for a while. It didn’t really thicken my hair for sure, but there were evidently less hair on my hairbrush so it did reduce the hairfall problem.

    81. danz

      Tried on Singapore brand PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify range, less oily scalp and hair feels soft and healthy hair texture. Lastly, l love hair tonic. Nourishing and strengthen hair bulb.

    82. walnut13

      I’ve been trying all 3 products (Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum) for the past week and it is really effective in controlling my hair loss. Prior to using it, whenever I brush or washed my hair, I can see lots of strands falling off my brush which made me a little worried. After using for a few wash, there is a noticeable reduced amount of hair falling out. Downside is that the shampoo makes my hair dry even though I used it with the conditioner. However, I really like the serum much better than both shampoo and conditioner as I feel that it is the product that has been controlling the hair loss. My regular hairstylist did give a word of caution though; only use hair loss products whenever necessary. Stop when it has achieved results as it can caused dry hair, as in my case.

    83. Phoebet

      I have fine, coloured hair, combination scalp and worried about thinning, thus this set of PHS products is perfect for me to try. My favourite is the shampoo, which has the colour and texture of honey, foams nicely and leaves a minty refreshing feel. It does not irritate the scalp or cause pimples. The conditioner has a very lovely scent and washed off easily. The tonic has a nozzle that helps with targeted application but after each spray, I would need to massage the tonic into the scalp otherwise it might drip onto the face if I am not careful. This last step might be more tedious but since it is a leave-on product, this is probably the most important step. Overall, it is a delight to use the set and it leaves my hair smooth and manageable but efficacy will need a couple more months to evaluate.

    84. Wonderjellybean

      I suffer from thinning hair ever since I was 12 or so. The exact cause is hard to pin down and I’ve tried many different haircare solutions. The first thing I noticed about PHS Hairscience is the scent, I loved it. It was slightly herbally and minty. After the wash, my scalp felt clean on top of the wonderful minty feeling too. I noticed less dandruff as well, which is an important component to encouraging new hair growth. The tonic comes in a bottle which is good at distributing product evenly. It would understandably take months of use to judge the true efficacy, but the initial results are certainly promising.

    85. Scha

      The shampoo comes with a refreshing sweet scent which makes my hair smell good all day, it is not drying which is good because I am afraid of drying shampoos which causes the hair to entangle especially when I am blow drying them. I have made it a habit to apply the tonic before bed each night, and slowly massage the nutrients onto my scalp, it is not oily at all 🙂 cos the last thing I want is to have oily clumpy hair in the morning, very excited to wait for the result of my hair growth, and I do notice lesser hair fall during the course of the day. Everyone with hair issues should give it a try.

    86. andreaeliza

      I have a sensitive scalp and when I use ‘heavy’ shampoo and conditioner, it makes my scalp and hair very oily within the day. These products not only smells good but leaves my hair manageable and easy to comb. To compare with other pricey shampoos, this works better as I have noticed less hairfall. Take care of your hair ladies by using these products! Well recommended.

    87. Candicekoh

      Packaging was really beautiful w the flower petals. Been using for abt a week. Love the scent of the product. Its light n gives a v comforting feel. After washing the scalp really feels clean. Tonic smells v nice too n feels light on scalp, not like many other tonics tt leaves a “layer” after applying. Will continue to monitor if it really helps w my thinning prob 🙂 **also hope the price can b even more affordable.

    88. touchmenotish

      Feel cooling after wash and conditoner is awesome for my bleached hair. No more hair tangling. Hair loss wise no significant result yet.

    89. Soleilfatcat

      I simply love it! Have been trying on it for the past 3 weeks. My hair drops much lesser right now!

    90. Teileen

      The shampoo comes with a refreshing sweet scent which makes my hair smell good all day, it is not drying which is good because I am afraid of drying shampoos which causes the hair to entangle especially when I am blow drying them. I have made it a habit to apply the tonic before bed each night, and slowly massage the nutrients onto my scalp, it is not oily at all 🙂 cos the last thing I want is to have oily clumpy hair in the morning, very excited to wait for the result of my hair growth, and I do notice lesser hair fall during the course of the day. Everyone with hair issues should give it a try.

    91. knicotine12

      Finally finished this treatment and I love it! Definitely noticed less hairfall, the shampoo and conditioner were not drying like others, and the tonic did not leave any unpleasant smell like some other tonics I have tried. Definitely recommended!

    92. Pynknuggets

      I’ve been using these products for a while now to see if it is effective in helping my hair fall problem. I noticed that my hair is smoother and it cleanses pretty well. Smells really great too as compared to other x Brand’s overwhelming ginseng smell. All that is just great but I don’t think it significantly reduces hairfall.

    93. Heng1811

      Honest review: The good people from @tryandreviewasia sent me FEM Fortify thinning hair home care set from #phshairscience. I have previously tried several different anti-hairloss, anti-hairfall to hair growth products from other brands. Not to undermine their efficiency, since this is a multiple award-winning product. However, gauging from the amount of hair fall, I think this thinning hair range may not be the most suitable for me. Disclaimer: I did not comb, pull or tug my hair after washing. Perhaps it’s my sensitive scalp that isn’t used to the active ingredients used?

    94. jilky

      The smell is pleasant, easy to apply. I do not think it has helped my hair to grow thicker, but at least it helps to lessen my hair fall.

    95. Eleorac

      I’ve been using the fortifying shampoo and conditioner for almost 2 months. As a user who had tried multiple hair loss shampoo, this has been one with noticeable results. I do not usually notice, but my hair stylist also highlighted that my hair looks more voluminous and not so oily. The hair tonic is really light on the hair with its more watery texture that feels easily absorbed into the scalp. The shampoo left this minty feeling that makes my scalp feeling clean. The conditioner is not super rich and moisturising, but I guess it does its basic job, and my hair doesn’t feel dry out. Generally, I felt that the FORTIFY series does helps to improve my thin hair issue by cleansing and controlling my oily scalp. It takes a period of usage to see results. I would STRONGLY recommend this shampoo and tonic for people with thin hair. I must admit I really like the smell of the product. It is natural with the herbs used and not like your usual commercial shampoo with artifical smell.

    96. Liqinggreen

      I had hair loss a yr back and I try many products. I used PHS products for 2 weeks and I see significant results. My hair fall reduced.

    97. pris_goh

      I have hair loss problem. Tried the FEM Fortify set for about 2 weeks, it help in reducing hair fall. The effect is obvious especially when combing my hair. After washing, the shampoo is not drying out the hair as compare to other hair loss shampoo I used before. Loved the scent. Make you so relaxed and refreshing.

    98. melodyanna87

      I love this shampoo as it is minty and cooling. It makes my scalp refreshing and cooling. After using the home care kit – Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic for almost a week, I can feel my scalp is more cleaner and less oily. This makes my hair and scalp more healthier and reduces hair loss. Would finish using the products to see the continued results.

    99. dzyeq

      I’m 45 years old mom of 3. I used to have dry, frizzy hair and dry scalp. I’ve tried the complete set of PHS Fortify.The shampoo gives out a sweet scent and soothing effect on my scalp. Conditioner makes my hair soft and manageable. For someone who dons the hijab, I’ve been looking for a product that makes my scalp fresh all day. PHS Fortify hair favourite so far. It cools my scalp and really feels good. After 6 applications, I’ve not seen any baby hair yet, but I feel confident to continue coz my hair volume is back!!(something I’ve not seen for months) It’s so satisfying to feel the bounciness of my hair again. Amazing product! Thank you Try and Review Asia!!

    100. danz

      Hair feels soft, less oily scalp and healthy hair texture.

    101. Hisana

      The shampoo and conditioner have a nice invigorating smell and leave the hair soft and light. The tonic is a nice refreshing spay. After 2 weeks I haven’t seen any improvement yet but my hair are soft and supple.

    102. Jacq

      To be honest, I’ve not used it long enough to comment on it’s effectiveness. But I sure hope it will help minimize hair fall over time! Absolutely love the scent and how my hair feels clean and fresh after each wash. The tonic feels very “norishing” (lol! for lack of a better descriptor). Overall, my hair feels very well taken care of by the three products within the series.

    103. marica

      Love the fresh perfume and the packaging. But not really convince by the efficiency on hair loss. Bring volume but dry hair after 2 weeks.

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