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    ADV Nutrition Shampoo 200ml


    (123 customer reviews)

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    An essential daily shampoo and scalp cleanser that removes unhealthy build-up from sweat, dirt and excess sebum in the hair follicles, while strengthening the scalp’s natural protective barrier.

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    The essential first-step of our signature Double Cleanse, this powerful sebum and dirt removing shampoo deep-cleanses the scalp to unclog hair follicles on a daily basis, without over-stripping it of the natural hair oils.

    Formulated with Botanical 14 Complex and free from harmful additives, the ADV Nutrition Shampoo purifies the scalp and provides a strong foundation for healthy hair. 

    • Removes unhealthy build-up to unclog hair follicles
    • Restores scalp moisture balance and improves barrier functions
    • Anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants
    • A general scalp maintenance shampoo that is suitable for all hair/scalp types

    After completing this step, we recommend to continue to the second step of the double cleanse regime with the FEM Fortify Shampoo. If you prefer a simpler routine, skip to the moisturising step with the ADV Nutrition Conditioner and finish off your routine with the ADV Nutrition Tonic.

    Visit us if you prefer to get treatment and professional advice from our experienced consultants.

    Key Ingredients:

    Botanical 14 Complex

    • Promotes healthy scalp

    Rice Stem Cell

    • Unblock hair follicles and remove toxins, build up & excess sebum.
    • Improve scalp function and elasticity
    • Fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress

    Rosemary Extract

    • Deeply cleanses hair follicles
    • Protects the scalp and prevents premature aging.

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Nutrition Shampoo Daily RegimePHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Nutrition Shampoo Weekly Treatment

    Total 123 reviews for ADV Nutrition Shampoo 200ml

    1. Alan

      Love the scent and texture! This is a gentle cleanser that does a really clean job on my sensitive scalp. My hair is no longer oily for the rest of the day!

    2. Lynn

      Scalp feels thoroughly cleansed after a wash! Feels great!

    3. Doreen Chan

      My hair felt smooth and great after each used. Very satisfied with the product

    4. Angeline Han Jun Lin

      Love the minty feel after i use this shampoo!

    5. Kim @Clozette

      Extremely soothing and refreshing on the scalp!

    6. Charme Yan @Clozette

      I loved the citrus scent! It was gentle on my hair and scalp.

    7. Stella @Clozette

      There is a herbal scent and feels very refreshing on the scalp due to the menthol ingredient in it. However it is a little drying on the rest of my hair.

    8. Sin @Clozette

      Goes on silky that isn’t harsh on hair, lemony minty freshness that feels cool on scalp.

    9. Aimee @Clozette

      Smell is good . Very natural scent . Scalp feels clean and rejuvenated.

    10. Qifang @Clozette

      It has a fresh minty smell that is very refreshing especially for the hot weather nowadays!

    11. Huixian @Clozette

      The scalp feels clean after using

    12. KylieRicheFTW @Clozette

      It feels comfortable. The herbal smell is relaxing as you’re using it.

    13. Angel @Clozette

      Scent is fragrant . Smells natural . Feels botanical. Comfortable on scalp.

    14. Tracy @Clozette

      It feels gentle and non-drying on my hair despite deep cleaning it to remove residues.

    15. A @Clozette

      Fresh and herbal aroma that feels super clean!

    16. LT @Clozette

      Refreshing minty, mild herbal fragrance, lathers easily.

    17. L @Clozette

      It has a very pleasant citrus smell, do not need a lot of product!

    18. Serene @Clozette

      After applying the shampoo on, my scalp feels really cooling. Feels like doing hair treatment in those hair salons. Smell okay.

    19. Shu @Clozette

      Light texture with minty smell

    20. No @Clozette

      Calming, soothing n nice smell. I like it very much.

    21. Lawrence @Clozette

      The feeling is good and you feel your hair is clean

    22. Si Min @Clozette

      The ADV Nutrition shampoo smells really minty, feels cooling when it sit on my scalp.

    23. Winnie @Clozette

      Very good, smells good as well, giving me a cleansed feeling

    24. Tingtingz @Clozette

      I love the scent! It emulsifies quickly and smells like lemon drops. It makes my scalp tingles.

    25. Bit @Clozette

      Rather pleasant scent, slightly herbal with a tinge of mint. There was no floral scent which sits very well with me. Refreshing is the perfect word to describe it after a good wash. Scalp does feel clean without a tight feel (which would suggest the product is too dry) and hair ends are not dried out.

    26. Annette Mango @Clozette

      Lightly scented, slight cooling sensation on the scalp

    27. Energy_girl @Clozette

      It seems mild and smell neutral and natural

    28. Jed @Clozette

      Smells really good very moisturising

    29. Amber @Clozette

      Refreshing and cooling.

    30. WK @Clozette

      The shampoo lathers well and smell refreshing. My scalp feels clean and fresh after the wash.

    31. Karen @Clozette

      Smells good , easily foams up and can clean the hair well

    32. Miso Udonn @Clozette

      It has a citrus smell, making my scalp feel fresh. It is also very gentle and foams gently as I work the product on my scalp.

    33. Syaz @Clozette

      Makes my hair feel fresh and cool while the smell is good and minty

    34. Phine @Clozette

      Smells surprisingly citrus and feels refreshing on scalp. The clean feeling is on point!

    35. Zstc @Clozette

      It feels cooling and refreshing. I love the smell!

    36. JK @Clozette

      The smell is not too overpowering, feels clean on scalp.

    37. Rash287 @Clozette

      It has very mild smell and it doesn’t leave residue in hair. That’s what makes hair light and clean

    38. Clolover @Clozette

      Smells refreshing and hair feels soft and clean

    39. PT @Clozette

      I love the scent as it smells good but yet not too overbearing.

    40. Shong @Clozette

      The smell of the shampoo is very nice and calming to the tired soul after a long day at work. I feel that my scalp and hair is thoroughly cleansed and nourished after shampooing.

    41. Jacqueline @Clozette


    42. Teresa @Clozette

      cooling minty feel and has a light smell with hint of herbs, refreshing wash

    43. Larina @Clozette

      Smells great, easily lathers into foam

    44. Jan S @Clozette

      It lathers very well, smells minty and fresh and leaves my scalp tingly.

    45. Ksy @Clozette

      Pleasant smelling, moisturising, non-irritating

    46. Diyana @Clozette

      It feels very light when used and the after effect is great! My dry and frizzy hair could be tamed!

    47. Pam @Clozette

      It is a light pleasant mint feel and smell that is gentle and feels refreshing on the scalp.

    48. Claire @Clozette

      Shampoo is lightweight and smells good

    49. Bel @Clozette

      Pleasant, smooth, easy to apply and it gives a comfortable experience

    50. Ferlyn Tan @Clozette

      Super refreshing, minty and extremely clean feel!

    51. Grace Yeo @Clozette

      It doesn’t dry my scalp out which is what I always look for in my haircare products. It smells quite natural as well which I appreciate

    52. Ivy Lim @Clozette

      It smell mint and scalp feels cool after wash.

    53. Winky @Clozette

      The shampoo smells citrusy and refreshing!

    54. Hazel @Clozette

      Very refreshing – perfect for Singapore’s climate. I love the cooling sensation!

    55. doLdoL

      Feels fresh and comfortable on my scalp

    56. Goh BK

      Smooth and refreshing

    57. Moonshadow @Clozette

      Feels really nice!

    58. Germaine @Clozette

      Smells ok. Feels generally easy to lather

    59. Michelle @Clozette

      My hair feels really fresh and lightweight after wash and I really like that it is mildly scented!

    60. Daphne @Clozette

      i love the natural scent and it feels so refreshing and that cooling minty/menthol-like effect makes my scalp feel like it just went through a deep and invigorating cleanse

    61. BK Ch’ng @Clozette

      It make my hair feel nice smell and soft .

    62. DNg @Clozette

      Smells really good and refreshing, love how light and clean my hair feels

    63. Jenxel @Clozette

      Refreshing smell and leaves my hair and scalp squeaky clean!

    64. Miki @Clozette

      I didn’t know shampoo can smell so nice it feels great too on my scalp

    65. Anires @Clozette

      Smells nice and hair feels good

    66. Boey @Clozette

      The shampoo is effective to remove excess impurities on the scalp and make the scalp cooling and clean

    67. Lyn @Clozette

      It smells great! Hair feels clean and smooth. No tangles. Scalp feels refreshed!

    68. Fiona @Clozette

      Soothing, slightly herbal but not overwhelming. Foams well with just a little bit

    69. Veve @Clozette

      Refreshing herbal scent & cooling sensation

    70. Winter @Clozette

      Nice scent and allows for nice scrubbing

    71. Cass @Clozette

      The ADV Nutrition shampoo has a slight herbal scent, which’s very pleasant. It lathers well & leaves a minty tingling feel on the scalp while shampooing & the minty feeling lingers even after rinsing off. The formula is light & doesn’t feel heavy on my fine hair.

    72. Cheryl @Clozette

      Really love the menthol and refreshing feeling these shampoos from PHS leaves my hair feeling

    73. Shannon @Clozette

      Feels refreshing and clean

    74. Rachel Tan @Clozette

      minty sensation after washing off the shampoo.

    75. Jojo @Clozette

      The smell is alright, but my scalp feels clean after using it.

    76. Rae @Clozette

      It smells great and it leaves my scalp feeling really minty and clean!

    77. jialijace @Clozette

      Totally felt it removing the surface grime and oil. It feels clean even before double cleansing.

    78. Peggy @Clozette

      Smell awesome and leave a clean feeling on scalp!

    79. Byanyname @Clozette

      ADV Nutrition has no overpowering smell, feels minty and refreshing on scalp!

    80. Agnes @Clozette

      refreshing & cleansing

    81. Sunshine @Clozette

      The nutrition shampoo feels gentle and comfortable on the scalp. Smells pleasant and is easy to use.

    82. Christine Toh @Clozette

      Smell is very fresh, feels light

    83. Ting @Clozette

      Lathers well to give a cool minty smell and sensation I love as it’s stimulating!

    84. Originalsin @Clozette

      Love the scent and minty feel on my scalp/hair!

    85. Janetw @Clozette

      It smells a little herbal and there’s a menthol feeling.

    86. Felicia @Clozette

      Refreshing, deeply cleanses the scalp!

    87. Geoz88 @Clozette

      My hair become healthier and smooth. I love the smell, its very refreshing

    88. RH @Clozette

      First of all, I really love the smell. After a few washes, my hair becomes softer even without conditioner

    89. Emma @Clozette

      Feels clean without stripping moisture, comfortable after use

    90. SERENE TEA

      Feels refreshed after one wash. Love the minty scent. Definitely will buy again!

    91. Shesay @Clozette

      The liquid shampoo smells great, I enjoy the minty and refreshing sensation when used on my hair during shower

    92. Catherine Tan

      This shampoo really helps to clean the scalp properly leaving a minty refreshing feeling. It has become our staple to use and we kept reordering. Love the smell too.

    93. sandra @Clozette

      i feel my scalp purified and clean

    94. Rachg @Clozette

      Smells botanical

    95. Rina Ong

      Decided to get the full size after the bundle 50ml pack, and could see lesser hair loss after 2 weeks. Will continue to use this for even better results!

    96. chiang yuet @SAMPLESTORE

      It cleanses well and improves scalp health and nutritious at the same time.


      Scalp feel much cleaner after using. Had a pleasant smell.

    98. Catheriene @SAMPLESTORE

      Received a good product. When using the product, your scalp feels very cooling, it really helps to reduce hair fall and help to strengthen my hair. Love the product.

    99. Sophie @SAMPLESTORE

      The shampoos were very effective and suitable for my sensitive scalp! The nutritious jellies were delicious as well!

    100. Victor lim @SAMPLESTORE

      Cleanses my hair and doesn’t have oily feeling.

    101. Haleigh @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome! Korean products always won t disappoint me. My scalp feel so clean and refreshed after washing with this shampoo!

    102. Nancy Poon @SAMPLESTORE

      My hairfall has been reduced after using the product. Will continue to use this product if the price is reasonable.


      After trying out the product, it was good. As it clean the hair well.

    104. Alethea Tay @SAMPLESTORE

      Great shampoo! Has cleansing effect and clean peppermint sensation on scalp.

    105. Ho Mui Yoong @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome product. I had tried this product and quite like it. Will probably recommend this product to my friends.

    106. erin @SAMPLESTORE

      The ADV Nutrition Shampoo cleanses the scalp quite thoroughly, and my head felt cooling after use. I followed up with FEM Fortify Shampoo after that. Not used to double cleansing though. I hope after some time, the FEM Fortify Shampoo will help to reduce hair fall.

    107. FooSHuang @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome products. Very clean and cooling sensation after using it. Like it alot! Thumbs up!

    108. Aung Zaw Oo @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying it, I notice that my scalp condition improved and my hair fall also seem very minimal. Overall, I found this as a good product and worthwhile to try it.

    109. Mandy Ng @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome product. Smells good and smooth hair.

    110. James Lim @SAMPLESTORE

      This hair shampoo is very effective. Upon application, you can immediately smell the thick herbal smell which inspires upmost confidence in the shampoo.

    111. Desmond Chong

      This is my second purchase and I feel that this is the best investment in my hair. It’s is very refreshing yet not overbearing! Recommended for a good scalp day!

    112. Nigel De Rozario

      Scalp feels better after first try. Smells great too

    113. Jia Zhang

      Like the scent and a good shampoo. Able to keep my scalp clean.

    114. FooSHuang @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome product. After trying this product, I really like it. I will recommend it to my friends.

    115. Fong Sook Han @SAMPLESTORE

      Very good product. The shampoo is effective to remove excess impurities on the scalp and make the scalp cooling and clean!

    116. Mandy Ng @SAMPLESTORE

      Excellent product. My hair become healthier and smoothly after my daily wash.

    117. Adrian Chow @SAMPLESTORE

      Right amount of foam and very refreshing after usage.

    118. Erica Joo @SAMPLESTORE

      Very good. This shampoo cleans very well, and it leaves behind a very minty and cooling effect after usage.

    119. Katherine Tan @SAMPLESTORE

      Light minty sensation. Feel very refreshing after the hair wash.

    120. Mark Ronson @SAMPLESTORE

      Scalp feels clean and refresh. Generous amount of samples! Shampoo and jelly! Scalp feels clean and love the scent! Jelly surprisingly yummy!

    121. Tan @SAMPLESTORE

      Cooling feel, improves scalp health, prevents disorders.

    122. Samuel @SAMPLESTORE

      Love the product. This shampoo really helps to clean my scalp properly. Hair feels refreshed after wash.

    123. Tan YiJing

      Hair feels good after usage.

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