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    Are Scalp Treatments Worth It? We Break Down Everything You’ve ever wanted to Know about Scalp Care

    Sitting on the chair at a hair salon and dreading the moment you get accosted to sign up for a scalp treatment package? We feel you! However, what exactly is a scalp treatment? Is it just glorified conditioner? What does your scalp actually need to be treated for? Beauty Insider breaks down the myths and the facts of scalp treatments and how they help you care for your scalp!

    What Does a Scalp Treatment Do?

    A good scalp treatment starts off with a scalp massage which is not just relaxing but has been proven to stimulate hair growth. Scalp treatments unclog hair pores, and help the increment of natural oils to condition and strengthen hair. It also helps stimulate blood circulation which is vital in pumping nutrients essential for hair growth. Overall, the benefits of a scalp treatment extend far beyond making the hair look nice after the hair salon! It actually extends the lifespan of healthy hair!

    In Asian hair, specifically, genes and lifestyle can affect hair growth. Compared to Caucasian hair, Asian hair only allows for 3 to 6 strands of hair follicle growth per pore. This results in thinner hair and more obvious hair loss with ageing. Not only that styling products or even your hair dryer can also affect hair health. Hair products such as dry shampoo, mousse or styling creams clog pores and affect the scalp in the long run. Regularly getting a scalp treatment helps to reverse these negative effects and maintain a healthy scalp!

    How Often should You get a Scalp Treatment?

    If you are suffering from any extreme scalp conditions such as flaky scalp, dandruff, very dry and brittle hair or a damaged scalp; it is advised to get a scalp treatment as regularly as once a week. For the rest of us, once or twice a month is optimal. It regulates conditions such as mild dandruff or oily hair.

    Who should get a Scalp Treatment?

    Everyone! No matter your hair routine at home, nothing beats a proper cleansing, scan and scalp massage done by professionals. It is important to get your scalp checked regularly to maintain healthy hair in the long run! Lifestyle habits such as a high-sodium diet, smoking or not washing your hair regularly can impact the health of your scalp. So unless you’ve won the genetic gene pool- we suggest getting one regularly!

    What Scalp Treatment should I get?

    In Singapore, most people suffer from oily scalp. This happens when scalp is not exfoliated or washed thoroughly. Much like the skin, clogged pores prevent strong hair growth which can wrongly lead to a dry hair diagnosis. When this happens, dandruff can become a common symptom and a nightmare to deal with. Introducing PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT).

    Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT)

    If you are experiencing any one of these scalp concerns:

    • Dandruff
    • Dry scalp
    • Sensitive scalp
    • Oily scalp with acne

    These typical scalp concerns can be quickly resolved with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s Advance Scalp Repair Treatment. PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s has revolutionised scalp care by targeting scalp concerns that are frequently faced by Singaporeans. No more shame needed when it comes to dandruff or oily hair. This trichologist-developed treatment resolves scalp disorders to promote consistent, healthy hair growth. It is formulated using high concentrations of botanical essences and can repair the scalp effectively in 90 mins, the perfect fix to a lifetime of problems!

    What is Included in the Scalp Treatment?


    A Consultation with a Hair Expert

    Every scalp treatment with PHS HAIRSCIENCE begins with a scalp scan and a detailed history on lifestyle and hair history. This way, they can accurately diagnose & customise your scalp concerns and you are on your way to healthier hair!

    A Relaxing Massage


    This helps promote blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth. It also helps to relax you and prep the scalp for the next step.

    Hydro Cleansing


    Similar to a skincare regimen, it is important to thoroughly cleanse your scalp before beginning any repair. Most shampoos are not equipped to get beyond the most superficial surface of the scalp. Hence, a scalp treatment is vital in ensuring that the scalp is clean and healthy.

    Scalp Mask


    A Scalp Mask is applied to nourish the scalp. It allows nutrients to directly penetrate the scalp does promoting hair growth and stabilising hair and scalp condition in the long run.

    MI Infared Machine with Micro Current


    Light therapy has proven to be extremely effective with a variety of scalp treatments. It helps improve blood circulation, promotes hair growth, removes bacteria and slows down hair loss. The microcurrent helps to stimulate growth and aids the penetration of nutrients to penetrate deep into the scalp.

    Scalp Serum


    The serum is applied with an acupressure massage which helps the serum target the hair follicles from the root to the ends. This ensures maximum scalp rejuvenation and promotes long term hair growth and scalp care solutions.


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    Article originally by Beauty Insider

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