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    Postnatal Hair Loss


    Embarking on motherhood brings a myriad of changes, not least among them is the challenge of postnatal hair loss. Understanding this phenomenon and finding effective solutions is crucial for new mothers.


    The Science of Postnatal Hair Loss:

    After childbirth, women often experience significant hair shedding due to hormonal fluctuations. This phase, known as telogen effluvium, can be distressing but is usually temporary. It’s essential to understand the biological factors at play to address the issue effectively.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Solutions:

    At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, we offer a range of products tailored for postnatal hair recovery. These include nutrient-rich shampoos, conditioners, and treatments designed to strengthen hair, support regrowth, and nourish the scalp.


    FEM Fortify Shampoo: Specifically targets hair fall in postnatal phases, enriched with botanical essences.

    ADV Nutrition Conditioner: Enhances hair resilience, providing essential hydration and nutrients.

    Lifestyle Adjustments for Hair Health:

    Beyond topical treatments, lifestyle factors play a significant role in hair health. Balanced nutrition, adequate hydration, stress management, and proper sleep are crucial for optimal hair recovery post-pregnancy.



    Navigating postnatal hair loss is a journey of understanding and care. With PHS HAIRSCIENCE products and a holistic approach to lifestyle, new mothers can effectively manage this challenge and maintain healthy, vibrant hair.

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