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    Hair Loss in College: Tips for Students

    College life is an exciting and transformative period, but it can also be a time of stress, change, and new challenges. Amid the coursework, social activities, and newfound independence, some students may experience unexpected hair loss. In this article, we will explore the causes of hair loss in college students and provide essential information to help them understand and manage this concern. Additionally, we will introduce you to PHS Hairscience and encourage students to consider the first trial treatment for healthier hair.


    Common Causes of Hair Loss in College

    Hair loss in college students can be attributed to various factors:

    1. Stress and Academic Pressure

    The demands of coursework, exams, and the transition to college life can lead to high stress levels, which, in turn, may contribute to hair thinning or shedding.

    1. Poor Nutrition

    Irregular eating habits, reliance on fast food, and skipping meals are common among college students. Nutritional deficiencies can affect hair health.

    1. Lifestyle Changes

    College often brings lifestyle changes, including inadequate sleep patterns, increased alcohol consumption, and smoking—all of which can impact hair.

    1. Tight Hairstyles and Hair Treatments

    Some students may experiment with tight hairstyles or hair treatments, leading to hair breakage and damage.

    1. Hormonal Changes

    The college years coincide with hormonal changes, which can influence hair growth and quality.

    Tips for Students Coping with Hair Loss in College

    For college students experiencing hair loss, here are some practical steps to consider:

    1. Stress Management

    Incorporate stress reduction techniques into your routine, such as mindfulness, exercise, or meditation, to minimise the impact of academic pressure on your hair.

    1. Balanced Diet

    Prioritise a balanced diet with adequate vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in biotin, iron, and protein support hair health.

    1. Healthy Lifestyle

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular sleep, limited alcohol consumption, and avoidance of smoking, all of which can positively influence hair quality.

    1. Gentle Hair Care

    Adopt a gentle hair care routine, including the use of mild shampoos and avoiding tight hairstyles or hair treatments that may cause damage.

    Seeking Help from PHS Hairscience and Considering a First Trial Treatment

    If you’re a college student facing hair loss challenges and need professional guidance, we can provide assistance. Consider their first trial treatment to address your concerns and explore hair restoration solutions.


    The college experience is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and learning. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential hair loss issues and take steps to address them proactively. By following the tips provided in this article and considering professional guidance from us, college students can focus on their studies and enjoy healthier, more vibrant hair.

    If you are currently dealing with hair loss as a college student or if you’re concerned about its impact on your college experience, take the first step towards healthier hair by trying out our first trial treatment here. Your college years should be memorable for all the right reasons—start your journey to healthier locks today.

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