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    Hairstyles for Your Face Shape 2024 (Male Version)

    Every man must have pondered this question before visiting the barber or looking at some stylish men’s hairstyles: “What haircut is right for me?” Even a short hairstyle has many varied options, such as the fade, crew cut, pompadour, bob, or the 2 block cut (Korean style).


    Hairstyles for Men on Various Face Shapes

    Regardless of the shape of your face, the flattering hairstyles can be used to accentuate your best features, while hiding the ones you don’t like. Additionally, you can find the female version here. To give you an idea, we’ve gathered some celebrity-inspired and highly flattering hairstyles that may spark some inspiration.



    • Broad forehead.
    • Narrower cheekbones.
    • Round, tapering jawline.

    Examples: Rm(BTS), D.O.(EXO), S.Coups(Seventeen) and Baekhyun(EXO).

    Men Hairstyle Oval Face Shape


    • A tall, rectangular face with rounded corners.
    • Forehead is broad but similar size to cheekbones and jawline.

    Examples: Sehun(EXO), J-hope(BTS), Shownu(MonstaX) and Jinjin(Astro).

    Men Hairstyle Long Face Shape



    • Circular and wide cheekbones.
    • Cheekbones are larger than forehead and jawline.
    • Angle of the jaw is soft and less defined.

    Examples: Jungkook(BTS), Jun(Seventeen), Huening Kai(TXT) and Suga(BTS).

    Men Hairstyle Round Face Shape



    • Jawline stronger than cheekbones.
    • Smaller but relatively broad forehead.
    • Pointed chin.

    Examples: Jimin(BTS), Taeyong(NCT), Jae(Day6) and Jinyoung(GOT7).

    Men Hairstyle Triangle Face Shape



    • Face is wide at all points.
    • Broad forehead.
    • Strong cheekbones.
    • Angular jaw.

    Examples: Vernon(Seventeen), Kai(Exo), Jackson(GOT7) and Suho(EXO).

    Men Hairstyle Square Face Shape



    • Broad shoulders.
    • Rounded cheekbones that slope down to a small chin.
    • Widow’s peak.

    Examples: Hyunjin(Stray Kidz), Rowoon(SF9), Felix(Stray Kidz) and Jookyun(MonstaX).

    Men Hairstyle Heart Face Shape



    • Narrow forehead and chin.
    • Strong cheekbones.

    Examples: Taehyung(BTS), Lucas(NCT), Eunwoo(Astro) and T.O.P(BigBang).

    Men Hairstyle Diamond Face Shape


    Regardless of face shapes, these hairstyles obviously only work if you have a full head of hair. If you think you may be experiencing hair loss, we can help.

    Similar to adjusting hair styles for different head shapes, individuals can address hair loss in various ways. We’re throwing in a complimentary scalp analysis for everyone that books an appointment through this link here.

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