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    hair growth shampoo for men

    Everything You Need to Know About Our Proprietary Patent 5 Complex

    You’ve heard plenty about the high concentration of plant stem cells and botanical essences that we use to make our products so effective. Today, we’re talking about our superhero ingredient, the first-of-its-kind Patent 5 Complex, which is also the backbone of all our scalp care products, such as FEM and HOM Fortify hair loss shampoos and Fortify hair growth tonics. This is all thanks to the ingredient complex’s multi-faceted approach to restoring and maintaining perfect scalp health.

    PHS Hairscience Patent 5 Complex

    To break it down, Patent 5 Complex is an intricate blend of Angelica Dahurica Root, Chinese Cucumber Root, Marsh Parsley Root, Japanese Honey Locust Fruit and Adzuki Bean. Individually, these ingredients have tonnes of wonderful benefits on their own. However, it’s when you synergise them into a single ingredient complex that that magic really happens. By combining these ingredients using scientific methods and in very specific ways, you draw out the best of each ingredient, enhance existing benefits, and create new, unique properties.

    With Patent 5 Complex, our team of biochemists, trichologists and hair experts has worked relentlessly to create a powerhouse ingredient complex that boasts four important benefits for achieving perfect scalp health.

    Long, beautiful shiny hair

    The Way To Healthy Scalp

    • Purify – Natural cleansing and gentle exfoliating properties help to purify scalp skin, keeping it refreshed and free of unhealthy build-up.
    • Stimulate – The unique blend boosts blood circulation, which in turn improves the delivery of important nutrients to the hair bulb, as well as eliminate harmful toxins from the scalp.
    • Restore – By regulating sebum production and improving moisture retention capabilities, natural scalp balance is restored.
    • Protect – Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents, together with powerful antioxidants, keep the scalp protected from damage.

    Patent 5 Complex can be found in our superstar product ADV Elixir for weekly scalp exfoliation, as well as in the scalp shampoos and tonics of the following ranges: ADV Nutrition, FEM/HOM Fortify, ADV Purify, ADV Soothe and AGE Defy. Healthy Scalp, Happy Hair. Experience perfect scalp health today!

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