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Causes and Cure of Dry Scalp

Causes and Cure of Dry Scalp

Many people face public embarrassment due to dandruff flakes on their hair and clothes. A dry scalp can also trigger hair loss and cause dull and lifeless hair. A number of factors, including stress and poor nourishment can be responsible for making your scalp dry and flaky. Early scalp treatment can save your hair from irreversible damage. To know what causes dry scalp and how you can cure it, read on.

What causes a dry and itchy scalp?

Over shampooing can make your hair dull and dry. More importantly, avoid alcohol-based shampoos and opt for botanical products. Here are the three most common causes of dry scalp:

1. Seborrheic dermatitis

This includes itching, flaking and redness of the scalp. It commonly leads to dandruff and hair fall. The causes of seborrheic dermatitis include oily skin, stress, and medical conditions, including genetic problems. However, scalp treatment for seborrheic dermatitis is different from that for dry scalp caused by less oil production.

2. Eczema

More common in children and infants, the cause of eczema is not known. It is believed that poor nutrition causes eczema. In this condition, the scalp develops flakes and itchiness. Eczema of the scalp can be controlled by resisting the urge to scratch and by avoiding the use of harsh shampoos.

3. Scalp psoriasis

This is caused by a reaction on the part of the body's immune system, where too many skin cells grow on the scalp. Scalp psoriasis also causes itching and flaking, and ultimately, dandruff. Use a relieving product, like the ADV Soothe Shampoo to soothe and treat your scalp.

For severe conditions, do not hesitate to seek professional scalp treatment, such as PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advance Scalp Repair Treatment

How to cure a dry scalp?

If you have developed scalp dryness only recently, proper scalp care at home and a good diet diet can help. In case of heavy dandruff and serious dryness, consulting a trichologist is advisable.

1. Deep conditioning

Deep treatments can be carried out with the consumption of protein and nutrient rich foods like eggs. Mix two egg yolks with two teaspoons of olive oil, and add water. Apply to hair and rinse with warm water. Avocados, mayonnaise, and aloe vera can also be used. Hot oil treatments can also be used to lend suppleness and bounce to dry and brittle hair.

2. Proper scalp treatment

Dry scalp and hair is caused over a long period of depriving your hair from nutrients. Proper scalp treatment can go a long way in ensuring a problem-free scalp. PHS HAIRSCIENCE provides hair treatments at our outlets and dedicated experts for proper diagnosis and restorative therapy. The DSR Program is a special customized program tailored to your individual problem and concern.

3. Diet essentials

Ensure that you're eating enough vitamins B6 and B12 by including supplements like selenium, zinc, and flaxseed oil. Too much of sugar can also lead to a dry scalp, so stay clear of candies and desserts. Avoid eating too much of spices and increase omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Don’t forget sufficient intake of water, an essential for a healthy scalp and a healthy body!

Book an appointment at any of our outlets for scalp and hair repair treatments that can give your hair the extra boost it requires.

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