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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Dandruff a common hair problem

    It can happen to anyone and everyone, which can be seriously disturbing. Itching in front of people can be embarrassing but you have no other choice. Did you avoid wearing black for fear that the dandruff is too visible on your shoulders? In leisure time, have you been scraping out dirt from under your nails? If you agree with any or all of these points, you must have been a serious victim to dandruff.

    I’m sure you must have tried a few Inflamed Scalp Treatments and remedies to get rid of the situation but with little or no success. We will discuss some important things about dandruff in this article. It might change the way you look at the problem and may give you a better solution to deal with it.

    Self-Treatment for Dandruff

    Before we head to the main discussion, you should know that in many cases, home remedies may not be the solution. Regardless of whether or not you can deal with the situation yourself, you should always consult a hair expert. PHS HAIRSCIENCE® in Singapore offers some amazing services through experienced professionals that can answer all your questions regarding hair treatments.

    A Common Misconception

    You will find a lot of people talking about different causes of dandruff and how severe they can be to our hair health. Here are some of the most common agents which are considered as causes of dandruff.

    • Dry or dirty scalps
    • Oily scalp
    • Stress
    • Cold weather

    First off, let me break it to you. None of these are actual causes of dandruff. In fact, they all contribute to the problem getting severer with time.

    What’s the cause then

    When you go to a Hair Spa and ask a professional about the cause, they will generally come up with one answer. Malassezia, a yeast-like fungus is known to cause dandruff in our scalps. It is actually a part of our scalp and in normal conditions it is a contributor to a healthy skin.

    However, as it feeds off the oil from the follicles, it can sometimes grow uncontrollably. Hence the scalp tries to maintain the balance by shedding more skin cells than normal. Dandruff is produced as a result.

    Treating Dandruff

    If the situation gets too serious and you experience too much dandruff, it is suggested to seek help from professionals. There are more ways for scalp treatment than you might think. We, at PHS HAIRSCIENCE®, offer reliable scalp treatment, including a proper hair spa to take care of this issue.

    After you reserved your place for our exclusive dandruff treatment, follow these instructions for maximum protection:

      • Use Coconut Oil:

    Coconut oil acts as a great anti-fungal which works well against dandruff too. Using coconut oil once a day will have great effects on your scalp and in time, your scalp will experience difference in the amount of dandruff

      • Avoid Heat:

    Dry skin is not a direct cause but it can certainly contribute to increase dandruff. Hence, it is better to avoid hot showers and blow drying your skin. We suggest you take cold showers to eliminate any chances of dandruff

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