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Why Your Hair Might Be Turning Dull and Dry


Have you ever felt like your hair started turning dry and dull? Well, it’s quite a common problem these days and mostly faced by the working class. All of a sudden, you start feeling that heaviness and scratchy feeling in your scalp.

Dull and dry hair is a common hair problem that persists in both men and women.

Before we Proceed!

Just before we jump to the discussion about causes of dry hair, you should know that these causes can be both external as well as internal. The environment can take a toll on your health as well as your personal health and what you eat can affect the quality of your hair too!

Too Much Styling

Hair styling is an important aspect of our grooming today. Many are now dare devils when it comes to trying out new colors and unconventional hairstyles. If you fall in the category of such people, you might need to revisit your hair care habits.

Hair styling treatments such as straightening, perming, curling, streaking etc. can be pleasing to the eyes but in the long run, they tend to dry out your hair because these processes sometimes involve heating. Hence, you might need to reduce the frequency of daily styling or at least consult your hair stylist before a major hair revamp.

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An internal cause of dry hair is malnutrition. When your hair do not get enough nutrients to keep them sufficiently moisturised, they will turn dry and ultimately break. It may not just be due to a lack in diet, it could also be the consumption of unhealthy food such as fast food and spices in a larger quantity.

Our Beloved Environment

It’s pointless to discuss the pollution and dust in our surroundings these days. It is probably the biggest external factor that turns your hair dry. Heat from the sun, dry winds and smoke can be damaging to your hair taking away all the moisture and leaving your scalp dry.

Some Remedies

While the external agents can cause your hair to dry out, there are some simple remedies to get moisture back to your scalp.

Frequent Oiling

Just as oils are good for moisturizing the skin, oils are essential in maintaining a healthy scalp too. It will moisturize your scalp and hence restore the lost amount of hydration, especially in extreme weathers.

Yogurt and Mayonnaise

Yogurt and Mayonnaise have a cooling effect on your scalp. Hence they also moisturize and nourish your skin.

Internal Remedies

Your diet is also a good exponent in helping you restore moisture scalp. Some health diets that increase moisture in the scalp are given below:

  • Protein diets such as milk, eggs, fish etc.
  • Eating Iron rich veggies such as spinach, broccoli etc.

Try these remedies for your dry and dull hair fix. However, these tips and tricks will take time to have an effect so patience and constant maintenance is key. Select products specially developed for your hair condition. Check out our hair care products specially formulated for dry and dull hair here.