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Why is Benzophenone Bad for the Hair?


It’s important to consider not only the brand you’re using, but also the ingredients contained. Did you know that many commercial brands include ingredients such as benzophenone that will eventually strip your hair of moisture, breakdown hair proteins and lead to severe damage?

Benzophenones have been used as UV blockers and photosensitizers in skincare and hair products, for years now. Essentially, they act as product protectants in these products. However, this seemingly harmless chemical poses a number of health risks, in addition to scalp problems. Here’s several reasons why you should prevent using Benzophenones based products.


Benzophenone-3, also known as oxybenzone, and Benzophenone-4, are common ingredients found in sunscreens. When used in hair products, these substances penetrate the scalp and lead to increased photosensitivity. Benzophenone-3 can also cause production of free radicals and attack the DNA followed by fat and protein damage.

Shampooing daily to get rid of an excessively oily scalp not only dries out the scalp but increases the intake of benzophenones. Instead, try visiting a trichologist and seek proper treatment for your oily scalp.

Absorption in the skin

Concerns also exist regarding the absorption of benzophenones in the human body. In a study conducted, volunteers applied products with benzophenones and gave urine samples five days later and results showed that benzophenones can get absorbed through the scalp as the chemicals were found in the urine sample.

Studies on much larger scales have also revealed the same. One of the shampoo of itchy scalp is the ADV Purifying Scalp Cleanser which contains anti-dandruff ingredients like salicylic acid and natural extracts and is free of benzophenone which is harmless to the scalp.

Skin irritation

Benzophenone is commonly found in products that require topical application. As a result, it can trigger scalp irritation, premature

Signs of Hair and Scalp Aging and How to Deal with Them, and even cancer. Skin irritation from benzophenone includes swelling, redness, itching, and blisters. Cases of even anaphylaxis have been reported.

Risks to reproductive health

Several studies have pointed out the negative effects of benzophenone are not restricted to the scalp and hair. Higher levels of benzophenones in males can make it difficult for couples trying to conceive. Benzophenone also mimics the activity of estrogen, increasing the chances of breast cancer.

Benzophenone-free products to use?

Be it sunscreen or anti-dandruff shampoo; make sure it is free of benzophenones at all costs. PHS Hairscience, a premium trichology brand and hair spa based in Singapore, has recognized these harmful ingredients and made it a point to only formulate treatment and products that are safe and effective. For instance, the home care product ranges are enhanced with all natural powerful plants botanicals to provide intense hydration and treats the condition while protecting the scalp which user can use with a peace of mind. Do shop away at their e-store now!