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Why are Parabens Bad for Hair?


Parabens are a common category of preservatives used in cosmetics and hair care products. Compared to other, safer alternatives, they are cheaper, and mimic anti-microbial agents in plants. However, they also have the ability to mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. Research has found that parabens and mineral oil may cause considerable damage to the hair and scalp. Today, there are many other safer alternatives to such ingredients. If you are buying hair care products like argan oil for your hair, make sure it is paraben-free. To know more about the danger Parabens cause to hair, read on.

Risks associated with Parabens

Parabens are supposed to inhibit microbial growth in common cosmetic products like lotions, creams, scalp cleansers and so on. However, they may also disrupt the normal hormonal cycle of the body. As mentioned above, parabens can mimic estrogen and reduce the production of this important hormone in women. This increases the risk of breast cancer. Parabens are being suspected to be the cause of early puberty in girls as well.

Parabens are easily absorbed through the skin. It is due to this reason that they can harm the scalp, which is an extension of the skin. In a recent study, parabens were found in the urine and blood of healthy males after using paraben-based products. Using products containing parabens may also cause low sperm count and testicular cancer.

Avoid parabens and mineral oils in hair products

Until it is proved that parabens provide effective protection against microbes while protecting the hair, it is better to avoid them. Hair products also contain mineral oil, which contains carcinogens and clogs the pores. Mineral oil is an outdated moisturizing alternative, which actually increases the risk of breakouts. PHS Hairscience offers salon-quality anti-dandruff products and nourishing products without parabens and mineral oils. They are also free of cruelty products and Benzophenones.

Parabens are hard to spot

A lot of the risk associated with parabens is that they are found under a range of compound names. Some commonly found parabens are butylparabens, propylparabens and methylparabens. However, they are also often mentioned on product bottles as Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates. Experts suggest that it is better to look for safer alternatives than stop using paraben-based alternatives altogether.

Products used in oily scalp treatment are prone to micro-organism growth and scalp infection. Choose the Shampoo for Itchy Scalp like ADV Purifying Cleanser to normalize oil production on the scalp. It contains herb extracts and is free of parabens and mineral oil.

Other dangerous ingredients in common hair products

Benzophenones are another commonly used ingredient in hair products. They can cause scalp irritation, premature scalp aging and even cancers. Benzophenones can also damage the fats and proteins of the cells. Coal tar dyes and colorants should also be avoided.

For the hair and scalp, it is best to use natural ingredient based treatments and products approved by a certified trichologist. Argan oil is a safe alternative to mineral oil based moisturizers and surfactant-heavy shampoos. You can also purchase hair products from PHS Hairscience, which abstains from using all harmful ingredients like parabens and mineral oil. Make a safer and better choice starting from today!