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These Products will be Your Hair-saver



About a third of the Singapore population suffers hair loss arising from dandruff. Many may not know, but most of us do not have normal hair and scalp conditions. Read here about the most common problems, its symptoms and some products that will save your hair and scalp.

For oily scalps

People living in hot and humid climates are vulnerable to developing an oily scalp. Oily skin and scalp can be hereditary as well. The symptoms of an oily scalp are noticeable by greasy and flat, limp hair. Oily scalp conditions can give rise to dandruff, which is characterized by itchiness, redness and white skin flakes.

Frequent shampooing may only solve the problem temporarily, and even worsen it in the long term as the scalp is stripped off its natural oils. To rectify this, go for scalp treatments targeted for oily scalp.

Choose products that normalize sebum release along with fighting and preventing dandruff. Shampoo for Itchy Scalp such as ADV Purifying Cleanser uses botanical extracts to balance the scalp’s oil production. The ADV Purifying tonic has antimicrobial properties which help in treating itchiness and infection.

For sensitive scalps

sensitive scalp is characterized by irritation or redness on the scalp. Constant itching is also a sign of a highly sensitive scalp. The causes have been found to be linked to a weakened defense system. Stress, environmental factors, seasonal changes and physiology, too contribute to a sensitive scalp.

Mild shampoos should be used for sensitive scalps. Experts are of the opinion that seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis can also cause scalp sensitivity. Use gentle products with botanical extracts. The ADV Soothing Cleanser from PHS Hairscience contains menthol to soothe itchiness, redness and scalp sensitivity.

For hair loss

The symptoms of hair loss range from thinning hair and gradually receding hairlines, to hair disappearing from the scalp in patches. Excessive physical stress for the follicles causes traction alopecia, apart from certain other causes. Dandruff and heavy hair fall also cause hair loss over a period of time.

The products you use should be formulated to strengthen hair follicles. Complete care, from the roots to the tips, is required. HOM Hair Loss Shampoo is a hair growth stimulant for men. Women can go for the FEM Hair Loss Shampoo, formulated specially for women suffering from hair loss.

For dandruff

Dandruff starts off with normal flaking, triggered by product buildup, stress, and styling treatments. An overtly oily or dry scalp can also cause dandruff. Symptoms of dandruff include small, white scabs of skin in the hair or on the shoulders. Dandruff may also get aggravated with seasonal changes.

The best products for dandruff are those that regulate skin cell turnover and normalize oil production. The ADV Purifying Cleanser provides quick relief from dandruff. The ADV Purifying Tonic is an award-winning anti-dandruff tonic formulated with botanical extracts. If you have dandruff, make sure your hair products are free of mineral oil and colorants.