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Six Top Tips that Help Get Rid of Dandruff


More than 50% of the world’s population is affected by dandruff, which can be defined as a skin disorder that is linked to a proliferation of lipophilic yeasts of the genus malassezia. In many cases, dandruff is a skin condition that does not require visiting a doctor because there are plenty of options that aid in targeting dandruff. At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, we are the experts who can treat dandruff thus seeing a dermatologist is not required.

Cause of dandruff

  • Not shampooing your hair properly – If you do not properly cleanse your scalp, oil and dead skins cell will build up overtime and cause dandruff.
  • Oily or irritated skin – This is another result of not washing the scalp properly, causing dandruff when skin cells build up.
  • Dry skin – If your scalp is not properly moisturised, your skin may dry up and cause dandruff-like flakes to develop.
  • Sensitivity to certain hair products – Certain people may be sensitive to different components found in hair care products and this can cause redness and an itchy scalp.

Getting rid of dandruff

1. Drink plenty of water

When your body does not contain enough water in its system, the skin becomes dry, making it highly recommended for us to drink a recommended amount of water. Drinking at least 1 litre of water per day prevents dryness of the scalp and can improve your overall health.

2. Fight Bacteria

Opt for treatment products that contain anti bacterial properties, which helps in preventing dandruff. A good treatment can kill bacteria or any sort of fungus that is responsible for dandruff.

We suggest the ADV Purify range, a trichologist-certified formulation made with gentle botanical goodness.

3. Food rich in Omega

When you add omega 3 foods in your diet, it keeps the skin hydrated and reduces dandruff. Foods that fall into the omega 3 categories include chia seeds and fresh salmon.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Products that are rich in aloe vera repair damaged skins as well as soothe it. When used often, aloe vera rich products can stop itching on the scalp. This may then help some people to find relief from itchiness caused by the presence of dandruff.

5. Probiotics

As a poor diet may cause dandruff, eating probiotics that can keep your digestive system healthy may resolve the issue. Your overall health and most importantly your scalp will be healthier too.

6. Relaxing

Things like stress, depression and anxiety can cause irritation on the skin, especially at the scalp area. You should then pay close attention to any changes in the condition of your skin and manage issues by adopting stress reduction techniques and behaviours like yoga.

However, if you are searching for a better solution, you should certainly try PHS Hairscience Anti-Dandruff Intensive Treatment to resolve even the most troubling dandruff issues. With consistent treatment, dandruff can not only be prevented but also eliminated. Be on your way to happy, healthy hair days!