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Signs of Hair and Scalp Aging and How to Deal with Them


Anti-aging beauty products and treatments are often focused only on skin. However, healthy, exuberant hair is equally important for looking and feeling young! Hair aging is a process where the hair begins to lose its quality, such as brittle hair or greying. Hormonal changes often bring about hair aging, especially in females.

Even if your hair isn’t going grey yet, you need to be on your guard and take preventive measures, just as you would with anti-aging skin care. Here are some common signs of hair and scalp aging and some tips on how to deal with them.

Hair going grey

Grey hair is evidence enough to show that your hair and scalp are aging. Generally, you witness grey hair in your early 30s. However, it is important to take scalp treatment early. When the body ages, there is a loss of pigment. By the time you reach 50, more than 50% of your hair is grey.

Grey hair generally depends on stress and lifestyle patterns. As the scalp ages 12 times faster than our body skin, we advocate prevention to delay signs of greying.

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Loss of volume

Volume loss is characterized by hair falling flat on the head. It starts off with hair fall and decreased volume of hair. Visible scalp can damage your self-esteem.

If your hair has less volume, blow-dry it differently for more bounce. You can also try changing your haircut. However, it is better to go for professional scalp treatment. PHS Hairscience provides DSR Program for damaged and aging hair.

Dryness and lifelessness

With time, the oil-producing capacity of the oil glands decreases where oil stops travelling down the hair shaft efficiently. The hair, as a result, becomes a lot drier. Heat styling and lack of proper washing can aggravate dryness and even give rise to more serious problems.

If you can’t oil your hair regularly, use moisturizing products. The AVD Argan Oil Shampoo provides much-needed nutrition and moisture to the scalp.

Loss of elasticity

This is also a result of less moisture. Dry hair turns to brittle when you use chemical products and constantly subject it to bleaching, straightening and other treatments. Brittleness is observed also in graying hair. It is difficult to manage and is a clear sign of an aging scalp.

Consuming more vitamins can help in dealing with brittleness. Biotin and silica are said to strengthen collagen and promote hair growth.


It is said that losing about 100 strands of hair a day is normal. However, an aging scalp replaces lost hair slowly. This causes hair thinning. In men, hair loss commonly happens on the top of the temples. In women, menopausal and hormonal complications cause hair to undergo thinning.

Avoid over-layered haircuts. It is necessary to cleanse the hair regularly. The FEM Hair Loss Shampoo works successfully to combat hair loss in women. PHS Hairscience provides ageing scalp treatment customized to your requirement. The process starts with primary cleansing. It is followed by restoration of melanin and elimination of free radicals. Book your appointment now!