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    HOM Thickening Shampoo


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    Specially formulated for men to combat severe hair loss and thinning. This scalp cleanser is a powerful blend of active botanicals and complexes that work together with a synergistic blend of amino acids to promote a healthy scalp for a fuller and thicker hair growth

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    New Look! Same Effective Formula for Hair Growth and Thickening

    Created for men to combat severe hair loss and thinning, this scalp shampoo and cleanser is a powerful blend of active botanicals and complexes that work to promote healthy hair growth while invigorating and densifying new hair follicles as they grow. It also blocks DHT formation to prevent hair loss. Comes in 200ml

    • Promotes healthy hair growth
    • Blocks DHT formation
    • Invigorates and densifies new follicles for thicker, stronger hair
    • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

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    Key Ingredients:

    Botanical 20 Complex

    • Maximises nutrient supply to scalp
    • Promotes scalp circulation

    17 Amino Acids

    • Strengthens hair follicles to support healthy hair growth
    • Strengthens hair strands

    Tomato Stem Cells

    • Improves hair resilience
    • Rich moisturising properties

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ HOM Thickening Shampoo Daily Regime

    1. Start your hair cleansing routine with ADV Nutrition Shampoo, followed by the HOM Thickening Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. You may choose to follow up with the HOM Fortify Tonic that delivers vital nutrients to nourish your hair roots and block DHT formation.
    3. Finish off with the HOM Stem C Growth Activator and the HOM Stem C Ampoule – a treatment that activates new hair growth using patented cell signalling technology.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ HOM Thickening Shampoo Weekly Treatment

    On a weekly basis, take time to indulge and pamper your hair and scalp by:

    1. Exfoliating your scalp with the ADV Elixir to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.
    2. Hydrating and nourishing your scalp with the ADV Soothe Scalp Mask to reduce inflammation and relieve itch.

    Total 30 reviews for HOM Thickening Shampoo

    1. Bloody

      My hairfall reduced quite significantly after using the product for a week. Recommended.

    2. William78

      The shampoo is very refreshing and rich in lather which I really like especially after a long day. The result is not visible yet as just tried for a week but I notice less hair fall from the 8th day onwards.

    3. aditya

      I have used this Shampoo for a week, daily and I can feel that my scalp health is better. The fragrance of Shampoo is mild and very nice. Hair feels smooth after shampooing. Waiting to see the thickness in hair which is the main feature of this product, but seems it will take time for results to show.

    4. IceMD

      Usually skeptical of hair loss shampoo claims. However this did improve my hair loss situation. Feels cool and clean on scalp just enough lather that feels thick on hair. Can just visibly see my hair maintaining whatever little fullness it still has after a week. Less hair clogging up the drains as well.

    5. ykc5020

      Tried the shampoo for 1 week. Appreciate the refreshing smell, but frankly speaking don’t really appear to increase the hair volume significantly, but did notice lesser hair fall after shampooing. Texture of the hair also improve..Maybe it takes longer to see the effect?

    6. Jwongzy

      Shampoo is runny but has good lather and hair feels clean after but not too drying. Refreshing smell with herbal hints. Overall after using for 1 week I do feel my hair being healthier, there’s lesser hair fall and hair feels stronger. Would definitely give this product a chance for a longer period of time to confirm the results.

    7. fz.rh

      Quite amazed by the result. In just 1 week my hair becomes less oily and started ro see hair growth on certain areas.

    8. markgktan

      This is a powerful shampoo which quickly reduces oily scalp and promote hair growth. It also rejuvenates each hair root to tip giving it more strength and volume!!!

    9. Lioneltoh

      Feeling good hair day everyday after wash. Fuller in volume and smells good.

    10. cooldriver

      This is a shampoo which I can feel some effects after a few days of usage. After prolonged use I believe it will help to volumise and densify my hair.

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