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    ADV Repair Shampoo


    (53 customer reviews)

    Delicate shampoo that cleanses effectively without drying out hair and prevents further damage and breakage.



    Suitable For:

    Severely Damaged by Chemical Processes

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    This delicate shampoo cleanses effectively without drying out hair and prevents further damage and breakage. Hair is infused with much-needed moisture, sealing hair cuticles to leave hair looking healthy and smooth. Comes in 200ml.

    • Delicate cleanser for extremely damaged, brittle hair
    • Repairs, hydrates and fortifies weakened and damaged hair strands
    • Protects hair from breakage and further damage
    • Leaves hair looking healthy and smooth

    Prefer to get professional advice and treatment from our experienced consultants? Visit us at any of our outlets here.

    Key Ingredients:

    Pure Argan Oil

    • Deeply penetrates and hydrate hair strands
    • Protects against UV stress and pollutants

    Bixa Orellana Seed Oil

    • Strengthens hair strands
    • Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

    Aloe Barbadensis Extract

    • Improves hair elasticity
    • Smoothens hair

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Repair Shampoo Daily Regime

    1. Start your hair cleansing routine by doing a double cleanse with ADV Nutrition Shampoo and ADV Repair Shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.
    2. Follow up with the ADV Repair Conditioner to moisturize the hair. Apply on to damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
    3. Finish off the regime with the ADV Repair Hair Essence – a reparative leave-in treatment that restores hair elasticity and strength.







    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Repair Shampoo Weekly Treatment

    On a weekly basis, take time to indulge and pamper your hair and scalp by:

    1. Exfoliating your scalp with the ADV Elixir to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.
    2. Nourishing your hair with the ADV Repair Hair Mask for highly restorative hair treatment to repair and nourish weakened and severely damaged hair. Apply a generous amount on washed and towel-dried hair. Massage into hair through the lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp. Leave on 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use at least once a week.

    Total 53 reviews for ADV Repair Shampoo

    1. Greknic

      My hair use to be very frizzy and untameable after shampoo. Everytime I comb my hair a whole handful of hair will break off. The drain will be filled – it is very scary. But after using PHS my hair is more manageable and there is less hair fall. Even when combing there are less tangles. The scent is very pleasing too.

    2. jacqtanmarco

      Have tried the shampoo for a couple of days and it didn’t weigh the hair down. It was light and I could feel my hair getting tamed after each use.

    3. Skinlover

      The product is a little bit thicker then most shampoos but it lathers really well. Not drying for my coloured bleached hair.

    4. Priyar

      Love the texture of the shampoo. It foams up pretty well so you only need a little. Smells amazing and so far my hair feels smooth and light.

    5. Zling77

      I have sensitive and dry hair. After using, it did not make my scalp itchy and my hair feels softer than usual. Highly recommend.

    6. Kailin_chang

      The shampoo is abit rich, easy to lather and provide some smoothness to hair texture. Good for those with dry but not oily scalp. Liked the fragrance though.

    7. bubuvickie

      This is an awesome gentle – possibly moisturizing – shampoo. I’ve got color + chemically treated hair and I use this shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t noticed any weighing down or buildup and I’ve been using it for about a month. In fact my hair’s never been in such great condition.

    8. Rockxanne

      The texture is great not oily. Easy to wash off and yet does not leave your hair dry. My hair and scalp feels clean and not clogged. My hair seemed softer and subsequent use would make your hair less frizzy. Other than the pricing it is a great product!

    9. Shweta201

      I have super frizzy and wavy hair to the extent that I wake up with dreadlocks every morning. I have used the Shampoo twice and feel my hair is bit more manageable but I guess it will take a lot more rounds of use to actually see the difference.

    10. Xshervx

      I heard the rave about this product before I tried. Was skeptical at first but it proved me wrong. Hair is smooth already after shampooing. Hair becomes light and manageable after each use. Definitely recommended.

    11. 2minutedate

      This product smells so good! And the smell last in Singapore weather (if you know what I mean) cause usually the scent will just go away after awhile in the heat. But this lasted. Combined with the conditioner. My hair has never felt this smooth and easy to style even the next day. My hair also felt healthier. Will definitely recommend to friends.

    12. Joey_Lim

      My hair become more smooth than before after using the shampoo and conditioner. It seems more shinier than before.

    13. Huiyixx

      First of all the box smells SO GOOD when I opened it. It’s like I stepped into a salon. Second, upon usage my scalp feels fresh and cleansed and it effectively cleans and refreshes my hair. Is great for colored hair as well. Would definitely repurchase this is a great brand.

    14. michellengyuxin

      Not mind blowing. Works like any normal shampoo and conditioner. Absolutely love the fragrance of it which is rather long lasting!

    15. FarahSarmani

      Although it didn’t do much for my oily scalp my hair is not as dry and brittle as it used to be and there was a huge difference in hair loss. Hair is soft and smooth. There is a noticeable shine on my hair and head feels very light. Shampoo lathers very well a little goes a long way. Overall very pleased with shampoo.

    16. JennyAnatashiha

      Def worth buying and I love the scent of the shampoo though it is best to go with the conditioner too. My hair becomes more manageable and not dry.

    17. sunflowertan

      Highly recommended shampoo it did repair my dry and brittle hair as well as very mild on the scalp. Is a creamy liquid apply a little water and the foam is very mild. I have super oily scalp and super dry hair. After washing, my scalp is not oily the next day yet my hair remained bouncy. I like the smell of the shampoo. Would use this shampoo for the long term.

    18. Teddy cookies

      After using the shampoo feel my scalp is more cleaner and hair is easier to manage as compare previously. The shampoo also comes with a pleasant smell. So far I enjoyed the usage of this shampoo.

    19. whyjay

      Finally get to try the PHS Hairscience Repair shampoo and conditioner set! The floral scent from the shampoo is very light and nice. After using them I feel that my hair is smoother. Will recommend you guys to try it!! 👍👍👍

    20. Shoppingcharlyn

      I have been using this shampoo together with the conditioner. I don’t need too much and it can lather my whole head. I like the scent which is pleasant and not overwhelming. Although it is for damaged hair the shampoo makes my hair feel lighter with a cleansed scalp. My hair looks bouncy throughout the day even when I am out under the hot sun.

    21. mskoh1

      The shampoo has a really nice and light floral scent to it. It foams up easily and does not over dry the scalp and hair. Hair feels softer and smoother after using this product!

    22. nadiakua

      This shampoo lathers nicely into the hair and cleanses the scalp without drying it out. My hair smells amazing too.

    23. Weinisi

      The shampoo and conditioner really work like magic. My hair is less tangled than before. Even on the next day after I woke up my hair is still not tangled. Before I started using the Repair range, My hair is so tangle up that I need to spend 5 to 10 mins to untangle them. Now when I slide my finger through there is no tangled hair.

    24. Seialeir

      I love the consistency of this shampoo – it’s thick to the point of stickiness making dispensing from the bottle a bit difficult but love how this shampoo cleans without stripping and how it lathers up so nicely. Because you’re using lesser product than you usually would I think it’s part of why your hair is moisturised. I prefer this over the conditioner.

    25. Singhneha327

      Can feel the difference after using it a few times hair looks and feel smoother and moisturized. And not to forget it smells amazing.

    26. jowyn61

      My hair was bleached and coloured. Nice to try the ADV Repair shampoo and hair conditioner. Love the smell of shampoo and feel smooth and refreshing for my hair… protect my hair from dryness and repair my hair.

    27. Urbanette

      I’ve been having frizzy ends from a bad perm and it helped reduce the frizz. My hair feels stronger and healthier. The scent is lovely and I really enjoyed using the shampoo!

    28. realme

      I often say my hair has a life of its own as it is frizzy and dry. With PHS Hairscience ADV Repair Shampoo and Conditioner my hair has become a lot smoother and more manageable. Also after having two kids not sure if it is due to hormonal change my scalp has become a lot more sensitive. I get psoarisis break out with a lot of mainstream hair products. This surprisingly worked well with my scalp. No itch or build up of product on my scalp.

    29. Oliva

      Can feel the difference after using it a few times, hair looks and feel smoother and moisturized.

    30. nutkraker

      Overall a decent product. I have very damaged hair thanks to years of bleaching and colouring it plus I already had dry hair to begin with. This shampoo was surprisingly easy to massage into wet hair and scalp and when I rinsed it my hair didn’t get too tangled. It also had a nice texture and smell to it. My hair was rather easy to style the next day.

    31. JasminWishes

      Super in love with the shampoo. Smells sweet and floral. After shampoo felt my hair softer and smoother. Less frizzy and tamed hair.

    32. Slpingstarz

      Love how smooth my hair ends are after just 1 wash. The scent is very lasting too ! Its easy to lather up too!

    33. Cljh23

      The shampoo smell great! The shampoo helps to smooth my hair! My hair became less tangled and dry. It definitely helps me to hydrate and moisturise my hair.

    34. cheyser_naie5f31003a6d90f

      This shampoo is great. My scalp feels refreshed and well cleansed. My hair looks healthier and soft. Nice smell and did a great job to soften my dry hair.

    35. rburlaos424

      I instantly fell in love with this product. My hair is severely damage; brittle tangled split-end and frizzy hair. The first day I tried this I can already see the effectiveness. My scalp is more refreshed and my hair has loosened to a smooth and relaxed hair and also it just smells sooo good.

    36. Paperger

      I’ve been using this for a week with its conditioner. To my surprise it works very well for my hair. My hair looks healthier feels soft and smooth. I am really impressed. Thumbs up!

    37. icybirdy

      Been using it for a week now. After using it for a while it seems to help a little with hair loss but not sure if it’s placebo effect. However there wasn’t much difference to my hair texture after blow drying. Will continue to monitor after more uses. But one thing I love is the fragrance of both shampoo and conditioner!

    38. Soulflycindy

      The scents of shampoo are really nice. I like it that after the 1st wash with the condition my hair are less frizzy.

    39. Iris Li

      I have fine and frizzy hair thus I decided to go ahead and try this shampoo. The texture is different from other brands of shampoo. After application I can feel that my hair is coated with a layer that makes it so smooth that I don’t even have to use hair straightener the next day. I will definitely order it again 🙂

    40. Nicky

      My split ends is resolved and hair no longer break that easier after using the repair shampoo.

    41. sephanie.chan5d48bc8315f72

      Love the smell of the shampoo. Using on its own maybe a bit drying but ok when use together with conditioner.

    42. donutella

      The shampoo had a creamy lotion-like consistency but lathered up easily. It was gentle on my bleached hair. My hair felt smooth and light after the shampoo.

    43. Candyval24

      First time trying this product and am very happy to see the results. My severely damaged hair was tamed on first use. A little drying but after using together with the conditioner it was so easy to manage and less brittle. Will keep using.

    44. dwsh

      The shampoo scent was amazing even before opening the product for use it leaves a subtle fragrance on hair. Personally felt that it’s not easy to lather the shampoo and my hair actually felt even drier than before washing my hair. However it did help to reduce the amount of hair dropping by a little.

    45. mrschoo2009

      What I love about this shampoo is it really lathers well so you don’t really have to use alot. It has quite nice scent too. I felt that my scalp was less itchy and really well cleansed. Would definitely get another set of this.

    46. Lavonnewee

      Thick shampoo and do not lather up that easily like those cheap mass brand shampoo. 1st wash do not feel it is nourishing maybe too gentle but since I am on a mission I religiously used it for 7 days. I am pleasantly surprise after 4 washes. My hair felt softer and yet scalp is not oily. I have colored hair and most shampoo tangles up my hair. My hair is long and I have the habit of double washing in our humid and terrible weather and therefore the product will not last me as long. No major sweet repulsive scent really acceptable.

    47. nachoskia

      Texture abit too thick and makes dispensing very difficult. Will need quite a fair bit for my long hair as it is abit creamy. Works ok for my permed hair. At least does not tangle up my hair after washing.

    48. xiu.qing

      Love the fragrance of the shampoo. After using it for days together with the conditioner, hair felt alot smoother and healthier!

    49. Angelatyl

      Might be my personal preference. But there’s not much foam despite I squeezing out quite a generous amount of shampoo. Kinda feels it dries my hair too. Pleasant scent though.

    50. shc

      After using a few times my hair became smooth and moisturised. It resolved my split ends problem and my hair looks healthy. Also the shampoo smells good.

    51. cherryripe

      This lathers up nicely and the smell is a luxurious gentle scent. The shampoo really cleanses your hair without stripping it dry and the scalp feels good and clean.

    52. eueileen

      Recently my hair is always tangled into knots and look very messy. After just one use of the #phsrepair range (shampoo and conditioner) I really feel the difference on the texture of my hair. The refreshed, relaxed smooth flowing and nice smelling hair that I miss so much. I can feel that some of the tangled up knots have loosen and texture of my hair is softer also. Even my husband can see the difference.

    53. yiijiia

      The smell of the shampoo is really fragrant. The shampoo is in very thick consistency so a small amount is enough even for my long hair. Personally feel that when washing my hair it feels a bit dry as I see a lot of my hair fall but after using the conditioner my hair feels a lot smoother & tangle-free. The smell is also very lasting.

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