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    ADV Purify Shampoo 200ml


    (207 customer reviews)

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    🌟UPGRADED FORMULA powered by ProLac P3® which supports cell’s innate power for cellular renewal

    A powerful sebum and dirt remover shampoo that deep-cleanses the scalp to unclog hair follicles on a daily basis.

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    🌟UPGRADED FORMULA, powered by ProLac P3® which supports cell’s innate power for cellular renewal

    This gentle shampoo for dandruff-prone and oily scalp purifies the scalp by eliminating dandruff flakes and removing excess sebum, thoroughly refreshing and reinvigorating the scalp while leaving the hair squeaky clean.

    The calming formula also soothes itching and irritation that result from dandruff. Comes in 200ml.

    • Balances scalp sebum
    • Provides long-lasting sebum control throughout the day and maintain a fresh and oil-free feel
    • Purifies and detoxifies to remove impurities, excess oil and product buildup

    Pair this with our ADV Nutrition Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse as part of your daily 3-step hair regime. Follow up with the ADV Nutrition Conditioner to moisturise the hair. Lastly, finish off the regime with the ADV Purify Tonic for a healthy and regulated scalp care treatment.

    Prefer to get professional advice and treatment from our experienced consultants? Visit us at any of our outlets here.

    Key Ingredients

    1. Climbazole
    • Remove impurities, excess oil, and product buildup
    • Prevent the recurrence of fungal-related scalp conditions
    • Anti-fungal and rebalance scalp microflora .

    2. Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract

    • Neutralize free radicals and prevent damage to hair follicles
    • Balance sebum production
    • Improve overall scalp health

    3. Tea Tree Leaf Extract

    • Keep scalp clean
    • Anti-fungal properties controls dandruff formation while reducing flakes & itch

    Contains: Korean Botanical Essences | No Harmful Additives | Hypoallergenic Formulation

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourant

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.

    Total 207 reviews for ADV Purify Shampoo 200ml

    1. Emee Ting

      often get scalp acne due to my oily scalp. realise it got better after using this shampoo and the daily essence. it controls sebum on my scalp and is less oily now. highly recommend!

    2. Beatrice Koh

      i alternate using this shampoo vs my usual leftover shampoo and i can tell on the days where i use adv purify to wash my hair, it is less oily. intend to use this daily moving forward. highly recommend for people who is facing oily/sensitive scalp. love the minty feeling.

    3. edwin fang

      bought this for my husband to use and his initial reaction was that he doesnt need such a good shampoo for his oily scalp. but after using it for 1 week daily, he was impressed by it. he told me his scalp no longer gets oily as easily as before. guess i need to continue to purchase this for him then. highly recommend!

    4. Michelle Chye

      definitely my go-to solution for a refreshed scalp and clean hair. This shampoo effectively regulates oil production and reduces dandruff, leaving my scalp feeling balanced and healthy.

    5. Lauren S

      As someone with sensitive skin, finding a shampoo that effectively cleanses my scalp without causing irritation has been a challenge. This shampoo is a game-changer! It gently removes buildup and excess oil, leaving my scalp feeling clean and refreshed. My hair feels softer and more manageable with each use. Highly recommend!

    6. Alex tham

      ADV Purify Shampoo has been the holygrail for my oily scalp. This shampoo effectively removes excess oil and impurities (impt for guys especially lol), and at the same time, my scalp feels moisturised. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in scalp irritation and dandruff since I started using it. Plus, the refreshing scent leaves my hair feeling clean and revitalised. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with oily scalp issues!

    7. josephine foo

      This shampoo is amazing! Controls oiliness and leaves hair super soft. Love that it’s sulfate and paraben-free. Smells great too. Highly recommend for oily scalp issues.

    8. christal

      Works well for oily scalp. Lathers nicely and only requires about 2 pumps. Reduced dandruff, which is a win. Overall, a good choice for keeping scalp healthy.

    9. Jasmine Teo

      My go-to shampoo now! Clears buildup without drying out my hair. Leaves it feeling light, clean, and smelling great. Perfect for daily use.

    10. jenny

      love to alternate this with adv nutrition as it really moisturise and control the sebum produced on my scalp. it lathers well and love the minty feeling on scalp. scalp feels clean too!

    11. Tania Tan

      it doesnt only improved on the scalp, sebum production but also the overall hair texture. im genuinely surprised by this shampoo. smells really good too. good buy!

    12. eileen quek

      easy to lather and keeps scalp from becoming too oily! Recently introduced to my husband to use as well since he has oily scalp too. He love it too! Can totally tell the difference from using this shampoo vs the old shampoo that he was using.

    13. Vera Wong

      Love this shampoo alot because it doesn’t feels “squeaky clean” that makes your scalp super dry and itchy. Tried so many different brand and this is the only one that feels different. my scalp always feels clean yet moisturised. Dont get oily as quickly too!

    14. Cass Teo

      Love the botanical floral scent and the minty feel when washing my head. For oily scalp people like myself, it feels really refresh and clean!

    15. Kim @Clozette

      Super menthol-ly and refreshing!

    16. Charme Yan @Clozette

      The scent was refreshing and it was not drying on my scalp and hair!

    17. Claire @Clozette

      Shampoo is refreshing and leave a cleansed feeling

    18. Stella @Clozette

      Very similar to the Nutrition shampoo, it feels refreshing and able to keep my oily scalp at bay.

    19. Aimee @Clozette

      Natural scent . Scalp feels clean and purified .

    20. Sin @Clozette

      Minty and refreshing. Pores unclogged and scalp feels squeaky clean after use

    21. Qifang @Clozette

      It has a woody herby smell and is very good at clarifying and removing the oil from my scalp!

    22. Huixian @Clozette

      The hair and feels smoother and the scalp feels clean after use

    23. KylieRicheFTW @Clozette

      It feels comfortable. The herbal smell soothes my scalp

    24. Angel @Clozette

      Scent is natural . Feels botanical. Comfortable feeling. Scalp feels very cleansed and clean yet not drying.

    25. Tracy @Clozette

      Love it! It lathers easily, has a slight cooling sensation and is accompanied with a refreshing scent.

    26. A @Clozette

      Menthol forward scent, lathers really well and scalp feels really clean

    27. LT @Clozette

      Minty, mild herbal fragrance. Lathers well.

    28. L @Clozette

      The shampoo lathers extremely well without needing much product. Smells amazing even after long hours

    29. Serene @Clozette

      After applying the shampoo on, my scalp feels really cooling. Feels like doing hair treatment in those hair salons. Smell okay.

    30. Shu @Clozette

      light texture with herbal smell

    31. No @Clozette

      It’s cleanse very hair very clean. My scalp feel less sensitive n itchy after using it.

    32. Lawrence @Clozette

      It really makes your hair and scalp look cleaner and fresher

    33. Si Min @Clozette

      Similar to the ADV Nutrition Shampoo, smells like menthol and feels really cooling and relaxing on my scalp.

    34. Winnie @Clozette

      Very powerful, can remove all the dirt

    35. Tingtingz @Clozette

      It has a nice refreshing scent, like lemon drops. It lathers very well and makes my scalp tingle. My hair feels squeaky clean after using it

    36. Bit @Clozette

      Very much the same experience with the Nutrition Shampoo.

    37. Annette Mango @Clozette

      Lightly scented, easy to lather, very refreshing and cooling on the scalp

    38. Energy_girl @Clozette

      It also smells and feels neutral and natural

    39. Jed @Clozette

      Has menthol effect. The refreshing feeling stays even after shower

    40. Amber @Clozette

      Clean and mild smell

    41. WK @Clozette

      The shampoo lathers well and smell nice. My hair feels smooth and clean after the wash.

    42. Karen @Clozette

      Smells good, easily foams up and can clean the hair well

    43. Miso Udonn @Clozette

      It has the same refreshing citrus feel and a slight menthol sensation the more I work on the scalp.

    44. Syaz @Clozette

      Makes my hair feel extra clean and removes sebum residue on my scalp. Smells fresh

    45. Phine @Clozette

      Smells orangey/fruity but in a subtle and mild way. Leaves scalp feeling refresh and clean!

    46. Zstc @Clozette

      It intensifies the cooling sensation on my scalp!

    47. JK @Clozette

      Mild and smoothing smell.

    48. Rash287 @Clozette

      The purify shampoo makes it feel so clean as it removes all dirt and oil from scalp

    49. Clolover @Clozette

      Scalp feels cleansed and hair feels smooth

    50. PT @Clozette

      Love the tingly sensation after you rinse off with water

    51. Shong @Clozette

      The smell of the shampoo is very therapeutic and it has a very nice icy feeling after rinsing. I feel that my scalp and hair is thoroughly cleansed and feel super good and energised after the shampooing

    52. Jacqueline @Clozette

      Minty fresh

    53. Teresa @Clozette

      light and foamy with a clear after wash feel

    54. Larina @Clozette

      I like the smell and texture

    55. Jan S @Clozette

      The shampoo lathers well and smells minty fresh. Feel invigorating on the scalp and cleans the hair thoroughly.

    56. Ksy @Clozette

      Hair feels clean, smell is pleasant, did not irritate scalp

    57. Diyana @Clozette

      My scalps feel so clean & rejuvenated

    58. Pam @Clozette

      It smells and feels minty that is gentle and feels refreshing on the scalp.

    59. Bel @Clozette

      It feels like a good cleansing foam and I am comforted that the dirt in my hair is removed.

    60. Ferlyn Tan @Clozette

      Oh gosh, amazing texture and really feels very cleanse and helps my scalp to be not oily!

    61. Grace Yeo @Clozette

      It feels light and airy. My hair feels weightless after using it!

    62. Ivy Lim @Clozette

      It smell mint and scalp feels instantly icy cool during application with lots of foam.

    63. Winky @Clozette

      The ADV Purify Shampoo cleans my scalp really well, my scalp feels lighter after use

    64. Hazel @Clozette

      So clean and not drying at all

    65. doLdoL

      Feels light and pleasant on my scalp

    66. Goh BK

      Smooth and refreshing

    67. Moonshadow @Clozette

      Cool and comfortable!

    68. Germaine @Clozette

      Generally easy to lather . Smell is acceptable

    69. Yuzhi

      Surprisingly the smell is acceptable and it gives a smooth feel

    70. Michelle @Clozette

      It feels like my scalp went through a really nice detox without my natural hair oils being stripped off. Bonus points for the light citrusy scent!

    71. BK Ch’ng @Clozette

      It make my scalp cleaner and my hair soft and lighter.

    72. DNg @Clozette

      It’s very refreshing and smells good, I like how it cleanse my hair and scalp thoroughly and feel light after washing

    73. Jenxel @Clozette

      Feels like my scalp has detoxed and free from clogged follicles.

    74. Miki @Clozette

      It smells like sweet and feels good on my scalp

    75. Hazel @Clozette

      minty freshness, able to clean my scalp thoroughly.

    76. Boey @Clozette

      The shampoo is effective to remove excess impurities on the scalp and make the scalp cooling and clean!

    77. Lyn @Clozette

      Hair feels light and clean. Smells great. Scalp is refreshed!

    78. Fiona @Clozette

      Soothing, slightly herbal that is not overwhelming! Relaxing somehow

    79. Veve @Clozette

      Herbal scent, scalp feels cleaner with every scrub & it detangles as well!

    80. Winter @Clozette

      Light texture that smells delightful

    81. Cass @Clozette

      The ADV Purify shampoo has a pleasant & subtle herbal scent. It lathers easily, even more than the ADV Nutrition shampoo. It also rinses off easily & doesn’t feel heavy on my fine hair. My scalp feels very clean & refreshed after using this. There’s also a slight minty & tingling feeling on my scalp, which lingers for a short while even after rinsing the shampoo off.

    82. Cheryl @Clozette

      Really love the menthol and refreshing feeling these shampoos from PHS leaves my hair feeling

    83. Shannon @Clozette

      Feels refreshing

    84. Rachel Tan @Clozette

      Similar smell to the ADV nutrition shampoo. Hair feels clean after shampoo

    85. Jojo @Clozette

      The smell is alright, but the scalp feels clean after washing.

    86. Rae @Clozette

      It lathers up really well, leaving a nice icy feel on my scalp. Super relaxing!

    87. jialijace @Clozette

      Cooling sensation on my scalp and after this step, my hair totally feels sebum free.

    88. Peggy @Clozette

      Cooling and clean feel on scalp after use! Smells awesome!

    89. Byanyname @Clozette

      ADV Purify has no overpowering smell, feels moisturing and less drying

    90. Agnes @Clozette

      Medicated, refreshing, cleansing

    91. Sunshine @Clozette

      The purify shampoo feels cool and clean. Lightweight in texture. Smells pleasant.

    92. Christine Toh @Clozette

      Smell is fresh, feels light

    93. Ting @Clozette

      Lovely smell & small amount required!

    94. Originalsin @Clozette

      It feels refreshing and the shampoo is washed away easily

    95. Janetw @Clozette

      It works into a creamy lather and is tingly on my scalp.

    96. Geoz88 @Clozette

      I love the cooling sensation and how it restores my scalp to optimum form.

    97. Geoz88 @Clozette

      Moisturise with botanical essences that helps unclog pores and neutralise the scalp.

    98. Emma @Clozette

      Scalp feels deeply-cleansed

    99. SERENE TEA

      Makes my scalp feel really clean without drying. Scent is mild and refreshing. Good product!

    100. Catherine Tan

      I had been changing several shampoos for my son after he complains of itchy scalp and had dandruff flakes.. None worked until I tried this! Finally, he remarked that it doesn’t itch anymore after using this. Great product, nice smell and highly recommend!

    101. Shesay @Clozette

      The scent is sweet and minty. I love that the light shampoo texture makes my hair and scalp feels clean yet not drying after wash

    102. sandra @Clozette

      It cleanse my scalp leaving it purified and clean

    103. Rachg @Clozette

      Smells ‘nutritious’ for my hair

    104. Hanna @SAMPLESTORE

      I tried the shampoo after teaching two back to back yoga classes. My scalp was dry and also irritated from the sweat. The first reaction I had when I opened the bottle was the pleasant scent of Jasmine and Green Tea. No artificial perfume smell. Also, unlike many products available in the market, which are watered down, the shampoo is concentrated. After lathering and washing off, I applied the condition on my hair tips. Like the shampoo, it didnt have the strong musty scent. I also like that

    105. Kiyoko Yasuda @SAMPLESTORE

      Now I can wear black without any worries!
      My hair felt lighter and running through my hair with just my fingers felt really nice. The fragrance felt like those expensive medical grade hair care products. Not to mention, I’ve been wearing my black outfits without feeling any anxiety.

    106. Gladys Ho @SAMPLESTORE

      Scalp feels refreshed after trying the sample. Calms and relieves scalp itching too

    107. Ong @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying out this product, it was good and nice. It have clean the scalp as well.


      After trying out the product, it was good as it calms and relieves scalp itching.

    109. Saya Teh @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome product! PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV PURIFY RANGE makes my scalp healthy and calm.

    110. Tan Bee Hwee @SAMPLESTORE

      The product is effective in removing dandruff. You won’t see the flaking anymore.

    111. Misaki @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying the shampoo, my hair feels refresh and it leaves a great scent behind. My scalp no longer feels very oily, may consider switching products.

    112. Samantha Lee @SAMPLESTORE

      Refreshing and cleanses well without over drying the scalp. Would recommend!

    113. Samten @SAMPLESTORE

      PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Purify Shampoo and Tonic. Smell is nice but the price a little too high. Will consider if only have discount.

    114. Sara Teng @SAMPLESTORE

      Makes my hair healthier then before!

    115. Tan SP @SAMPLESTORE

      That helps to normalise the scalp s natural sebum production to prevent greasiness. Reduces the rate at which dead skin cells on the scalp flake.

    116. Cyzheng @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying the product, it is pretty good. however, it is rather expensive.

    117. Ong CK @SAMPLESTORE

      Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Natural sebum production to prevent greasiness.

    118. honey lim @SAMPLESTORE

      Love the scent of the shampoo. I love the cooling sensation on my scalp. Very calming. So good!
      After using PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range my hair situation improve tremendously. BYE-BYE to oily scalp. I am super amazed with the products. Definitely, I will use it everyday from today onward.

    119. Queenie Foo @SAMPLESTORE

      Its a great daily shampoo that removes sebum clogs and dandruff. It helps to rebalance and refresh my scalp making my scalp and hair feels refreshing after every wash!

    120. Tan Siaw Hiang @SAMPLESTORE

      Fantastic products to be hunted down by relatives and friends!

    121. Saja Teh @SAMPLESTORE

      Helps to make my hair and scalp clean.

    122. Ong TY @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying this product, improves enhance nutrient delivery to hair roots, remove some dandruff and sebum clogs


      After trying out the product, it was good. As it clean the hair well.

    124. Alexis @SAMPLESTORE

      I like the product. It is gentle and helps to remove dandruff and sebum clogs.

    125. Sabaria @SAMPLESTORE

      Removes dandruff very well without drying the hair.

    126. Glenda Heng @SAMPLESTORE

      Prevents dandruff and greasy odours. Removes sebum clogs and dandruff flakes Heals and strengthens hair follicles.

    127. Dil Skarsgård @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome shampoo with nice scent. Scalp feels clean and rejuvenated! Lovely!

    128. ZH Wang @SAMPLESTORE

      This is a gentle combination that purifies the scalp by removing dandruff flakes.

    129. Han @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying out this product, it was good and nice. It have calms and relieves scalp itching. Remove dandruff and sebum clogs.

    130. Regina @SAMPLESTORE

      Love this product! First use and my hair is smooth and shiny! Recommend!

    131. Regina @SAMPLESTORE

      Really nice smelling, and my hair feels cleaner indeed after using just once!

    132. nurina @SAMPLESTORE

      It does relieves the itches on the scalp and removes dandruff.

    133. Jeslyne Soh Hui Loon @SAMPLESTORE

      I have only used this product for weeks, and I see a difference in my scalp. This might just be the PERFECT RANGE that you re looking for if you have oily and Troubled scalp just like me!

    134. Wennie @SAMPLESTORE

      Good. Nice.

    135. Angelique @SAMPLESTORE

      Very nice! After trying this product, it really helps to remove the dandruff and sebum clog. The smell is okay.

    136. Irah Kamal @SAMPLESTORE

      With this product, it makes hair not tangle easily no matter how much the wind blows and leaves it detangled.

    137. Stephany Lim Sze Ling @SAMPLESTORE

      Hair didn t feel as greasy as before, scalp feels healthier.
      Scalp feels clean after use.. I didn t have dandruff but sometimes have itchy scalp. Relives the itch after use Because the scalp is not itchy, it lessen hair fall and result is quite obvious

    138. Lucas En Er @SAMPLESTORE

      Makes my hair more healthier then before as I have many outdoor activities.

    139. Jason Teo @SAMPLESTORE

      PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV PURIFY RANGE suits my thiny hair and make my scalp healthy!


      Scalp and hair felt clean and refreshed after washing with the shampoo. It doesn’t irritate.

    141. Mandy Ng @SAMPLESTORE

      I can felt my hair not loss a lot and my scalp not itchy especially during hot day.

    142. Mumtaj Begum Haja @SAMPLESTORE

      Same smell as the rest of the collection. Does not make my hair dry after using.

    143. Yee Zo Yeo @SAMPLESTORE

      It is gentle and purifying to my scalp, I love the smell as well.

    144. Bee Kuan @SAMPLESTORE

      A gentle scalp cleanser purifies the scalp by removing dandruff flakes and sebum clogs, leaving it thoroughly refreshed and reinvigorated. The calming formula also soothes itching and irritation that result from dandruff.

    145. Julie @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying out the product, it was good as it clean the scalp well.

    146. Edmund Chuang @SAMPLESTORE

      After using product, feels fresh and clean. The after effect is good. My hair not that oily anymore.

    147. Chloe @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying the product, it leaves my scalp feeling refreshed.

    148. Safia @SAMPLESTORE

      Does not dry my scalp but removes dandruff effectively.

    149. Hong Anni @SAMPLESTORE

      Gentle smell.
      The product has a pleasant smell and scalp feels comfortable after use.

    150. Andrew @SAMPLESTORE

      Enjoy using this awesome hair product. Helps control my hair situation. Relief itch too.

    151. Jonathan @SAMPLESTORE

      Really nice smelling, and my hair feels smooth indeed after using just once! Recommend!

    152. Angqi Lai @SAMPLESTORE

      Love the smell and cool feeling. Had a hard time to login and redemption. Keeping for the service.

    153. tan siew hoon @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product will reccomend . Clean well and moisturizing

    154. Shweta @SAMPLESTORE

      This product is a game changer for complicated skin issues. I have got a scaly and dry scalp due my medication and this product helps to clam it down

    155. Lydia Lee @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product! Helps to refresh my scalp and remove my dandruff.

    156. Joanna Huang @SAMPLESTORE

      Awesome products, can’t wait to try it. It’s effective. After using, it refreshed my scalp and relieves the itchiness.

    157. Justina Tan @SAMPLESTORE

      Great product. It keep my hair fresh and not dry up my hair. My hair is not greasy the next day. The tonic calm my scalp and not too strong. Great product to buy.

    158. Serena Goh Liew Choo @SAMPLESTORE

      Gentle to our scalp and helps reblancing and refresh our scalp. Highly recommended.

    159. lee sa @SAMPLESTORE

      Good product, but not suitable for my hair, my hair more dryer than normal.

    160. Angeliae Lye @SAMPLESTORE

      Scalp feel cool and hair feel light after using. Disappointed that this time don’t comes with hair supplements.

    161. Philip Leow @SAMPLESTORE

      I have scalp problem. I tried many shampoo to relief my itchy scalp but this shampoo really cleans my scalp. I love it.

    162. Soh WT @SAMPLESTORE

      Eliminates dandruff causing bacteria, gentle, scalp purifying daily cleanser. Normalises sebum production and reduces flaking

    163. Ric Ong @SAMPLESTORE

      After try this product, have the gentle, scalp purifying and relieves itching.

    164. Mantana Yingyuensook @SAMPLESTORE

      It is a gentle scalp purifying daily cleanser which removes dandruff and sebum clogs.

    165. Yi Chiun Heng @SAMPLESTORE

      Smooth hair smooth scalp hope it improve the hair drop.

    166. choi jung woo @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying this product. I really like it and purchased retail sized product.

    167. Joanna @SAMPLESTORE

      Item received in good condition not yet try Item received in good condition not yet try.

    168. Johnson Teng @SAMPLESTORE

      Calms and relieves scalp itching.

    169. Estherbella @SAMPLESTORE

      Smoothen hair and moisturise. Will recommend and buy.

    170. joeng @SAMPLESTORE

      Creamy lather, easily rinse off. Its gentle and scalp purifying.

    171. Phang @SAMPLESTORE

      The shampoo and tonic are anti inflammatory that calms itchines

    172. Lee Thiam Huat @SAMPLESTORE

      My hair feel so fresh and clean after washed and has a nice smell when it my hair is dry. My hair feel so soft.

    173. Anne Chong @SAMPLESTORE

      Nice fragrance and good bubble but on the expensive side.

    174. Jun Long @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying the product, I can feel a hot sensation on my scalp.

    175. Song Li Siang @SAMPLESTORE

      I like the nice smell and cool effect after washing. It really soothes itching and iritation from my dandruff. Can feel that my hair and scalp is less greasy too. Can feel that my hair fall is lesser too as I do not scatch my scalp that often. Really love it, Would recommend to family and friends.

    176. Yong Gok Chong @SAMPLESTORE

      Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Natural sebum production to prevent greasiness.

    177. Joh @SAMPLESTORE

      The shampoo does not have much lather, which seems to be more natural.

    178. Jippy @SAMPLESTORE

      The product seems to gently cleanse, soothes and refreshes the scalp and hair.

    179. Yi Min Ong @SAMPLESTORE

      Loved this range the most! Hair and scalp feels refreshed each time after using. Will consider buying the full size.

    180. Siew Guek Ong @SAMPLESTORE

      The products are able to removes dandruff effectively and relieves my scalp itchiness.

    181. Hazidah Kasmani @SAMPLESTORE

      After trying for few times my scalp has less dandruff now and not itchy anymore.

    182. Joan Teo @SAMPLESTORE

      First time try use a Korean brand of PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV PURIFY RANGE, so far find this product is good.

    183. Chai Kiuw @SAMPLESTORE

      Like the cool feeling. Nice smell for the shampoo and tonic.

    184. cklow @SAMPLESTORE

      After using, scalp don’t itch that much. Scalp feel less greasy. Easy to use and rinse off too.

    185. shirureyu

      Tested it when I received my free try and review kit. Love the minty smell! Cooling and refreshing. No need to scrub my scalp too hard to get the fresh clean feeling! Will definitely recommend it to my friends!

    186. CamilaFreitas

      I tried those products for a month and I really liked smell and the refreshing felling in my scalp during and after washing my hair. Shampoo is very good for oily scalp, it is really good. Tonic is being hard to notice a difference in dandruff…

    187. Dayne

      I absolutely love the minty and smell of the shampoo. My hair is also softer and smoother after using both the shampoo and the tonic. Highly recommend this product

    188. Superkaye

      Got this product for my husband who has an oily and dandruff-prone scalp. From the first try of the shampoo + tonic, he said that he can already feel the difference between PHS and other cheaper dandruff control products as it instantly helped to control his oily scalp and itchiness. The smell is also quite pleasant compared to his other go-to anti-dandruff products. His hair also appears much smoother after using the tonic. Overall would definitely recommend it for people who are looking for an effective dandruff control shampoo. It’s pretty pricey but since you’d only need a little bit each day and it’s not meant for daily use, it will last you a long time.

    189. Annaling

      The scalp feels less itchy after wash and the shampoo has a pleasant citrus smell. The tonic is absorbed easily by the scalp and hair feels less oily after using both together.

    190. Ctayeh76

      It came in a lovely box! The grapefruit fragrance is refreshing when used. It also keeps scalp feeling clean without being dry. It also has a “cooling” effect on the scalp and that’s great for our warm weather. Surprisingly, it also makes the hair soft. Only down side is that it is pricey.

    191. kavi_harshu

      When I used Shampoo i feel refreshing – cooling effect and smells like lemon…. I had itchy and dandruff scalp.. after using this product my itchiness completely stopped and hope this helps to get rid off dandruff completely soon… Initially I had hair fall after using this shampoo but slowly reduced day by day Tonic is easy to use and also smells like lemon… No oily hair… Easily absorb on scalp…

    192. kimweiqian

      After using the shampoo & tonic, my roots are visibly less oily and my scalp feels cleaner. I can even use the shampoo on it’s own without any conditioner and my hair still feels smooth.

    193. CamilaFreitas

      I tried ADV Purify shampoo and tonic and I liked since first day that I used. Shampoo smells good and I enjoyed the refreshing felling in my scalp during and after wash. I followed instructions and I applied the shampoo twice, for better results, and I really noticed the difference. Tonic is very easy to apply and dry fast. After 2 weeks using both products I feel my scalp much better (I don’t remember the last time that I felt the same). Dandruff was reduced in 95%. I extremely recommend those products!

    194. xluvirisx

      Adore the gorgeous box of surprise. Been using it for 2 weeks before giving a comment. Both the shampoo & tonic gives out a very pleasant minty grapefruit smell. The shampoo leaves the scalp with a cooling sensations. No visible effect on hairfall control.

    195. anneamg0528

      I love the packaging, it came with a nice box full of scented paper-like flower petals. The smell of the shampoo was really good. for the background my hair was dry, frizzy but at the end of the day it will become oily specially on the scalp area that attracts more dirt and made my scalp itchy and noticed some flakes falling off. I used the shampoo and toner for 1 week since I received it and I can say that it really minimizes the sebum to my scalp and flakes reduced. I felt my hair became more soft and fragrance/smell stays longer. Still a bit frizzy but tamed and hair ends sometimes difficult to manage and fly away. Overall, I love it!

    196. Hellosunshine

      Been having oily scalp my whole life and of late, had some scalp pimples due to clogged hair follicles. This product has been helping great, especially the tonic. Definitely will continue using the shampoo and tonic, and would recommend anyone with the same problems to try it too! Price of tonic is a little pricey though but it’s effective 🙂

    197. mab3ru

      It revitalise and rejuvenate scalp, leaving hair static resistant, silky smooth and refresh. My hair isn’t as greasy by end of the day. And love the essential oil alike smell! The cons is that the ADV Purify Tonic is kindof difficult to apply; catch is too tight to press. And price is a little costly! Otherwise its a double Thumbs up!

    198. Melim87

      Really refreshing and cleansing effect is intense! I have oily scalp and dandruff and you can feel the unclogging effect upon application. Very rejuvenating feel As a customer of phs who have yet to try these products, I say give it a go.

    199. LynetteLow

      I have extremely oily scalp. When I use the wrong shampoo, my scalp would normally be oily by mid day and my hair would be extremely flat. After using the PHS HairScience purify shampoo and tonic for the past 1 week, I noticed a huge difference. My scalp is no longer oily. No more flat hair as well. I love the smell of both products and the refreshing feeling after using. Tonic is convenient to use, no messy drips and it absorbs really well. I give it a thumbs up!

    200. Juneteolove

      My hair scalp looks oily usually after half a day and felt itchy sometimes even I wash my hair twice daily. After trying the shampoo for about a week, my hair feel less oily, my shinier & smoother in terms of texture . I could also feel that my scalp is cleanse up and feeling more refreshing. Would strongly recommend to my friends to try PHS range of products as it’s uses lots of herbs products and as it’s really exfoliate the scalp of my hair, allowing it to breathes.

    201. Gohg

      1) Smells like herbal mints. Not medicinal. 2) Cleans without irritation, and no squeaky sensation after wash 3) Noted SLS is 2nd ingredient in shampoo list 4) I visited the counter and was advised by staff not to use Purify range daily as it can be too harsh for sensitive scalp. I didn’t have any adverse reaction to product but do take note of this. 5) Reasonable price range for speciality hair care range – $39 for shampoo and $89 for tonic. Purchased products from other range and I’m very pleased with it so far.

    202. trisahan

      Recommended to others. The smell of shampoo is comforting and relaxing. Feels comfortable on the scalp too. 🙂

    203. nezumi

      It is one of the best hair care I ever use. My hair was so clean and smooth. No bad hair day at all.

    204. Knglina

      Received the full sized purifying shampoo and tonic in a very pretty box. Very impressed with the packaging. Shampoo smells great and the tonic leaves a cool comfortable feel to the scalp. Scalp is less oily after using for about 1 week. However, there doesn’t seem to be decrease in amount of hair dropped after washing. Hair feels softer as well.

    205. Heygal

      Been using the shampoo and tonic for a few days. My scalp is no longer oily and feels refreshed. No more flat hair.

    206. Adam Awyong

      Helps to reduce oil on scalp & hair.

    207. Ivy Chan

      My hair felt lighter on first use with a great lavender smell.

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