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    ADV Colour Care Shampoo


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    A colour hair shampoo that protects and preserves colour vibrance and intensity as it delicately cleanses and nourishes hair strands.



    Suitable For:

    Coloured Hair

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    Prolong hair colour with this protective shampoo, which preserves colour vibrance and intensity as it delicately cleanses and nourishes hair strands. A soothing complex of 6 nutritive botanicals boost moisture to smooth hair cuticle, helping to lock in colour for long-lasting, healthy radiance, wash after wash. Comes in 200ml.

    • Enhances and preserves colour vibrance while prolonging intensity
    • Replaces lost keratin to repair hair strands and maintain hair colour radiance
    • Long-lasting, healthy brilliance wash after wash
    • Prevents colour fading caused by UV exposure

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    Key Ingredients:

    Blue Complex

    • Moisturises dry scalp
    • Enhance scalp health

    17 Amino Acids

    • Strengthens hair follicles to support healthy hair growth
    • Strengthens hair strands

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Wet hair and apply shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Colour Care Shampoo Daily Regime

    1. Start your hair cleansing routine with ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Gently massage into scalp, working up a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly and apply the ADV Colour Care Shampoo for a powerful, non-invasive double cleanse as part of your daily 3-step hair regime
    2. Follow up with the ADV Colour Care Conditioner to moisturise dry and damaged hair. Apply on to damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
    3. Finish off the regime with this ADV Colour Care Rich Hair Mist that to maintain colour radiance and leaves hair naturally voluminous. Shake well before use. Spray mist/fix on towel-dried hair or dry hair from about 12cm away. Comb through hair to distribute evenly. Leave in.






    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Colour Care Shampoo Weekly Treatment

    On a weekly basis, take time to indulge and pamper your hair and scalp by:

    1. Exfoliating your scalp with the ADV Elixir to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.

    Nourishing your hair with the ADV Colour Care Hair Mask that repaires damaged hair cuticles and prolongs colour intensity.

    Total 51 reviews for ADV Colour Care Shampoo

    1. janiceloh

      Foamy, bubbly shampoo. It also has a tangy Citrus smell minty feeling.. colour remains vibrant. I totally love the minty feel as it makes me feel refresh after a tired day.

    2. Poojamuchhal

      The shampoo is amazing which I had not expected to be honest. There’s some cooling sensation when applied which I really liked. The fragrance is also good.

    3. stacey92

      This shampoo smells really great and makes my hair smooth when used with the conditioner. Not sure how the colour care works as I’ve only been using it for a week but will continue using this.

    4. spicyfoodie

      Love the smell so much! Feel so clean after using. Most importantly the shampoo is great at keeping the colour intact and the after feel is smooth. Glad it’s not too drying.

    5. J.Y. Ang

      Switch to the colour care shampoo after I highlighted my hair. Like the refreshing and fruity scent of the shampoo.

    6. sharonfyonne

      I tried the PHS Colour Care shampoo and conditioner for a week. After applying and rinsing off the shampoo my hair is still super soft to touch and it doesn’t have the ‘tangled’ feeling even though I have not put any conditioner not to mention the light fragrance that’s not too overpowering like some other brands. I also love to colour my hair (at least 3 times a year) and the conditioner softens it while keeping the colour vibrant.

    7. TheHayashis

      I love the herbal smell and the easy to apply texture of the shampoo. It feels like a hair spa session. After using it for 2 days the colour of my hair did become brighter again. Yay! However my hair texture is still pretty much the same. Probably need to use for a longer period of time before results can be seen.

    8. ElizaOx

      Into my 4th wash with PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV COLOUR CARE Shampoo & Conditioner. Love the tingling cooling sensation during each wash! Hair smells great and very refreshing not like chemicals laden products. Hair felt smooth and lustrous making each brush more pleasant.

    9. Kathyajuan

      I was first introduced to PHS’ Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioning series after my serve post-partum hair loss. It was so effective in curbing my hair loss problem and I loved the minty sensation after every hair wash which kept me refreshed and awake. I am so glad that this ADV Colour Care Range – coloured shampoo works just as wonderful! I love the fruity scent of the shampoo it’s easy to lather and forms foams quickly for ease of washing. This shampoo deeply cleanse my hair and moistures my dried hair almost instantly. It was superb at preserving the hair colour and keeping the intensity. My damaged hair is now healthy and shiny again kudos to PHS!

    10. monkeyno8

      After trying both shampoo and conditioner concurrently I have noticed my hair is more manageable. While using the shampoo you can feel a cooling minty sensation on the scalp which leaves your head feeling clean and refreshed after the wash.

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