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Saving Your Hair Or Saving Your Money? How Best To Invest In The Right Shampoo This Great Singapore Sale.


saving hair or saving money

Enjoying the Great Singapore Sale so far? With so much advertising and friends recommending good bargains, you have to shop smart. Think about what you really need and compare a product’s quality versus the quantity you can get per dollar. Sometimes, spending less only causes you to benefit less!

Your haircare purchases shouldn’t be compromised by an attractive percentage slash on the price tag. You should consider whether a product is free of harmful chemical compounds, effective in the long-term and suited to your specific hair and scalp type.

To buy or not to buy? What to consider when purchasing hair care products.

Parabens are a common category of preservatives used in hair care products. They mimic anti-microbial agents in plants and, compared to other safer alternatives, they are cheaper. However, they also have the ability to mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. Research has also found that parabens and mineral oil may cause considerable damage to the hair and scalp.

Instead of cutting corners, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® leverages on plant-based, stem-cell culturing technology, research and development. Our products harness powerful nano-size ingredient particles to work in harmony with your body, re-kindling signals that were previously inactive and enabling cells to restore, repair and rejuvenate themselves again for long-lasting effects.

Formulated with more than 50% concentration of prestige botanical essences and stem cells, our shampoos, conditioners, tonics and more are developed by certified trichologists to help you reap the long-term benefits of natural goodness with zero harmful chemical additives.

What’s more, our wide range of distinct products target different hair and scalp conditions from within. You can clearly choose between products for addressing hair-thinning, an aging scalp with greying hair, or to specifically soothe and heal a sensitive scalp at a cellular level.

Your scalp may already be itching for some tender loving care.

Does your scalp often feel tight and itchy, or burn at every touch? You may have a sensitive scalp. Causes may include environmental aggression with changes in the climate, frequent or improperly applied permanent or colour treatments, as well as the use of unsuitable hair care products.

Physiology may also play a role. Stress and tension can also disturb the skin and scalp equilibrium, leading to scalp sensitivity. This not only causes redness and irritation, but also aggravates a loss of collagen which may eventually lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® believes prevention is infinitely better than cure. Build your scalp resistance today for itch-free, healthy hair. With our products, the scalp’s natural defence system is reinforced by the combination of plant extracts recognised for their soothing properties.

saving hair or saving money

Hydrate and relief with the ADV SOOTHE & SOOTHE PLUS range.

Choose the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV SOOTHE & SOOTHE PLUS range to address dry, sensitive and hypersensitive scalps. Proprietary blends harness botanical goodness to regulate sebum (oil) production, restore PH balance and strengthen your scalp’s protective barrier.

  • Rosemary Extract – Hydrates scalp, relieves from tightness and prevents irritations.
  • 38 Botanical Complex – Anti-bacterial and immunity-enhancing properties.
  • Rice Stem Cell – Rich in potent anti-oxidants and provides intensive hydration.
  • Lotus Stem Cell – Tannic acid for anti-flammatory, anti-oxidant, pore tightening, moisturising and soothing effects.

The ADV SOOTHE SHAMPOO has won “Best Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp” at the Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2018. The range, when used in tandem with the ADV NUTRITION range of products, addresses scalp problems in an efficient and efficacious manner.

Moisturise, protect and nourish with the ADV NUTRITION range.

A lack of moisture can cause scalp discomfort, unsightly flaking and may even lead to hair loss. Quench your scalp’s thirst with products with the ADV NUTRITION Bundle Kit. This collection protects and prevents hair follicle blockages while deep cleansing, moisturising and nourishing hair and scalp, restoring vitality from within.

The ADV Nutrition Shampoo has also garnered praise from fashion experts including judges at Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2018 for “Best Deep-Cleansing Shampoo”.

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These deals are indeed a bargain, so choose the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® range that suits your specific hair needs and scalp type. Speak to our trichologist-trained experts to find out which products fit you best.

Remember to shop wisely and maintain a good head (of hair) on your shoulders this Great Singapore Sale!