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Recipes for Healthy Hair


healthy hair recipe

Many believe that long, thick, and luscious hair is a matter of good genes. To a great extent, this is true. However, the kind of food you eat mostly decides how healthy your hair is going to get. If you are undergoing hair loss treatment, it is a great idea to start eating strategically. This involves quitting junk food, and including more fiber, vitamins and fatty acids in your diet. Here are some highly effective recipes containing essential ingredients for healthy hair.

Boiled sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are full of beta carotene, high amounts of vitamin C, iron, copper and protein which are highly important for a healthy scalp on top of helping in hair loss treatment. Boiled sweet potatoes are also an easy and evergreen recipe. Simply fill the vessel to about half its volume and add salt to taste. Bring to a boil and add sweet potatoes. Now, cover the pan and cook for up to 15 minutes, till your sweet potatoes get tender on the outside but harder at the center.

Peppers stuffed with lentils and cashews

Yellow peppers have been found to have more than five times the Vitamin C in oranges. Vitamin C is important as an antioxidant for the hair shaft and follicles. This recipe contains cashew milk and kale, along with lentils, known to be some of the best ever foods for healthy hair. Whisk curry powder into cashew milk and preheat the oven to 350 Celsius. Heat the oil over a medium flame and add onion to it. Add kale, raisins and tomatoes, and then sauté for about 5 minutes. Reduce the flame and add chopped cashews and cashew milk. Stir till the kale and raisins get coated evenly and cook.

Broiled oysters

Any hair loss treatment is incomplete without addressing the deficiency of zinc. 3 ounces of oysters contain 5 times your daily requirement of zinc. To make broiled oysters, take a shallow pan of dimensions 18 X 13 inches. Spread rock salt evenly. Put your oysters, with their shells, over this layer. Evenly sprinkle breadcrumbs and drizzle butter mixture. You can broil for about 5 minutes until the top is evenly browned.

Avocado-berry smoothie

Smoothies are the latest in the list of healthiest foods for your hair. While avocados contain Niacin, almond milk has proteins essential for hair structure, and zinc. Get half a cup of ripe avocados, 2 cups spinach, a cup each of organic raspberries and strawberries, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and 2 cups of almond milk. Blend them all until the mixture is smooth. Niacin helps boost hair strand thickness and strength. Drink this smoothie after your scalp and hair therapy or your daily workout.

Barley-lentil salad with goat cheese

Barley is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, and is rich in zinc. This salad also contains lentils, another essential food for healthy hair. Cook the barley and then drain, running it under cold water so it cools. In another small bowl, beat the oil and lemon juice. Add half a teaspoon of salt and pepper. In two other medium bowls, toss lettuce with lemon, and the barley with lentils, carrot, olives and onion. Sprinkle the barley over the lettuce and add goat cheese. This salad is helpful both in diet management and hair loss treatment.