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    woman with thinning hairline


    Hair loss can leave women feeling discouraged and exposed. Unfortunately, this is getting more common and ladies are experiencing this as early as their mid 20s, with stress, lifestyle habits such as poor diet and lack of exercise contributing to the cause of the problem. A lot of it can be remedied by changing up your hair care routine. Postpartum hair loss or hair loss caused by stress can see a significant improvement with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’S MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Treatment. Beauty Insider reviews this best hair loss treatment in 2020 and explains why it actually works!

    Hair loss treatments are scientifically proven methods developed by Trichologists to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. A normal person sheds between 50 – 100 strands a day. However, the quickest way to notice unusual hair loss is to check your combs, pillows and shower area after combing, sleeping or washing your hair. These can show if the hair is breaking off, dropping from the scalp or dropping off in clumps. All these signs show that premature and unusual hair loss is occurring.

    The main areas where hair can recede is in the hair parting, around the crown of the hair and the two areas by your temples. These occur for both men and women. If you notice bare patches or bald spots, this is indicative of a more serious issue and you should seek professional help immediately. The best way to get ahead of your premature hair loss is to get a scalp scan at a trusted hair solutions provider such as PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

    Consultation and Scalp Scan at PHS HAIRSCIENCE


    lady having a scalp analysis


    The beginning of every hair loss treatment journey should begin with a consultation with a hair professional. This will include a detailed data collection of your past experiences with hair loss problems, diet and lifestyle as well as a scalp scan for close-up look at hair follicles and hair growth. It is normal to see 3-5 hair strands growing from every follicle. The scalp should be a healthy skin colour (depending on your skin tone) and PHS HAIRSCIENCE can accurately diagnose your hair and scalp conditions.



    miracle stem cell solution ampoules


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION developed and formulated by Korean bioscientists, trichologists and dermatologists. The treatment is a potent cocktail of nano-sized growth factors, peptides and cytokines that are scientifically proven to be successful and effective in reviving the follicles of the hair.

    Not only that, but the treatment also contains antioxidants, vitamins and DHT blockers. Additionally, it is free from harmful ingredients and chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil as well as benzophenone.


    Firstly, it uses science to tackle hair loss problems. This treatment has been proven to be 50% more effective in maximising hair growth compared to a commonly prescribed drug for hair loss. Additionally, this unique hair loss treatment uses SigGrow™ cell signalling technology to awaken inactive and dormant follicle stem cells. This revives hair follicles, restores healthy hair growth cycles and hair regrowth. In a lifetime, hair only has about 20 – 25 life cycles. That means that if a hair strand gets yanked out or falls 20 times, it will no longer grow back. This is one of the sure signs of premature hair loss if you are in your mid-30s.


    lady receiving a hair loss treatment at phs hairscience

    “I have seen a lot of improvement in my hair and scalp, and significant hair growth overall. I also experience lesser hair fall whenever I’m in the shower or blow drying my hair. My hair has more volume and is no longer greasy at the end of the day.” – Sheryl, 30


    MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION also delivers vital nutrients for robust hair growth. Developed by bioscientists and trichologists, the treatment is 100% safe and suitable for Asian hair and scalp. Results can typically be expected as early as two months, and the 45-minute treatment is non-invasive and has no side-effects.


    man getting a stem cell treatment for hair growth

    “I see new hair growth during the scans at the start of every treatment. My hair feels and looks thicker and healthier and I am more confident of my appearance now” – Glen, 27


    How Long Before Results can be Seen?

    The number of treatments depends on the severity and the condition of the hair loss of an individual. On average, customers can see results in as little as two months.

    Steps to the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Treatment

    3D illustration of hair strands


    Step 1: Hair Follicle Balance Treatment: This cleansing step allows excess sebum to be removed from the scalp and balances pH levels as well as natural hair oils.

    Step 2: Oxy Jet Spray: Oxygen naturally promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation and activating growth at a cellular level. It also has anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp.


    Step 4: Hyperbaric Oxy Infusion to infuse 95% pure oxygen into deeper layers of the scalp.

    Step 5: Relaxing Scalp and head massage to allow nutrients to soak into the scalp and stimulate hair growth from within.

    Who is the PHS HAIRSCIENCE MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatment suitable for?

    • Both men and women
    • Hair thinning problems
    • Hair Loss
    • Patchy Hair Loss

    Positive Reviews from Hair Loss Sufferers

    Famous Personality Bong Qiu Qiu was verbally open about her postpartum hair loss. Her reviews of this fuss-free hair treatment are that it works and she loves it!



    My hairline has come back down by at least 2cm I would say. Almost an inch. And the bald patches on top and on the sides? They’ve all grown from baby hair, to matured good hair.” – Bong Qiu Qiu


    The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Treatment is available at the following PHS HAIRSCIENCE Outlets:


    • LAB Ngee Ann City
      Tower B #05-25
    • LAB Plaza Singapura
    • LAB Wheelock Place
    • CAPSULE Bedok Mall

    Book your appointment here and make your hair loss troubles a thing of the past!

    Article originally written by Beauty Insider


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