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    The PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Purify Daily Regime Is Your Solution to Pesky Dandruff and Sebum Control

    You can ask anyone about their dream hair and they’ll all say the same thing- soft, shiny, luscious hair. We feel that rising desire when we come across photos or shampoo ads with those who have amazing hair- maybe even a hint of envy too. However, did you know to achieve locks like that all stems from having a healthy scalp? With that, achieving a healthy scalp is easy when you have the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Purify Daily Regime!

    To achieve the hair of your dreams doesn’t need to be difficult. In short, achieve a healthy scalp and your hair will naturally be satisfyingly beautiful and strong. By neglecting it, hair concerns such as dandruff and excess sebum will be the bane of your existence.

    Having an itchy scalp with flakes ruining all your dark clothes is incredibly troublesome yet it affects many worldwide. Hair follicles being clogged with excess sebum can cause the disruption of your hair and its natural growth cycle. Thus, eventually causing it to become brittle and fall off so, in turn, can lead to hair loss and thinning.

    How Can The ADV Purify Daily Regime Help?

    To start, PHS HAIRSCIENCE is an award-winning, leading haircare brand so you can trust that you’re in expert hands. The wide range of products they offer is formulated with trichologist using the latest technology and consists of highly concentrated hair-beneficial ingredients.

    Specifically, the ADV Purify Daily Regime uses plant stem cells and the highest possible potent concentration of Korean botanical essences. To add, it is also formulated with Patent 5 Complex: Honey Locust, Chinese Cucumber, Marsh Parsley, Angelica Dahurica Root Extract and Adzuki Bean. These ingredients work wonders to improve scalp health and also maintain it for the long run.

    With that, Beauty Insider is breaking down and explaining more about the ADV Purify Daily Regime.

    Step 1: Double Cleanse

    When you think of double cleansing, you usually think about skincare. However, double cleansing for your scalp should be just as important too! By practising it on our hair, we are able to deeply cleanse the scalp and unclog hair follicles. This will also create a strong, healthy foundation for hair growth too.

    First Cleanse – ADV Nutrition Shampoo

    This shampoo will give your scalp a powerful deep cleanse by removing sebum and dirt before replenishing scalp moisture like a boost of fresh hydration. It is packed with great antioxidants and ingredients that will promote scalp circulation too.

    Second Cleanse – ADV Purify Shampoo

    This second cleanse is designed to focus on removing dandruff flakes and is suitable especially if you’ve got an oily scalp. This formula will soothe any form of irritation and inflammation caused by dandruff. Thus, ensuring your scalp is refreshed and reinvigorated.

    Step 2: Moisturise

    ADV Nutrition Conditioner

    After cleansing, your scalp is refreshed but don’t forget to hydrate your locks! The key to achieving tangle-free, silky, smooth hair is a rich daily hydrator. This ADV Nutrition conditioner is formulated with tomato stem cells to replenish and retain moisture while Hydrolysed Keratin will reduce hair breakage.

    Step 3: Treat

    ADV Purify Tonic

    The final and vital step that many are guilty of skipping out on is aftercare treatment. This is where you give your scalp an extra boost of love and care. This ADV Purify tonic will help in rebalancing the scalp’s natural sebum production and eliminating dandruff-causing bacteria. Thus, this will improve the condition of your hair and maintain overall scalp health.

    Where To Get The ADV Purify Daily Regime?

    It is available to purchase at their e-store and don’t miss out on PHS HAIRSCIENCE Black Friday Sale (26 Nov – 29 Nov) where you can enjoy up to 50% off selected products from while stocks last!

    However, we could not have made you super excited without offering something extra special so we’re presenting: BEAUTY INSIDER X PHS: No Dandruff November (25 Nov – 1Dec)!

    Stand a chance to win the ADV Purify Daily Regime by joining Beauty Insider’s Instagram and Facebook November giveaway! Show off your best hairstyles in a post with #nodandruffnovember. Don’t forget to tag and follow both (IG: Beauty Insider and PHS HAIRSCIENCE) or (FB: Beauty Insider and PHS HAIRSCIENCE) and be our lucky five winners!

    Author: Nina Shahriman | Date: 25th November 2020

    Article originally by Beauty Insider.

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