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    Say Goodbye to Oily Scalp with ADV Purify Shampoo by Beauty Insider

    Hair can either make or break a person’s looks and in turn, their confidence. The most common issues are often rooted in the scalp, which is commonly either too oily or overly dry. As a result, chronic dandruff, greasy hair or in worse cases, hair loss occurs. It might seem embarrassing for most to address scalp issues but Beauty Insider has the solution for you- and its as simple as switching your shampoo!

    Did You Know? It is a myth that hair and scalp issues arise due to age. A fair number of those in their 20s suffer from them as well. Key culprits include hormonal imbalances, poor diet, stress and lack of sleep. So, this could affect just about anyone.

    Singaporeans Sweat Too Much

    We Singaporeans will never get used to the unforgiving heat no matter what. There’s no surprise there– other than being uncomfortable, it causes us to sweat excessively, leading to clogged pores. If left untreated, soon appears pimples, acne, and you’ve guessed it… hair loss.

    Although there are no means to stop ourselves from sweating (we can’t possibly be enjoying air-con 24/7), what we can do is to quickly take action. Especially since we live in a tropical climate, this is something that we need to be extra careful about.

    5 Reasons We Love ADV Purify Shampoo

    1. Detoxifies And Rebalances Scalp

    Containing Rice Stem Cells with powerful, natural cleansing properties, ADV Purify Shampoo is perfect for rebalancing and refreshing the scalp. Rice Stem Cells also promote better blood circulation. As a result, nutrients from the bloodstream will be efficiently delivered to areas of the scalp where they are needed most. A healthy, flourishing scalp is the result of obtaining sufficient nourishment. Think of this as restoring your hair and scalp back to how they should be. With adequate intake of vital nutrients, hair also gets rejuvenated. Your locks will thank you for giving them a new lease of life!

    2. Eliminates Dandruff

    Dandruff can be a nightmare. It can be a very stubborn issue as dandruff arises from a number of reasons. Some culprits are dryness, oiliness or product allergies to products. Dandruff problems are now entirely under control, thanks to the use of Ribwort Plantain Extract in ADV Purify Shampoo. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that work wonders to soothing aggravated skin.

    In some cases, dandruff is a component of a vicious cycle. Irritation causes dead skin cells, which end up as dandruff. Dandruff itself then perpetuates itchiness. ADV Purify Shampoo sees this, and nips the problem right in the bud. Say goodbye to dandruff and scalp inflammation!

    3. Removes Excess Oil from the Scalp

    Trichologist-developed ADV Purify Shampoo gently rids the scalp of oil and dirt, decongesting sebum-clogged pores with its unique formula. After shampooing, your scalp will feel thoroughly refreshed and invigorated. This is thanks to the use of Salicylic Acid as one of the key ingredients. As it is effective in removing existing oil deposits, Salicylic Acid is commonly used in many skincare products for grease-prone skin types. It also helps to reduces sebum secretion.

    4. Fast, Effective Result

    When it comes to matters of the scalp, time is of essence. Oil builds up fast, and thinning of hair doesn’t take long. ADV Purify Shampoo should provide noticeable improvement within 1-2 weeks of use. Users of the product report that their scalp feels a lot less greasy after.

    5. Only The BEST Ingredients are Used

    As mentioned above, ADV Purify Shampoo is a proud mix of prime ingredients. PHS HAIRSCIENCE products contain botanical stem cells, powerful active ingredients and the purest botanical essences. Highly concentrated for fast, effective results, they contain no harmful additives: No parabens, no mineral oil and no benzophenone.

    With all that said, it is evident that the ADV Purify Shampoo is the holy grail for you. Especially when you are looking for a shampoo to combat your oily scalp and dandruff. Above all, with the rapid results you could achieve, this shampoo is definitely the way to go!


    Price: $48 for 200ml, $210 for 1000ml

    Where to get this: Wheelock Place #04-12, Ngee Ann City #05-25, Plaza Singapura 04-34/35, Bedok Mall #B2-40/41,Takashimaya Level 3 counter, PHS HAIRSCIENCE E-store, Zalora, Shopee & Krishop.

    Find out more about the product here
    Post originally by Beauty Insider

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