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    man experiencing hair loss

    Is your hair loss normal?

    Guys, are you worried about your receding hairline or thinning hair on your crown? Or do you just feel that there’s less hair overall? While it can be worrying, male hair balding is more common than you think. In fact, it can begin as early as age 15!

    According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 35, two out of three men will experience some form of increased hair loss. By the age of 50, 85 percent of men will experience significant hair thinning.

    Hair loss in men and women

    It’s true that the average person loses anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. Women tend to lose more hair per day due to aggressors such as heat during styling, as well as hormonal changes from pregnancy and menopause. Male hair balding, on the other hand, can begin in the teenage years.

    Hair loss can be seasonal or temporary. And while some daily loss is to be expected, it can be a cause for worry when you find that your hair isn’t growing back. Hereditary factors play a big role in hair loss, but they’re not the only things. An unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, chronic stress and improper scalp care can all lead to poor hair regrowth, eventually resulting in premature hair loss.

    How to prevent male hair loss

    There are a few ways to prevent or delay hair loss. Start by making better lifestyle choices. Improve your diet with nutrient-loaded greens and superfoods. Proper stress management is important as it can indirectly help with hair loss, as well as your overall health. When you’re stressed, hormonal levels may be imbalanced – this can negatively affect the natural hair growth cycle of the follicles on your scalp.

    On top of that, a proper scalp and haircare routine goes a long way in boosting your scalp health, which directly translates to healthier and improved hair growth. When the scalp isn’t clean, the hair follicles and pores can easily get clogged. When that happens, hair regrowth is slower, while the new strands that grow out are thin, brittle and dull.

    Care for your scalp

    Hair and scalp specialist PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers a range of research-based, at-home products and solutions for different hair and scalp concerns. There’s even a collection called HOM that’s specially formulated to treat male hair loss! This quick and easy two-step HOM Fortify daily regime properly cleanses the scalp, before treating it with powerful nutrients that can help to prevent and treat hair thinning.

    HOM Fortify Double Cleanse for male hair loss

    #1 Double cleanse

    Begin with a two-step power cleansing that removes impurities without stripping the scalp of protective natural oils. This prevents hair follicle blockage and improves the scalp’s natural immunity. Suitable for all hair and scalp types, ADV Nutrition Shampoo contains key ingredients like rice stem cells and purslane extract to cleanse, moisturise and promote scalp circulation. (Fun fact: it’s also my husband’s favourite shampoo! He loves the invigorating scent and is amazed by how well the shampoo cleanses his scalp.)

    Follow up with HOM Fortify Shampoo, an anti-inflammatory scalp cleanser that energises and rejuvenates the scalp to reduce hairfall. This potent formula also helps to provide the hair follicles with essential nutrients to fight hair thinning.

    scalp tonic for male hair loss

    #2 Nourish the scalp

    Before applying HOM Fortify Tonic, shake the bottle well. Section your hair and apply directly on to towel-dried scalp, massaging in the formula with your fingertips. This is suitable for men with mild hair loss and thinning issues, as well as those who want to prevent premature hair loss, as it reinvigorates the hair follicles with vital nutrients. It also blocks the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a hormone that causes male hair loss.

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    This Father’s Day, pamper Dad with a powerful trio of products! PHS HAIRSCIENCE has launched a Father’s Day set, which includes the ADV Nutrition Shampoo and HOM Fortify Shampoo, plus two travel-sized bottles of HOM Fortify Tonic. The gift set is going at a special price of $116 (usually $145).

    Article originally by Expat Living


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