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    Double Cleansing for Your Scalp: When One Shampoo is Simply Not Enough! By Vanilla Luxury

    Ever heard of double cleansing for your scalp? This two-step cleansing ritual was designed to meet your scalp’s specific needs

    We’re certain you’ve caught onto the double cleansing trend for the skin on your face. But did you know that double cleansing your scalp is actually a thing? Hair and scalp experts, PHS HAIRSCIENCE have always been advocating Double Cleanse – a two-step cleansing ritual customised to meet your scalp’s needs. We find out more!

    Why Double Cleanse the scalp?

    If you do not know, the scalp is different from the skin on the rest of the body. For a start, it has an abundance of blood vessels, not to mention a higher density of hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands than any other part of the body. The scalp also has its own distinctive microflora. When sebum and sweat accumulate on the scalp every day, it creates an environment that harmful bacteria can thrive in. This is why the scalp is prone to disorders, such as oiliness, itchiness, dandruff, acne and other conditions that may even lead to hair loss if left untreated.

    Also – because of the scalp’s unique physiology, proper cleansing is crucial to prevent the unhealthy build-up of excess sebum, sweat and dirt that could clog hair follicles and result in scalp problems. Once the scalp is damaged, it’s incredibly hard to reverse the effects, which is why PHS HAIRSCIENCE advocates a preventive approach. A good scalp care regime can do wonders for the scalp’s health and when the scalp is in tip-top shape, hair is healthier, happier and more beautiful.

    Double cleansing for healthy scalp

    How exactly does a scalp Double Cleanse work?

    The PHS HAIRSCIENCE Double Cleanse is designed to be a simple process that takes care of unhealthy build-up in your scalp. This two-step power cleansing is designed to eliminate unwanted dirt, sebum, sweat and styling residue without stripping the scalp of its protective natural oils. The easy to follow ritual prevents hair follicle blockage, rebalances the scalp, enhances micro-circulation and improves the scalp’s natural resistance against infections.

    Step 1: Start with a deep cleansing shampoo such as the ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Suitable for all scalp types, this daily deep cleanser thoroughly removes surface grime and oil, leaving the scalp purified and hair roots perfectly clean.

    Step 2: Follow immediately with a second correcting shampoo that focuses on your hair and scalp issues. PHS HAIRSCIENCE has a range of correcting shampoos to treat specific concerns like hair loss, greying, dandruff, sensitivity or dry, damaged hair and to protect the scalp. With 16 shampoos in this range to choose from, there’s something for every hair or scalp concern.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE is known for using Bioscience-based components that deliver fast results and long-term benefits for the scalp and hair. Made with the purest botanical essences in high concentrations, the products do not contain harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils or benzophenone. In fact, unlike many products on the market, their superior formulations are highly concentrated and not watered down – which means effectiveness that gives you results which last!

    Our Favourites

    With more than 100 SKUs over 14 ranges, the PHS HAIRSCIENCE home care collection caters to a wide array of scalp and hair concerns. Which of these do recommend for double cleansing? Here are our favourites:

    shampoo for all scalp and hair types

    ADV Nutrition Shampoo

    The essential first step in the signature Double Cleanse, this powerful sebum and dirt remover by PHS HAIRSCIENCE is a must-have to deep-cleanse the scalp to unclog hair follicles on a daily basis. It improves the scalp’s barrier functions and strengthens its defence against oxidative damage and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants help restore scalp moisture and provide a strong foundation for healthy hair!

    AGE Defy Shampoo

    Why invest in anti-ageing skincare but leave your hair and scalp to feel the years? This anti-ageing scalp cleanser is packed with powerful antioxidants to counteract the effects of oxidative stress and delay the signs of scalp ageing, like premature greying or loss of hair density. It also decreases DHT formation (a naturally occurring hormone that destroys follicles) around hair follicles and boosts scalp immunity against disorders.

    FEM Thickening Shampoo – For Severe Hair Loss and Thinning

    Developed by a trichologist, especially for women to combat severe hair loss and hair thinning, this hair regrowth shampoo contains a powerful blend of active botanicals and complexes that work to stimulate hair growth while invigorating and densifying new hair follicles as they grow. It improves the scalp’s ability to defend itself against oxidative stress and protects against hair fall.

    ADV Colour Care Shampoo

    Afraid your shampoo is stripping away all your colour? Prolong hair colour with this protective shampoo by PHS HAIRSCIENCE which preserves colour vibrance and intensity as it delicately cleanses and nourishes hair strands. A soothing complex of 6 nutritive botanicals boosts moisture to smooth hair cuticles, helping to lock in colour for a long-lasting, healthy radiance, wash after wash.

    Want to give Double Cleansing your scalp with PHS HAIRSCIENCE a shot? Don’t miss this special promotion! With the purchase of any double cleanse shampoo combo, receive a FREE 50ml double cleanse shampoo combo (worth $27).

    *Offer open while stocks last, valid from 8-19 July 2020.
    Post originally by Vanilla Luxury

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