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    Can you delay white hair growth?

    Just like the skin on your face and body, the scalp undergoes natural ageing processes. But did you know it ages up to six times faster than facial skin – and up to 12 times faster than skin on the other parts of our bodies? Scalp ageing is one big cause of many hair concerns, including greying hair and thinning. So, if you want to prevent white hair, delay greying or slow down hair loss, you should look into improving your scalp health first.


    lady checking hair parting for hair loss


    The effects of scalp ageing

    Over the years, the skin on the scalp loses elasticity and sags. Combined with external factors like excessive sun exposure and pollution, immunity weakens while the hair follicles harden. Hair that grows out becomes weak and brittle as a result. An unhealthy lifestyle, extreme stress and poor daily scalp care also contribute to the deterioration of the scalp barrier functions. These factors can lead to reduced melanin production, which results in premature greying and thinning hair. When melanin production slows down, the hair begins losing its colour, turning grey and eventually white once production stops completely.

    While ageing is inevitable, you can slow down the process with a proper scalp and hair care regime. Hair and scalp specialist PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers a range of research-based, at-home products and solutions for different hair and scalp concerns. The paraben- and mineral oil-free products from the AGE Defy range contain over 50 percent botanical essences and stem cells. The high concentration of active plant-based ingredients helps to counteract the first signs of scalp ageing, while boosting scalp health and immunity.

    Scalp stimulation has also been proven to boost thicker hair growth; research has shown that scalp massage stretches out the hair follicle cells, which stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair. So the next time you step into the shower, it helps to be more thorough when you wash your scalp and hair!


    AGE Defy Shampoo for grey hair


    3 easy steps to delay scalp ageing

    The first step is to double cleanse, starting with the signature ADV Nutrition Shampoo to remove buildup and unclog pores. This gentle yet effective shampoo is formulated with the brand’s proprietary Patent 5 Complex, which is an active blend of five natural Korean botanical extracts. Follow up with the AGE Defy Shampoo, an award-winning, anti-ageing scalp cleanser containing rice stem cells and rosemary extract to promote blood circulation. This two-step process removes impurities and prevents hair follicle blockage without stripping the scalp of protective natural oils.

    Now that the scalp is cleansed of impurities, the next step is to moisturise with the AGE Defy Conditioner. A powerful blend of botanical actives and proteins, this product helps to hydrate and revitalise dull and dry hair caused by ageing. Lastly, treat the scalp with the AGE Defy Serum, which aims to improve scalp circulation, strengthen hair follicles and prevent oxidative damage.

    Article originally by Expat Living


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