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Pamper and Treat Yourself This Festive Season


treat yourself this festive season

The festive season is just around the corner, as another year of hard work draws to an end. You skin and hair have suffered enough of the sun’s harsh rays, styling treatments, and stress all year long. This is the right time to give your hair and scalp a well-deserved pampering with a proper scalp treatment.

PHS Hairscience, one of Singapore’s most reputed hair salons, offers the Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy for a therapeutic experience like no other.

Why you deserve to be pampered

As a busy Singaporean, stress is a part of your daily life. With each passing day, you are getting lesser sleep. Add to that the anxiety caused by work; it could be the reason for your poor hair health or hair fall. Perhaps, you also have an unbalanced diet that leads to poor nutrition and even hormonal changes.

The Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy is a gift for damaged scalp and hair. The treatment involves using beneficial essential oils accompanied by relaxing shoulder and scalp massages.

Benefits of an Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy

This is a unique blend of aromatherapy, which involves using essential oils therapeutically, and hydrotherapy. The aroma that these essential oils give out helps stimulate the mind and the body. The best thing about these oils is that the skin absorbs them very easily.

When used for hair, it nourishes and moisturizes the cuticles for a sleek and shiny result. This treatment also realigns the body’s Circadian rhythms and allows you to fall asleep easily.

Pamper your tresses at PHS Hairscience

PHS Hairscience has taken aroma spa and indulgence to a whole new level. You receive treatment for both your body and your senses in a luxurious ambience under the validation of an experienced trichologist’s treatment program. You can simply sit back in your comfortable massage chair and enjoy TV dramas and movies on your personal entertainment console during the entire duration of the therapy.

With the Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy at PHS Hairscience, indulgence is not restricted to spa, massage, and scalp treatment only. You can too, enjoy the best of teas from TWG Singapore, a luxury tea brand and regale your senses.

PHS Hairscience has also attained the Singapore Service Class certification which provides a testimony to the superior customer experience it provides its customers. Their Aroma Spa Indulgence Therapy also includes a fulfilling shoulder massage, rated highly both by beauty experts and customers.

Get ready to renew yourself this festive season and book an appointment today!