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PHS HAIRSCIENCE home care products

The PHS Hairscience Home Care Trichology line comprises of scalp and hair care products to fulfil the promise of healthy scalp, beautiful hair. This begins with the laying down of a strong foundation for healthy hair with Balance; Rectify with correct scalp conditions and Treat to nurture the scalp back to optimum health.


To allow healthy hair growth, prevention is always better than cure. The balance category comprises of hair and scalp products cleansing the scalp, nourishing and moisturizing both the scalp and hair roots which helps in restoring the vitality of hair.


Through constant environmental factors such as exposure to the sun or even lifestyle habits, our scalp and hair is more often than not, damaged and requires professional care. In the rectify category, products are curated to rectify each scalp and hair condition allowing the scalp and hair to receive the ultimate solution in order to achieve optimal healthy hair growth.


Environmental aggressors such as frequent travelling, lifestyle habits or even diet can cause a loss of hair. In the hair loss category, ingredients are used to combat the appearance of thinning hair and encourage hair growth while stimulating cellular metabolic activity. However, if you think that hair loss is inevitable, then be prepared to be surprised by the power of botanical ingredients!


Enriched with nourishing and moisturizing properties from botanical extracts, the unique blend is formulated to hydrate and maintain optimum moisture level that leaves the hair visibly smooth, soft and shiny. In addition, a protective layer is constructed on the scalp and hair against environmental damages such as exposure to weather and stress.


Age defense is derived to regenerate hair, averts further damages by injecting strength and vitality into aging hair preventing the appearance of grey hair. The scalp is treated with botanical protein to delay and prevent scalp from aging.