I visited PHS HAIRSCIENCE upon recommendation by a friend and they took such care in doing my haircolour touch up! I am now in their Detox-Stabilise-Regrow (DSR™) program and in the process of regenerating my hair, countering unnecessary hair loss. As an artiste, gorgeous hair is an absolute MUST for me! Thank you PHS HAIRSCIENCE!

Koh Chieng MunActress

As a hairstylist I can certainly attest to the importance of hair care. PHS HAIRSCIENCE invited me in for a Detox Spa scalp treatment and seeing my scalp magnified 200x before and after the treatment was indisputable proof that my scalp was clearer. Having your scalp free from build-up, results in a healthier hair follicle which means a stronger, longer lasting head of hair.

I am hooked and now, so is my family. We all now go for regular scalp treatments which make sense; it’s like a facial for your scalp.

Andrea ClaireCelebrity Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

I visited the PHS HAIRSCIENCE salon in Plaza Singapura on the recommendation of my trusted hair stylist and colourist, and left a better educated person after my eye opening and luxurious visit. My scalp and hair were healthier, and I had a better relationship with my hair from that day onward! I have told all my friends and can’t wait to go back!

Linda BlackTV Personality

My hair used to be very dry and damaged from years of chemical treatments like perming, colouring and rebonding. I tried all kinds of hair conditioning treatments but they didn’t help. Two years ago, when I was preparing for my wedding, a friend of mine recommended PHS HAIRSCIENCE to salvage my damaged hair. Six months of regular scalp treatments worked wonders – my hair is no longer dry and frizzy. Although I have healthy hair now, I still go for regular scalp treatment as part of my beauty maintenance.

Adeline Tien, 36Yoga Instructor

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