Protein Hair Treatment – the Best Method

When it comes to hair treatment, there are hundreds of techniques that have been discovered over the years. Some of them are greatly effective while others can repair damages to a limited extent. The concern is so gigantic in nature that there are specialized hair saloons designated to help out people with hair damage control.

There are numerous renowned hair spas in Singapore offering best hair loss treatments. These treatments are both expensive and cheap as per the affordability of the customers. Here in this article, we focus on one of the domains of hair treatment i.e. Protein methods.

We will discuss how you can contain hair fall through proteins. These tips are easy to understand and follow so that you may be able to treat your hair by yourself in emergency cases.

Protein Treatment

Before moving to the types, let us see what protein treatment really is. Protein treatment is primarily used to control any further damage. Proteins directly attach to the follicles shielding it to block any further damage.

Types of Protein Treatment

Depending on the severity of hair damage, there are four main types of protein treatments.

• Light Treatments for minor hair damages
• Protein Packs for routine hair protection
• Deep Penetrating treatments for moderately damaged hair
• Re-constructors for severe hair damages
When Protein Treatment is needed

It can often confuse people whether there is a need of moisturizer or a protein for hair treatment. Here we have simple identification test that will let you differentiate whether you need proteins or moisture for your hair.

After you have washed your hair and they are still wet, grab an inch of your hair and stretch them.

• If they stretch and become thinner, there is the indication of low protein content in your hair.
• If your hair don’t stretch and break instantly, you will need moisturizers.
• If they rebound back, they are fine. You need none of the treatments.
Types of Proteins Used in Protein Treatment
Some of the best hair treatment Singapore have a variety of proteins for hair damage control. We have compiled for you some of the most common ones used in different saloons.

1. Collagen
This protein is found in cell matrix. It is structural in nature and well known for increasing elasticity in the hair. It gives your hair a strong bouncy effect.

2. Keratin
Hair are made up of this type of protein. Understandably, Keratin is quite a useful protein in strengthening the hair shaft. Hair strands turn softer and shinier with minimal breakage. It also removes frizz from your hair.

3. Glyco-Proteins
These proteins generally come from oyster shells. They are well known for providing shine and strength to your hair. These proteins are made of sugars and carbohydrates.

4. Silk Proteins
These proteins are derived from Silk which is considered as the strongest fiber. Silk is said to hold ten thousand times its weight in water. Therefore, these proteins are first hydrolyzed so that they instinctively provide strength to the hair by shielding the strands giving them more elasticity, shine and resilience.

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