Love-Your-Hair Day A Workshop
That's All About You
(And Your Hair)

Hair loss, greying, dandruff or scalp sensitivity?
Say goodbye to all your hair woes today!

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Love Your Hair Day
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Book your FREE 1-to-1 hair and scalp workshop with our trichologist-trained experts and learn how to take care of all your hair concerns in a highly personalised one-hour workshop.

What You'll Get

  • √ Detailed hair and scalp analysis
  • √ Professional tips and tricks for achieving glorious hair
  • √ Access to insider deals and promotions
  • √ A door gift worth $176 to kickstart your Hair Miracle


PHS HAIRSCIENCE® is an award-winning brand offering innovative hair and scalp care solutions backed by science. Powered by cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of botanical stem cells, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products and services are designed to lay a strong foundation for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE®, we believe that Hair Miracles are Made Easier by Science.
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