How to Style Your Hair for Perfect Look

Hair styling is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to men’s looks. They don’t really focus much on skin and cosmetic surgeries. Hence, hair styling alone becomes the most important feature contributing to how good a man can look.

Most of the men are conscious about their hair and rightly so. They are always concerned about how they can look their best and for that, they might use all means possible. Having said that, hair styling in men is not too much of a problem precisely for the following reasons:

• Hair are generally short so it is easier to manage
• Serious scalp treatment is required only in the most extreme cases.

Some Tips for Styling

Considering how important it is to keep a good hair style, we have for you some great styling tips that are easy and time saving.

Clay and Hair Wax

A lot of men would face problems with dry hair and they can find it troublesome to maintain a hair style because of it. Daily work schedules and exposure to heat and environmental dust can be a bit damaging to hair. Hence, you should apply hair wax and clay to style your hair.

Not only do they help you maintain your hair formation but they also protect them from the environmental dust. 

Gel for Wet Hair

If you don’t face dry hair problems, you dot need to wax your hair every time. In fact, gel and hair softeners are quite effective on such type of hair because you don’t need extra protection for your hair. The best time to apply gel and hair dream is after shower when our hair are slightly wet.

Extremely wet hair wont entertain creams too well so you should towel dry your hair before applying such items.

Applying the Products

Regardless of your hair nature, you should know how to apply the creams and gels.

Here is what you should do.

Take dime sized product on your finger tips and start by massaging from the roots.

From the roots, move your hand upwards to the tip of the strands. Massage well and then style as you may like. You can even use a comb for this matter.

Some products may not be suitable to apply from the roots and for users’ convenience it is often mentioned on the product casing.

Shampoo Frequency

While some people take extra care when it comes to hair washing, they tend to make a big mistake by shampooing too frequently. It is best to shampoo your hair once every two to three days. When your hair get too greasy, shampoo them. ON other days, it is better to just rinse them with water only.

Dry Shampoo

It’s probably not too common and you would normally find dry shampoos in hair spas. However, they are highly effective and can keep you from oily scalps during non shampoo days. These shampoos tend to absorb any oil that develops in your scalp and ultimately keep it clean.