Advance Scalp Repair Treatment + Miracle Hair Oil Therapy
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First, Repair Your Scalp
Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment

Advance Scalp Repair Treatment

(U.P. $356)
Get to the root of hair problems such as oily scalp, dandruff and sensitive scalp. Advance Scalp Repair is a series of highly effective treatments customised to specific concerns. It starts by deep-cleansing and then strengthening, rebalancing the scalp back to its natural, healthy state. It’s a crucial step in preventing further deterioration of scalp problems, which could lead to premature hair loss. An optimal scalp environment is essential to strong hair follicles, normal hair growth and vibrant, healthy hair.
Then, Rebuild Your Hair Then, Rebuild Your Hair

Miracle Hair Oil Therapy

(U.P. $198)
With frequent styling and chemical treatments, hair becomes frizzy and difficult to manage. Replenish hair keratin for improved strength and shine without leaving any silicone residue. Finish with nourishing oil creams and a deep-conditioning for an incredible shine.
Miracle Hair Oil Therapy


PHS HAIRSCIENCE® is an award-winning brand offering innovative hair and scalp care solutions backed by science. Powered by cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of botanical stem cells, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products and services are designed to lay a strong foundation for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE®, we believe that Hair Miracles are Made Easier by Science.
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