Hair & Scalp Identity

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, we are a firm believer that prevention is infinitely better than cure. Our scalps undergo stress through styling, environmental factors, harsh treatments and over time, will result in less than optimum scalp and hair health. Like the skin on your face and body, the scalp requires proper care and treatment in order to maintain healthy hair growth and combat signs of scalp aging such as greying hair and hair fall.

Hair and scalp issues such as excessive oiliness, dandruff, hair fall, hair loss and even male and female hair loss can surface at any age under various circumstances and we’re dedicated to helping you understand them and being well on your way to happy, healthy hair.

Identifying your problems early will prevent deterioration of the condition which may lead to hair loss. Learn more about our award winning Detox-Stabilize-Regrow program and how we can help.