DSR™ Program

Award Winning PHS Hairscience Signature 3-step DSR™ Program

Quick-fix solutions and typical scalp treatments only targets the scalp surface area which only yield temporary results. In order to solve your scalp and hair problems effectively for the long-term, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has developed its signature 3-step DSR™ (Detox, Stabilize, Regrow) Program to penetrate and treat scalp issues at its core - Dermis Layer.

The programme is fully customizable by using a myriad of carefully curated treatments to address various scalp and hair concerns. The DSR™ programme is designed by a trained professional to effectively tailor it to the unique needs of each customer to ensure that results are optimised. 

This systematic regime ensures that your scalp is always optimized and prepared to receive the best from treatments recommended, no matter what your changing scalp needs might be.

Step 1: Detox

This is the basis of all PHS HAIRSCIENCE treatments. It is the essential first step to any hair care program as it removes toxins and metabolic wastes from the deep tissues of the dermis layer of the scalp to balance each scalp's condition.

Without detoxification, the scalp remains clogged, which means products, when applied, will not yield the best results and thus, be unable to lay a foundation for healthy hair growth.

Even as you progress through your scalp and hair care, it is always recommended that you intersperse your routine with a regular Detox session to ensure that detrimental factors that affect your scalp are eliminated.

Step 2: Stabilize

Step 2 of the DSR™ Program treat and heal the dermis layer of the scalp back to optimum health. 

The scalp continuously receives nutrients to tackle various problems from the roots in which sensitive scalp is calmed with soothing ingredients and oily scalp with purifying ingredients. Those with dandruff problems will experience exfoliating ingredients, while thinning scalp will receive stimulating ingredients.

Only when a scalp is healthy, it is then ready for the next phase of the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Step 3 program.

Step 3: REgrow

Step 3 of the DSR™ Program is where specific botanicals are applied to your scalp to stimulate, regenerate and increase hair bulbs in each follicle to spur the growth of new, vibrant, healthy hair.

Depending on the severity of your condition, the time period for this stage may vary.

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